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My niece is asking about emancipating herself

my nice recently gave birth to a little girl who is about 3 months old now. she recently started a job as she quit school last year . her school advised her to not attend for the school year until the baby was born. in the meantime, she has taken cl...

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Music questions part deus

Yeah thats right!
Part deus!
This is it!
This is your chance,america,to show your individualism through what others have created!
1.)fave guitarist(s)?
2.)fave drummer(s)?
3.)fave bass player(s)?
4.)artist(s) that you used to be obsessed wit...

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Should I feel insulted? (A professional matter)

I am a sales person by profession. Some 20 days back, it happened so that after a long delay from our existing customer in signing the contract I wrote e-mail directly to their MD bringing the matter into his notice. This was taken as an offence by th...

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What do I do?

If you have answered or read any of my other questions please forget about them for now I really need help.please it will be very much appreciated !!

I'm 16, for the past 5 years everything has gone wrong (( I cant go in to to much detail )) but my m...

19 views · General Knowledge

What do you think about the FDA's control of food packaging?

Now here's an interesting and well I guess deeper question that some of you may not think about. So I was reading back in the late 1970's back when the packaging of products was not so strict as it is today that a group of individuals went to several d...

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Just joined, my friends cant seem to understand, perhaps you will

The one girl that I thought was my true love left me a few weeks ago. Things were so perfect in the begining...and I was certain we would get married. She was everything I wanted...except one...she was kind of simple when it came to sex...and im used t...

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ex fiance and letting go

My fiance and I Were supposed to get married on Aug 16, 2008. I had a problem with a depersonalization disorder that caused me to lose reality for several months prior to the wedding. I did some things that I had no control over.. One being that my fia...

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horrible life

I am a 14 African American female. At age 11, my mom died and I was forced to move out of state with my grandparents. My dad is on drugs and living his life back where I used to live. When my mom died, my older brother ,16, told me that he will never l...

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Do androids dream of electric sheeple?

In an initiative Philip K. D!ck could have penned describing some near future technocratic dystopia... U.S. Information Czar Cass Sunstein seems to have gotten his wish in having paid U.S. agents fight dissent on forums, blogs, and social networking si...

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Engagement situation

Well.. I am not sure how I should be feeling right now! I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now! We have been living together for about 1-½ years and things are wonderful! I have been with him since he lost it all... the car, the place, al...

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My ex wife is driving me!

I have been divorced for 1 year now. I'm a single father of a two year old boy and my ex-wife has expressed to me on more than one occassion that she would like to get back together. When my ex wife became pregnant, her dad was very unsupportive. We st...

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How do people in your school stereotype others?

Jsut wondering...

Whats your school "system" like

At my school were classified into four divsions and multiple subdivisions like


1) super preps aropastale wearing freaks ok. Blondes, dumbness, freaquent use of the word like all the t...

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How do I get out of this destructive situation?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now. Back in December up to March we almost had a baby (yes, almost /:). And then just currently I was caught with her camera, it had pictures of both me and her on it. As I understand these are...

25 views · Parents & Family

Does anyone know how this depression feels?

I feel like I have an interesting case. I am going to be very curt and frank in this post, so that whoever sees this and answers may understand my entire perspective.. therefore, please don't think that I am being arrogant, or haughty.

I am a 20 yea...

37 views · Health

Do ya think this is true? (poem)


I have learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

I have learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back.

I have learned t...

39 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Stay Single or Go Forward with Engagement

For starters... I am a single mom of two girls, who are 12 and 15...

1st: Married to an abusive man (aka BioDad), had two girls, divorced and moved out of state.
2nd: Married my high school sweetheart who helped me raise my two girls from previous...

40 views · Love & Relationships

Should I move out?

Should I move out?
My Problem is this:

When I was in primary school I fell in love with a boy called Skye

But then when it came too high school, he got sent to a private all boy's school far away and I got sent to the local comprehensive.

I t...

38 views · Love & Relationships

Palin supported Buchanan. What does this say about McCain's choice?

It turns out that Sarah Palin supported Pat Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign. (Earlier today, Buchanan stated 'It's great for the base. She's a Buchananite!')
Pat Buchanan is an outspoken opponent of Israel. It's one thing to criticize Israel, bu...

35 views · Sex

Am I too paranoid? Am I really safe?

Okay, so a friend (or should I say a former friend) of mine has recently taken a turn for the worse. In the past year that I’ve known him he had become increasingly antisocial and adopted a paranoid personality that could almost rival John Nash. With ...

35 views · Love & Relationships

Could I work in research psychology with a felony?

I am returning to school after a long break in between and must change paths after 3 years headed down another one. I had been an early childhood education major. At this point, I realize it will take me another 2 years minimum to complete my undergrad...

146 views · Jobs & Money

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