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Metal fabricators

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Who invented metal music?

Who was the first metal band?

66 views · Music

metal or dance

which music type do you pefere metal or dance???

10 views · Music

Is rock and metal music evil?

Do you think rock and metal music is evil?

89 views · Music

Does anybody like heavy metal?

Does anybody like heavy metal

14 views · Music

What are the metallic elements?

Im confused :s

26 views · Science

How to make fabric covered box?

12 views · General Knowledge

Heavy Metal

Do you like this music genre?

16 views · Music

What is a metallic dye?

Are boxed dyes these kinds of dyes?

24 views · Beauty & Style

Favorite metal bands?

wuts your favorite?

38 views · Music

Metal songs

What are some good metal rock songs and bands

25 views · Music

What are good Asian metal bands?

what are some good chinese and asian metal bands?

85 views · Music

Anybody like heavy metal?

Any body like heavy metal

18 views · Music

metallic hair color

can you highlight or color hair thats been colored with a metallic hair color?

60 views · Beauty & Style

Metal heads?

Who else likes metal around here???!!!

34 views · Music

what is a good/best type of metal detector to get?

what is a good/best type of metal detector to get?

13 views · General Knowledge

Metal&&Classic Rock

What are some good metal and classic rock bands??

17 views · Music

Whats a good heavy/death metal band?

Whats a good heavy/death metal band?

44 views · Music

Metal or punk rock

What do you like best??


25 views · Music

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