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Retail theft under $20.00 24 years ago.

Is retail theft considered a felony? And will it show on my record if checked?

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What advertisement is free mac cosmetics?

I keep seeing an ad for free mac cosmetics. I know mac is not cheap and I want to try it but is it really free??

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Whats the punishment for retail theft

If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.

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What is the "sales target' for a retail clothing worker?

Meaning what amount of revenue are they suppose to bring in or sell in a day/week?

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What are some non-animal tested cosmetics?

What are some non-animal tested cosmetics, like urban decay?
Urban decay is practically vegan, is there any more make-up products that are like urban decay?

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What Excually Is Administration in Retail ?

What excually is Administration in Retail - Businesses?? Like what do they have to do??
what Does Admin Actually Mean?
Checking The Record of books?? of what came in and whats been sold?

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Jesses girl cosmetics

Has any one from canada ordered jesses girl cosmetics are they any good wiould you suggest them? And how much is shipping to canada? Do you have to pay in us dollers?

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Cosmetic surgery in thailand

Has anyone here done a cosmetic surgery in thailand? Heard it is a lot cheaper? Any idea how the services are? Please give your experiences..

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Is cosmetic surgery a wise thing to do?

I'm thinking at 47 years of age is to old for a nose surgery, the skin is really bad and has pick holes. I wonder if it's a wise thing to do?

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What's good about M.A.C cosmetics?

Magazines and people are always raving about how good this brand of makeup is, but what are their top products that are really good, and is it just because they come in lots of colours, or are they made with good ingredients?

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What is the name of Nikkole's Cosmetic Bag?

The link is beneath..Please help at 3:56 what is the name of that cosmetic bag sitting on Nikkoles dresser? I want it so if you could please help me out ill try and help out on your questions.Thanks [:
Go Nikkole&Lyle! [:

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How does Mac cosmetics cover acne scars?

I am thinking about buying mac cosmetics foundation and i was wondering if they cover dark ache scars? Because it's expensive and i don't want to waste money on something that won't cover my ache scars. So does anyone know if it works? :)

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How much, on average, do the following cosmetic surgery procedures cost?

1. a nosejob
2. inverted nipple correction
3. cheek fat injections
4. lip injections (botox, etc)

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What do you know about Macys Cosmetics department?

I got a job working for macys in the cosmetics department as an extra, i will be working in pretty much every booth. They hired me but I know nothing about their cosmetics so I have no idea how to go about selling the cosmetics or suggesting things for...

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Is under armour sold in retail stores?

I was putting together my christmas list and I want a black under armour cold gear base top. but I wasn't sure where you could find them. is it just online or is under armour available in retail stores such as meijer, wal-mart etc.? Where might I find it?

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How do you feel about cosmetic surgery?

I want to get a nose job cause my nose is broken and has been 4 a long I look like owen wilson lol anywayz I can only breathe thru one side and I think it looks ugly, what are your opinions on it anyone with experience?

28 views · Health

What do you feel about laser eye surgery for cosmetic reasons?

I've been thinking about getting it done in a few years because I hate how I look with glasses, and I can't wear contacts. My mom thinks it's stupid though, for a reason like that and says that there can be a lot of bad side-effects.

24 views · Health

Are cosmetic contact lenses safe?

I have blue eye but they turn a baby bluey-grey-ish color when I have eyeliner on.. I want to make them POP by using really blue contacts.. Are they:

a) Safe?
b) Cheap?
c) Healthy for your eyes?
and d) Do they slip from your eyeballs?

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What's your opinion on cosmetic plastic surgery?

What is your opinion about plastic surgery? COSMETIC plastic surgery, the kind one gets in order to fix "imperfections." (breast aug, lip aug)

Reconstructive plastic surgery is needed to correct legitimate health problems (burn victims, the morbidly ...

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Does anyone know why retailers have removed the "take a penny / leave a penny" tray (read more)?

Around here, convienient stores, grocery stores, drug stores ect. all used to have "the penny tray" but no more. Employees say it's because "corporate office says we can't have it anymore" but they don't know why. Any ideas as to why such a decision is...

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