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How can a father give up his rights with out paying child support?

A friend of mine wants to give up his rights not because it has anything to do with the children, but because his ex wife is very intrusive he wants to give up his rights and move on in life with out being threatend or stalked anymore..
I understand th...

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I have a crush on one of my best guy friends!!! Can someone please

He's a freshman in college and I'm a junior, senior when the summer's over. He is smart, funny, great to be around, family-oriented, church-going, outgoing, creative, and sexy (and he knows it) but he's so sweet all the time and when we hang out he rea...

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How do I deal with my pathetic attempt of a mother?

So I am 15, turning 16 in 2 months, and I don't know what to do about my pathetic attempt of a mother. Ever since her and my dad got divorced when I was 5, my life has been a living hell. She has had to worst boyfriends, all who have hit her by the way...

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How can a dad get away from stalker mom for good?

A friend of mine wants to give up his rights not because it has anything to do with the children, but because his ex wife is very intrusive he wants to give up his rights and move on in life with out being threatend or stalked anymore..
I understand ...

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Why doesn't anyone make me feel the same?

Right heres the thing, my boyfriend of three years split up with me back in October. We were engaged, living together and planning our future, and the most important thing, he was my best friend, then he just decided he wasn't happy.

I was absolutl...

28 views · Love & Relationships

Student Exchange Program Scholarship

Hi.I'm planning to apply this scholarship for a student exchange program.It's the YES scholarship and it is a merit based scholarship awarded to outstanding students who obtain good grades and show a strong interest in the USA.However,there are only 40...

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How can I get away from this abuse?

My mother has 5 kids and I'm the 2nd oldest. I'm 16 years old and I'm turning 17 in November. The thing mom is a lesbian for one thing and 2 she tried to commit suicide 2 weeks ago by taking 72 tablets because she missed her lesbian lover I gues...

35 views · Parents & Family

Government fraud/or just plain waste!

I am a convicted felon! That said let me paint a picture for you. I had a job a short time back working for a company that sub-contracted their services to the railroad and I was required to submit to a background check, supossedly to allow me to wor...

20 views · Politics & Law

Should I make the move on her?

ok so this is this girl that I like right
im pretty good friends with with her and all that we always hang out and go out and party and on the days we dont party we hang out..
but the thing is I think she likes me but im not 100 sure if im right or not...

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Should I pursue her right away or work for her?

Hello To You,
Thank you for reading this. Any advise provided is greatly appreciated...

bit of advice if possible...
Here’s the story, I shall try to keep it short, only reply when/if you have time:

I have had this crush on this girl since we were ...

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Does this sound fishy?

Hi there. I posted an ad on craigslist for my babysitting services. A couple days later(meaning today...) some emailed me this:


Good Morning, My Family and I have found your resume on the Internet. We are interested in a Babysitter / Nanny...

16 views · General Knowledge

what does this poem mean???

Love Without Love - Luis Llorens Torres
Amor Sin Amor

I love you, because in my thousand and one nights of dreams,
Te amo, porque en mis mil why una noches de sueños,

I never once dreamed of you
Ni una sola vez soñé contigo

I looked down paths that ...

160 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Does anyone think that some people are stuck in the 1950's?

(btw im white lol)a lot of people including my family are racist. Some not so bad, and others go to the extreme. Like these people down at this country club thing next to my house ARE SO RACIST! Just speaking of a person of a different colr, you will...

35 views · Politics & Law

Should I be worried about his ex?

I have known my boyfriend for 30 years , but we have only been together for 4 months. We are deeply in love and he has discussed marriage and our future BUT he works with his ex. She is twenty years older than me and they work together and he left her ...

7 views · Love & Relationships

How much can I get for my Wii, Xbox, Accessories, games, etc.?

I get at least $130 a week from the job I'm working now (I don't work a lot because of school). However, the money I make goes towards gas because I have to drive back and forth from college at least 3 times a week, 45 minutes there and back. I also ...

285 views · Gaming & Games

On your own doorstep?

will try keep this as simple as it aint...

new job, few nice girls, got my head down and cracked on wanted to do well..

few weeks back 1 them I know least about, and work most indirectly with, she givin me signs, eye contact few seconds other side ro...

21 views · Love & Relationships

How do I tell my mum that I can't cope any more?

both my mum and my step dad have multiple sclerosis, and they are always tiered and narky, fair enough, i understand that they have a reason to be. but it seems as though anything i do isnt right. my step dad can barely walk and is a dead weight to our...

29 views · Parents & Family

Burnin' Ring Of Fire

Ever feel like a pickle stuck in the bottom of the pickle jar? I do.<br /><br />

Here's the deal. Back in college I fell in love with this amazingly beautiful girl (both inside and out). We had a tumultuous, passionate college romance for 2 yrs. It ...

34 views · Love & Relationships

Really sick of this...

I was questioning myself to put this up, but I am feeling rather..grim.

today was one of the worst days I have ever had. let's start from the beginning..

well. I made a video of me singing blink 182 - all the small things and I thought I deleted ...

18 views · Education & School

Any advice is helpful.

Im not exactly sure how to go about this..
So im just going to put it all out on the table.

Im 15, and I date someone that im not supposed to.
He's black and im white, therefor it's wrong.
My mother is pretty understanding.. And she listens to me...

26 views · Sex

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