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I want my ex-boyfriend back but he has a girlfriend...

Okay I had a 3 years relationship and I broken off with him for another man. For that other man during those 3 months of summer was, perfect. I mean he took me out boating, dirt biking and all those kind of fun stuff for the first time. I'm 18 and he's...

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Video I-pod or PSP?

Ok so as you might know..a lot of people prob post comments about this subject. ok well right now im torn between buying a video ipod or psp...I mean in the long run I think I'd get my moneys worth from the ipod but the psp has some cool things too and...

8 views · Computers & Tech

Does this boy like me

I only ever see him at my local starbucks

Also he seems quite a confident guy around his other workmates/friends that come in. But sometimes seems a bit shy/different when i'm around.

He does stare quite a lot for about 40secs at a time, should...

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cheating wife. Doing the right thing?

14 mos ago my wife admitted to an affair. It was with a friend of mine whom she had seen 30-40 times over a month and a half. They were together when I was at work, out of town, asleep and even once she left a club to be with him while I wondered where...

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Should I tell my over religious parents that I'm Wiccan?

Okay this is dumb I know..well not really but anyways.

My parents have sent me to church since I was 2 and I was always such a good little choir girl until about 13.

I discovered wicca and I decided to make it my religion of choice.being of an ir...

44 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

He wants to double-date my room mate and I

I get very worried when I start think about what this guy is up to.back here in my univwersity,I stay with my best friend in the same hostel room,she is my room mate and becos of what we see guys do to their gurls,we decide we aint going to date and we...

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Lost in Incorporation

Hi. I am opening a small business (service). I heard that incorporating as type S corporation is the best tax move. I went to Legalzoom, got horrified by final prices ($800!). Then went to cheaper sites, still too expensive. Got slammed by telemarketin...

16 views · Jobs & Money

Did I do the right thing

My son went into his senor year of high school with a 3.4 GPA. His Mother an I were not getting along and infect I found some love letters she had written the father of one of his friends. We split and he was living with me.. I traveled a lot for work ...

39 views · Kids

Global Warming: Good, Bad, Both?

Climate change is always happening, and it always has mixed results for human civilization. In Britain, the Romans were growing vineyards for wine production as far north as Hadrian's Wall. That seems a bit absurd today, when you consider they can't ...

42 views · Environmental Issues

Why is the "Sitemap" of Funadvice unlike ANY other Sitemap I've ever seen? How can they submit it to Google as .xml?

Just curious. I have a didactic way of learning, which means I teach myself almost everything I can. (Even if I stay up 3 or 4 nights straight learning a topic; for example last week I was up for 72 hours and taught myself Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)...

22 views · Sex

hey. There is a guy i go to school with that i've been knowing for a bit but it has always been a hi and bye type of thing.He is 20 years old and im 18. Until a

month and a half ago when my girl and i went to a club and i bumped into him there. We danced all night and he bought me drinks. I was really feeling him, and
the things he was saying had me thinking damn this guy is a real dude, so i ended up sleepin...

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Does anyone have information on homeschooling in Alabama?

Does anyone have any information on homeschool in Alabama, usa? Im going into the 10th grade next year and i absolutely hate school and everyone there. Peer pressure is a f**king disgrace! I have been going to the same school since the 3rd grade and no...

8 views · Education & School

How to control my frustration when girls hit on my father?

My father is 16 years older than me.well both my parents are...don't

He is extremely athletic tall and handsome looking man and is a kick boxer.well no not really his a businessman but he does kickboxing everyday so I kinda tell him thats wha...

76 views · Parents & Family

Should I stay in my relationship?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for 1.5yrs now and it's been great. We get along for the most part. Our arguments can't even be called arguments, just bickering. He moved in with me 10 mths into the relationship. We traveled together, we go to functio...

37 views · Sex

What do you think of my story, (Redone)?

I thought that my last story lacked a bit of detail, so I kept the same theme but just changed it around a little.

I was running down a dark corridor, I could barley see anything but outlines of things on the ground and sticking out of the wall, I ...

32 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Do I have anorexia?

Ok..erm hi ! :|
Well I have this problem, and to tell you the truth it is KILLING ME.
I have never dared to tell anyone for the past two years, because to tell you the truth I feel stupid and embarassed because of it . . .

Well it had started about t...

40 views · Health

How can I help a friend whose boyfriend is controlling?

Is my friends boyfriend controlling or obssessed?

Im confused My friend had only been wit her boyfrind for 9 months now, they are only in their teens, everything esd fine the first 7 months but now it has changed.

He won't allow her to her best frie...

61 views · Love & Relationships

How do I stop cheating on my boyfriend?

ok so me and my boyfriend have been together for about 4 years weve only brokn up one time for 7 months.. weve lived together the whole time except for the breakup.I've cheated on him SEVERAL times and I can actually be one of them girls that say &quot...

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Hey can you tell me what this poem means?


By Linda Pastan


Imagine waking
to a scene of snow so new
not even memories
of other snow
can mar its silken
surface. What other innocence
is quite like this,
and who can blame me
for refusing
to violate s...

52 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Xmas should I let him go out

I no he loves me..
But at the beginning of our relationship he would ask out other girls.. well his ex he left for me.. he picked me out of her.. but everytime we used to argue he'd go back to her and try and get her back, then whe we had sorted it he...

35 views · Love & Relationships

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