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Malpractice lawyers

Which generally makes more money, a doctor/surgeon or a lawyer?

if they are both good.

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How long does it take to become a lawyer?

How many years does it take to become a lawyer?

55 views · Education & School

Where do you go to find a good Lawyer?

Where do you look for information to find a good lawyer?

26 views · Politics & Law

How many years does it take to train to become a lawyer?

How many years (post-graduate studies included) does it take to train to become a Lawyer???

44 views · Jobs & Money

Qualifications To Be A Lawyer?

What grades do you need at A-Level, and GCSE to get into university to train to be a lawyer?
Thanks :)

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How do lawyers get paid?

how do lawyers get paid?
is it like if you win a case you get a huge sum or is it money for hours spent in court?

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Why don't people use Real Estate lawyers?

When people buy or sell real estate they usually have a real estate agent, but why don't people hire real estate attorneys?

30 views · Home & Garden

Which would you be: A veterinarian, Lawyer, or Nurse?

Please help me, give pros and cons about each and which you would chose.... Please and thank you :)

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Why does the US have one lawyer for every ten people?

I've heard that the US has ONE lawyer for every TEN people.
First off, is it true?
If it is...I don't get it. Why is it like that?

44 views · General Knowledge

Why or why not do you believe lawyers are important for a society to function?

I am doing a project for school and would like to get imput from others.

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Is there a legal solution to medical malpractice?

There is a lot of medical malpractice happening all around the world. No country is out of this problem. Is there any sollution on this issue. Is there any legal help can be obtained from medical malpractice?

32 views · Health

Do you still need a lawyer if you are being wrongly sued and you know you have all the evidence and contracts you need to win the case?

What if the lawyer would cost more that what you originally made off the contract?

43 views · Jobs & Money

Lawyer career and University in the UK

In England if someone wants to train to become a Lawyer do they go to ordinary University...or to 'Law school'? So how many years does it take to become a lawyer in the UK?

6 views · Education & School

is being a lawyer an enjoyable job worth the financial investment

Trying to decide if i might want to go to law school.i want a job with prestige, good pay and that i enjoy

36 views · Jobs & Money

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