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How to get jelly furniture on Neopets?

No, it's not for me. lol. It's for my little cousin. She plays on all the time.

So how do you get jelly furniture on Neopets?

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remove black water marks from hard wood garden furniture?

How do you remove black water marks from hard wood garden furniture...please help

45 views · Home & Garden

Best Furniture outlets in Indore

Please suggest me .. it important...and tell me also a best customized furniture outlet in indor

29 views · Shopping

need cheap furniture ASAP!

me and my friend are moving out together. we have nothing! were can we find really cheap furniture, and by really cheap I mean really cheap!

70 views · Home & Garden

Where can i sell my furniture online?

I have a desktop table i want to sell. I need a good website to post it where there are no scammers.

18 views · Jobs & Money

Why is my cat urinating on furniture?

my cat started urinating on on bed 5 days in a row. I shut the door to keep her out. Now she is peeing on the couch what is wrong

4497 views · Pets & Animals

How Can Istop my cat from peeing on furniture?

I have 2 cats 1 is 18 weeks old and the other is 20. The youngest one always pees on furniture. Especially beds. How can I stop it?

60 views · Pets & Animals

When someone leaves furniture on their lawn for garbage pickup, can we take it?

Someone left a beautiful window pane that I want to use for art, but I was unsure if we can.

43 views · General Knowledge

Why does my cat poop on the furniture??

Does anyone else here have a cat doing this? My cat is about 10 months old,and she was spayed about a month ago. About a week ago,she started pooping on the floor,and the furniture! She still pees in her litter box.

269 views · Pets & Animals

How do I stop my cat from using the furniture as a litterbox?

We just moved our two cats into our new home and one cat is using a old lazyboy chair we just purchased as a litter box, what can I do to stop this?

20 views · Pets & Animals

How do you work a room that is 20 by 20 when your furniture is huge {bed-full or queen and a dresser}?

What is a nice warm but cool that is welcoming for a girl {tomboy} room?

7 views · Home & Garden NSFW

How can I stop my cat from peeing on my furniture?

I have two cats, one is 6 years old and she started urinating on the furniture when I adopted another kitten. This has been going on for one year can I stop this? Is there a scent or something I can spray on the furniture? Thank you

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How to clean black, inlayed Chinese furniture?

I just bought two old (1920's) black Chinese chests from an antique shop. They are inlayed with colored shell designs. They are filthy. How do I clean them to their best? How do I maintain them regularly?

169 views · Home & Garden

My cat is peeing on furniture

My cat got a rabies shot on Sunday and then started peeing on the furniture on Monday. Are these two connected? We also changed the cat litter brand.
Help. if it doesn't stop I don't know how much more we can take.

55 views · Pets & Animals

Cat urinating on the furniture

My mom has a cat, she just moved not evven a year ago. Another cat was brought into the home and then went to be de-clawed; when the second cat came home the liter box was replaced and her original cat started peeing on the sofa, how can we stop her fr...

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White bedroom furniture

I really want white bedroom furniture: full bed, nightstand, tv stand, dresser, armoir (possibly), desk, and desk chair. I absolutely have to have white, but all I can find is kids! I dont want like an old person white furniture set, but I dont wand a...

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Where can I get cute bed spreads and good bed room furniture???

So im re painting my room and getting new stuff and I've look like everywhere for cute bed spreads and furniture,,like dressers and stuff but I cant find them of any that are kinda cheep
Im 15 and so I want this stuff to last until college so iif you...

44 views · Shopping NSFW

what is the proper term of wood?

recyclable wood from furniture and non packaging wood product is called ?

33 views · Environmental Issues

Sims 2 furnature and clothes for mac

I have found this awsome website to download clothes, furniture and houses etc. but on the FAQ's it only tells you how to download it on a PC and I have a mac. so does anyone know how to put the furniture and cloths etc downloaded off the internet on t...

67 views · Gaming & Games

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