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what is something i can do when at the dentist to help my nerves?

..buts really bad i shake and breath heavy and everything... any advoce?

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Orthodontic brace adjustment

what is the average price for orthodontic brace adjustment (for top and bottom brace adjustment) in the USA ? especially in Nashville Tennessee.

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How does a dentist go to the dentist?

LOL, thats something I always wanted to ask. I mean, where to they go if they have something with their teeth or stuff? It can always happen. My mom brushes her teeth everyday 4 TIMES, she doesn't eat any sugar, and she's always really concerned about ...

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Would my dentist or doctor tell my mom im bulimic if i asked them about it?

I'm 13 and i was wondering if i told my doctor or dentist if they would be forsed to tell my mom or is there some type of confidentiality?

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How to whiten teeth without going to dentist?

How can I whiten my teeth without spending a lot of money on the dentist or buying all those whitening strips and all that stuff. And will putting peroxide in my mouth help whiten them.

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Did anybody tried the orthodontic custom vampire fangs from vampirefang co uk ?

Im just about to order one set from them and wonder if anybody have a feedback...

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Gentle kids dentist in Ellesmere Port?

Does anyone know any gentle&kind to children dentists in ellesmere port??? Pref 1nz that dont hurt and 1nz that are gentle and kind to children my age o im 13

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When you get a tooth surgically removed by a dentist, do they give you a prescription for pain medicine afterwards?

My fiance has an appointment tomorrow and hes terrified they wont give him medicine.

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How can I make my teeth white in just 1 week without the dentist?

I hate the colour of my teeth and I want it to be a nice white but I do not want to go to the dentist so any ideas how I can make my teeth white in just 1 week ?
Need answers a.s.a.p Thanx x :)

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What should I do to get to become a dentist?

I Have A 2.9 Gpa In High School As A Junior. I Take My Sat's Next Month. I Want To Be A Dentist. With My Grades Can I Become A Dentist Still? Should I Go To Community College First?

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Dentist gas

Does this stuff work? I am getting fillings this monday (they aren't my first) and I HATE the shots that they give ya. my new dentist uses a little bit of gas and then gives the shots. I am scared to death that the gas won't work.

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What can a Dentist do for large front teeth?

Okay,I've had HUGE front top teeth since I was little.
The Two in the middle,they hang lower than all the others.
Is there anything a Dentist can do,To even them out?
I feel like a Rabbit =/

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Can the dentist tell if you smoke?

I've been smoking for about a month, I don't smoke very often maybe one every two days if you average it out? any ways I'm under age and don't want my parents to know.. will the dentist be able to tell?

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Dentist please help

Tomorrow I have my first ever root canal, im so worried
so I just need some advice on how to keep calm etc.
Has anyone had one before? Did it hurt?
arrgghh :(

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Dentist problem

Hi, I really dont like the dentist and my mum has made me an appoitment and I have a bit than half a tooth I was woundering if they wud av 2 pull it out or just fill it. Pls help I am really worried about this, so this wud b a great help thanks x

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jobs of a dentist.??

I'm in HOSA [ health occupations students of america] and I'm going to competition tomorrow for medical photography. I need to know what are the jobs/responsiblites of a dentist, and a optometrist are. and what do they call a person that helps an optom...

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How to calm my nerves before the dentist?

duz anyone noe any ways to come your nerves? im going to the dentist in a cuple hours and I noe when it cums to cavitys im not doin so well because my mom hasnt taken me to the dentist in like 9 years!! and please dont say pray because im athiest...

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Going to the dentist...

I'm going to have to go to the dentist for a couple of my teeth. The one just needs a filling since there's a cavity... but the other one has me a bit scared. It's broke. It doesn't hurt at all or look THAT bad... but I'm SUPER scared it's going to hav...

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Who can help me become a little more comfortable with the dentist?

Im like really scared.I have a dentist appt this thurs.And im scared if they tell me i have cavities.Or im scared if like what if they do they x-rays and it hurts.Or what happens if i get a filling and it hurts.Im really scared of pain because of past

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What can I do to get whiter teeth without going to the dentist ?

Someone told me to try baking soda on my toothbrush, but I didn't see any results. I used whiteglo system for a few days but the mothguard was a bit much and it was annoying to keep using..any ideas?

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