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What is something bigger I can use to masturbate with?

im 15.okay so I have used the water faucet on my vagina and I get pleasure...but...I use my hair brush in my vagina and I dont get a feeling anymore and I also used the end of a spatula and nothing help me out here im hornt and I need som...

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Would this water be safe to bathe in, or brush my teeth with?

Okay, so when you look at the attached photo, you'll see something rusty colored over our drain (and yeah, the bathtub looks horrible too), which was some scrubber that didn't really work for me, so it's used to catch water from the leaky faucet.. and ...

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Masterbation help for girls

I'm a 16 year old girl and I need some new ways to masterbate. I usually just rub my clit but I want different ways to do it. I cant get any toys or anything so if you could tell me some thins I could find around the house that will work.
I know abou...

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Bathtub tap rushing on vagina, how do I know if I climaxed?

If my vagina stinks or smells good like it should. Also I was trying one of the masturbation things that was on here (the bathtub faucet one) and since water is running on my vagina how would I know if I had a climax? I mean I will shake and then it wi...

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What alternative water/waste systems works in the country?

I am going to live in the country. I just want to get away from the nosiy city and crowded neighborhoods. I bought some property in the country and it's good and all, but there aren't a company in sight providing water/ waste in that area. I dont want ...

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What does it mean when your clitoris is bleeding?

Well I've been masturbating for like 7 months. I'm 15 years-old. When I was 12, I stop masturbating just because I enjoyed life too much to be thinking about it. Anyways, I use my finger but sometimes I use the hand held shower faucets. I used like the...

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