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Lake & pond construction & maintenance

Angora Fire in Lake Tahoe

hey does anybody know about the angora fire? in lake Tahoe?

8 views · Environmental Issues

Tattoo machine maintenence

How can I have my machine up to date or in good working conditions?

10 views · Jobs & Money

Is it safe for me to go swimming in a lake, I am 6 months pregnant?

Is it safe for me to go swimming in a lake when I am 6 months pregenet?

123 views · Health

What laws protect employees in constructions

What laws protect employees in construction??

Like if accidents happen or rights and responsibilities

But are their laws that protect the employees that work in construction in u.k.

24 views · Jobs & Money

predators to pond goldfish

would a weasel be a predator to my pond goldfish ?
The pond is netted, but something got in via small openings in the rocks.

46 views · Pets & Animals

Constructive criticism?
Just looking for feedback and advice as far as my singing goes.

9 views · Music

Why is the MTA stopped for unseen construction?

Why I have always heard the mta saying that the train stopped because of some construction but I never see that constuction finished.

7 views · General Knowledge

Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?

if a guy randomly came in a lake and a girl was just swimming can she get pregnant and not know it?

1762 views · Health NSFW

High Maintenance.

My mate said his girlfriend is very high maintenance. And I sound stupid for asking but, What does that actually mean? And is it a good thing?

11 views · Love & Relationships

What- is it true that a lake is just really warm snow??

some kid said that a lake is just really warm snow, and I called him an idiot, but now I'm just wondering if it's actually true...?

21 views · General Knowledge

I am going on vacation to Lake Tahoe...

What is their to do in Lake Tahoe? I know there is really good mountain biking which is awsome but I dont know what else is there for me to do...

42 views · Travel

When would ponds powder harm skin?

My actualy question is does ponds powder harm your skin if you apply it like 3 times a day everyday

15 views · Beauty & Style

Lake of sleep can make your skin dark is it true??

Lake of sleep can make your skin dark is it true??I heard this from one of my I was curious!!!how to make your skin glow and fair naturally?

87 views · Beauty & Style

Youtube is down for maintenance, how long will it take?

so youtube is down for maintenance, it has been for like an hour.
Does anyone know how long it will take?
Or how long it takes usually?
because I really need it for something
thanks :)

532 views · Computers & Tech

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