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How do you get bleach out of clothes or at lease make it unnoticabl

How do I? Cause bleach spillt all over my gray shirt and now theres yellow stains on the gray fabric!!! Any help???!!

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Can you introduce some rentals in Shanghai?

I am come from American,I have a working in Shanghai,so I want to know where I can rent in Shanghai.The place must be clean and comfortable,Thank you

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Does selling rental properties require capital gain payment?

My father has owned his rental property for over four years, and he was wondering if he sells the rental house, does he have to pay captial gain even though he's going to buy another rental property right away with the money he's gained from the rental...

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Are rentals are cheaper in expensive markets than buying now?

Are rentals are cheaper in expensive markets than buying now? It certainly seems so...from what my husband showed me, we could rent a house for $5,000 that would sell for more than two million, with a mortgage of more than $12,000 monthly. Doesn't that...

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What exactly does the rental price on an apartment mean?

So I'm looking to rent an apartment next year and I was wondering, do the prices they display mean you have to pay that much each month or is it for a set time? Like a rental price of $5,000 will get you 1 month or get you 6 months or something like that?

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Where can I find a listing for summer/vacation rental homes?

I want to find a listing for summer or vacation rental homes in the that are rent-only and not timeshares. I would like somewhere with a golf course or some sort of open land around it. I only want to rent for a few weeks of the year and I don't want...

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How do you know what a fair rental price is?

I'm looking to move from the house I'm renting right now to a new location - trouble is, when I see the posted rental prices, it seems like they're too expensive.

Is it typical to negotiate a rental price before moving into a new house? If so, what ...

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Anyone have advice about owning a rental property?

With housing prices falling, we are looking to move to a nicer neighborhood. Trouble is, we will probably have a hard time selling our present house, so we are thinking of hanging onto it and renting it out. Anyone know how this would affect applying ...

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I own rental property that I have been depreciating for some time and I am planning to retire in the next year or two and would like to sell the property before then. I would like to somehow use the profits to help my son purchase a home. Most likely ...

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I wanna get a motorcycle but my dad said to wait till i get at lease 5000$ in the bank,

i barely have 500$
i have a job and only work on Saturdays and i cant work more often....
how can i make money faster ?? i really need help im almost done reading my motorcycle book for my license
help A.S.A.P please

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How do I leave a month to month lease because of abuse?

I would like to leave an apartment that I share with my ex because he's controlling and mentally abusive. The problem is that we are both on a month to month lease and I want to put in a 30 day notice but I dont want him to know I'm leaving or else he'...

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How to get my boyfriend to pay me back for our rental deposit?

Hi Everyone,

My ex(now) long term boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. We had to break the lease of the house that we were renting and all it was and still is very hard as i adore him dearly still. You see the thing is it has turned a little ug...

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Rental or Buy in San Francisco?

I came across an inheritance that I want to use to buy a house. I love the city (SF) and I would love to buy something but it seems so expensive. A rental seemed to be cheaper than buying a home even though people keep telling me that it should be th...

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Which apartment to lease this summer?

I have a choice to make about which apartment to lease this summer. My choices have come down to a 2/2 with a sunroom on the 2nd floor, or a 2/2 on the 1st floor with upgrades (hardwood floors and wood blinds). I have a 1&1/2 year old. I would love ...

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What are the average prices for rental properties in Los Angeles?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the weekly rates to rent 1-bedroom/studio apartments in Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs. Moving there in February for a job offer and need to know how much I should be spending on rent. Li...

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Sale of Rental Property & Purchase of Primary Residence

As a government employee, my job required me to move to a different area of the country. I elected to convert my primary residence to rental property. I was transfered to different locations several times during my career as a government employee. A...

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Apartment Leasing

I am interested in finding out what is needed to start an apartment complex in the state of Texas? I am looking at a location 35 miles southeast from Dallas and looking at the market in the region very little to no apartment complexes are found. I ha...

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Break a lease

I have an unusual situation...I moved out of my home and left it to the father of our 2 children...both of our names are on the house. I moved into an apartment in august 2008. Ok, so I just found out I'm pregnant (not his) this apartment wont do. It's...

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Is it illegal to keep the security deposit if damages were paid?

I moved out of a rental in Jan. I allowed someone to take over my lease and use my deposit. The landlord send a security deposit transmittal and charged me for damages. When the next tenants moved out she also charged them for the damages. I know it is...

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Accommodations in Gabrone, Botswana?

What is the average rental of a decent apartment/flat in Gabrone, Botswana?

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