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How can I get a second mortgage ?

I don't have a job but about 50,000 in equity and only owe 12,000 but I'm behind and about to be forclosed on.

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How to establish myself as a real estate broker?

how can I establish myself as an real estate agent or broker? how can I contact companies loking for the lease warehouses? (I can provide warehouses I.e. godowns )

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What is refinancing a mortgage?

Ok, I have told my mom that she should refinance her home for years. Now I realize that I know very little about refinancing.
What exactly are the details around a refinanced mortgage?

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Would I be able to get on the mortgage loan once my wife refinances?

So here's the deal, my wife has the credit but I make the money, so she will be with a co-signer on the loan, now, if she refinances would I be able to replace the co-signer once my credit is at a 620?

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Where can I find a free mortgage calculator?

I have seen mortgage calculators on the net, but I keep ending up on a page trying to sell me a mortgage instead. Where can I find a mortgage calculator that is free and won't send me to a bunch of sales stuff instead of what I want?

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How do you calculate a reverse mortgage?

And can anyone give me more info on it? What is it? I see ads for it like the picture below EVERYWHERE. Who qualifies for it? Help! I stink at first-time homeowner stuff.

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Are mortgage rates the same in California as the rest of the US?

I have seen a lot of banners saying that the rates are down, but I want to know if the mortgage rates are the same here in California as the rest of the US. It is very expensive here in the Bay Area and I am just curious to know if people in a state l...

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Does give good advice on mortgages?

I also wanted to know if "" is a good place to find mortgages or get advice on where the best place to a mortgage is. Do they work directly with banks? How are their rate quotes if they do compared to the other companies like lending tree?

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What does re-mortgaging a house mean?

Hi I'm just trying to learn personal financing since I'm turning 19 this year and it won't be too long before I might have to buy a house of my own. I know what a mortgage is but I have no idea how a RE-mortgage works.


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What is best place to get a mortgage?

Is my bank the place to get the best mortgage? Are the online mortgage quotes I am reading about real or should I just stick with Bank of America. They are offering me a thirty year note with no points for a little over 6%. My credit score is immacu...

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Is a condo easier to get a mortgage for?

Home prices in the bay area here are intense so I was wondering if buying a condo instead would ease the process of getting a mortgage? I have been having trouble getting into a mortgage for a home because of all of the little things that a housing co...

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Are arm mortgages still a good idea in this real estate market?

A few people have said that the market has bottomed out to me. If that is the case, shouldn't arm mortgages be a good idea, as the market will rebound, I'll make money, and then be able to refinance after having gained some equity, and potentially not ...

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Approved mortgage with conditions question

My hubby got approved for FHA loan with conditions. One of the conditions were "Provide source for amount $2000" My hubby recieved $2000 from his father as a christmas gift. His father does not have the statement for that, so instead his dad wrote a le...

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Can I get a mortgage with bad credit?

I was a student 6 years ago never paid a 3,000$ student loan off I still owe2,300 im going pay it soon
I make gross 11,000 a month and 5,800 net I can put a 40,000- 60,000 down payment down but I have less then a 520 becan score so can I get a morgage ?

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Buckinghamshire, England

What would be the range of cost of living for a family of four in Buckinghamshire, England? What would the average price of house and mortgage be? Same question for London. How does rent differ from mortgage typically in England?

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Become A Real estate Agent?

Do uou have to be 18 to become a realestate agent ?My mom said you DO! But a realestate Broker Said you DON'T.

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Loan officer

How do you get a spot in the loans field? Like mortgage loans and things like that,
If you're a felon, can you work as a loan officer?

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What does ARM stand for anyway?

There's another question here on funadvice about arm mortgages...I haven't done the real estate thing before, and I'm wondering what that acronym means? Annually Rationalized Money? An Reversible, that wouldn't make sense. Can somebody he...

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When is it the right time to refinance?

How to know whether its good time to refinance? Are there any ways to find out rates for mortgages without contacting bank?

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saving my home

if I've already filed bankrupcy once on a property and then fell behind agsin on mortgage payments can I still save my home

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