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Fire safety

What are rules and safety tips when using a ouija board?

My friend and I want to use a ouija board. We are scared cause we don't know all the rules and how not to get posessed or something.

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I pierced my belly button with a safety pin...

okay today I got bored so I pierced my belly button with a safety pin, is that bad and how soon do I need to get a belly button ring, and can it get infected easily?

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Hydrochloric Acid Safety

What solution of Hydrocholoric Acid would be safe to use around kids? Specifically to be used in rock and mineral testing excercises.

53 views · Science

Do you use safety glasses when trimming the garden?

I recently started wearing safety glasses when string trimming. (Because a piece of wood hit me in the eye. My eye was very painful and irritated for two days.)

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FunAdvice Trivia: Who invented the Safety Pin?

1) Walter Hunt
2) James Gray
3) Franklin Ben
5) Clinton Rodham

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Antivirus/AntiSpyware: Safety first Or Business first?

Why is it that Powerful AntiVirus/AntiSpyware is/are not free?
Why are they making business of the Safety of the people on the internet?

As if you're giving a vaccine to african people while they pay you?
Can't Just Microsoft Make a powerful f...

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Can I work for the National Transportation Safety Board?

I'm 13 at the moment and was wondering how much do you get paid to become a member of th N.T.S.B (national transportation safty board) and what skills do you need?

29 views · Jobs & Money

Mustang safety features

Okay... So I just asked my parents for a mustang for my sixteenth birthday in 9 months and they said yes! (hooray!) but I'm pricing it online, and I'd like to know some important features like safety (and luxury features too!) that you guys think I sho...

29 views · General Knowledge

Should prisons be doing more to improve safety when it comes to fire procedures?

More than 300 inmates were killed when the prison caught fire, and this is not the first occurrence. Should there be better evacuation procedures, or do you think that a prison full of convicts is not a pressing issue?

Read about it: http://funadvic...

14 views · Politics & Law

Obama's safety

do you really think President-elect Obama will get assassanaited (I dont know how to spell it!!) or are people just saying because he's half black and somebody who's rascist will kill him??

and do you think John Mccain is really that old?? he's only 7...

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What organisations are already campaigning better safety for teens?

I have some media coursework and basically I have to pretend I'm a high- vis clothing company and I have to persuade Teenagers to wear my clothing range while out and about when it's dark, I need to compile a 2 page report on all the research I've done...

12 views · Politics & Law

Is America getting too sensitive regarding safety laws?

I am talking mostly in regards to kids. our parents grew up without bike helmets, knee pads, or elbow pads; fighting in the school yard; living in houses with lead based paint on the siding and asbestos insulation in the attic. Most of them turned out ...

35 views · Politics & Law

Ordering safety items for my truck's inspection

alright I got in a wreck in my truck (2001 king ranch f150) and my inspection end january of this year or now I should say. does any one know of any websites I can order seat belts and/or air bags at cause I cant find nothing I've been looking for abou...

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Awesome song - safety dance

*we can dance if we too, want we can leave your friends behind, because your friends dont dance and if they dont dance then their no friends of mine*

I know its not really a question but I like that part of that song hey I got an idea
Post your fav ly...

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How can I look cool skateboarding wearing all this safety stuff?

my mom says I cant skateboard any more if I dont were my safety gear. but I love to skateboard and I look like I a dork and a skatebaorder want to be and my friends laugh at me and I really want to look cool and make sure I can still skateboard plus I ...

521 views · Sports & Activities

What Should I play conerback or safety?

I played cornerback in little league 7th and 8th grade also 9th I want to switch up I've been missing tackles an got beat by a pass twice I think I should play safety I have a better oppurtinty to see the ball carrier an run down field for interception...

33 views · Sports & Activities

How to get over fearing for my safety?

I was in my room. I heard noises in the back of my house. which is
where my room is & my parents is on the 3rd floor. & im on the 1st.
well my dog was barking. I went in my living room to see what
he is barking at & he was facing the door. & see the bl...

30 views · General Knowledge

What does Benjamin Franklin mean?

"They that would give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

8 views · Politics & Law

Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

I have prayed so much for safety.
Why has God never answer my prayers?

116 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Breaking mosaic tiles

Breaking tiles for a mosaic:
Do you also need to wear safety glasses if you cover the tiles with a old towel, while breaking it with a hammer?

I would like to know, because somebody told me to wear safety glasses but I always put the tiles into a t...

36 views · Home & Garden

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