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'Le Petit Cafe' by ???

Okay, my mom used to have this replica of a painting featuring Le Petit Cafe. Well, when I was younger, while we were moving I accidently ripped it. And she doesn't know what she's done with it, what it was REALLY called, or who the artist is(or was). ...

10 views · Home & Garden

What are the effects of computer viruses?

what is the effect of computer viryses to:

a) the computers?

b) the cafe?

64 views · Computers & Tech


How can I put my art up in cafe's and other places?

How do people get started, and get out there?

9 views · General Knowledge

What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?

I would probably choose a small cafe, or restaurant...

34 views · Jobs & Money

How many calories in a hot mocha?

I want to know how many calories could be in a hot mocha or a cafe mocha ?

13 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

Havent felt God

Well I work at my church cafe .my parents are both are all my parents told me that the cafe needed I waitress.well I havent ever really felt god or dont even no if I honestly believe in you think its wrong for me ...

18 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

English Lyrics

Is there a site where I can find the english lyrics to Antic Cafe - Smile Ichiban Ii Onna pv

11 views · Music

GTA 4 for Xbox 360?

I was wondering if you can access real internet (if you have the Xbox LIVE thing) through the internet cafe on GTA 4.

32 views · Gaming & Games

Japanese Street Fashion

Can anyone give me info on Lolitas,Kogal,Ganguro and Maid Cafe
Japanese Street Fashion Shows in the UK or Pairs, France this summer??

Please Help!

17 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

what the name of thiscountry song?

where a guy named joe changes a flat for an old lady.She trys to pay him he tell her to help someone that needs help and she stops at a cafe and gives the pregnet girl $100.00

11 views · Music

I need a job!!

I'm 14 and I really need to get a job and fast! I've asked round all the local chippys and cafes and nowhere has any jobs going!
I don't care what I do I just need a job or something to help me get some extra cash!
Help please! xxx

29 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

In a band or go solo?

Me and sum people have made a band. We've done sum gigs at cafes and stuff but lots of people say that I should go solo because I cud make it further. My moms also sayin that I shud go solo. Im sooo confused because my band has helped me a lot. Im conf...

48 views · Music

Need some info/advice on starting a buisness involved with gaming

Im a senior in high school, but im tying to map out what I want to do after this. I really want to do something that involves my love of videogames. I want to open a Internet/Gaming cafe but I need to figure out first off some things. But I want to ma...

8 views · Jobs & Money

How do I focus on my savings?

I really want to save for the rainy days but I've been encountering many distractions like..Going to the INTERNET CAFE everyday to do some research & buying loads for my 2 cellfones...Thank you for all of your advises...GOD BLESS...

11 views · Jobs & Money

Cute hairstyles for work?

I work at a really cool cafe and we have to wear our hair up. What kind of things could I do for when I put it up? I know about messy buns, and ponytails, but anything that'll make it look different/cooler would be great. thanks!

p.s, my hair is 3 inc...

61 views · Beauty & Style

Has someone who has passed visited you in a dream?

I frequently have dreams about dead people. Last night my father turned up in my dream. We were having lunch at a outdoor cafe. I remember feeling annoyed because he spent more time talking to the waiter than to me. Then, he got up to go. I felt disap...

50 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Is the age of 8 too young to use internet?

I've seen many websites have age restrictions.
I have been using internet from when I was 8 years old(I.e. From 2003) and I think age of 8 years is not too young stage to use internet. I could manage my e-mail emails with my own. Although I was not all...

9 views · Kids

How could I get internet, if I got a new lap top?

I have an old desktop right now, with internet. (cable, phone, internet bundle).
I am planning on buying a lap top later on.
It will have wi-fi.
When I get it, will it pick up the internet from my other computer, or would I have to go somewhere lik...

6 views · Computers & Tech

Any resturant owners out there?

Some investor friends of mine were talking about opening up a resturant. Any owners out there that could help us with advice? We recently purchased a nice building in a semi decent location (no other buildings around but at a fork in a road between 3...

11 views · Food & Dining

What part of Australia would it be relatively easy to find barista/cafe work?

I'm looking into (again) moving to Australia next year. I have been researching different cities and do quite like Adelaide but apparently their rate of employment is quite low. I have family in Sydney, but I think the rent would be too high there, sam...

21 views · Jobs & Money

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