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Poem: Anthill

I just wrote this, can anyone give me some feedback? I haven't written anything in about 3 years. I guess it just spilled out of me.

Seeds fell to the ground, again we asked for rain.
They need rain.
Cut into my chest, look inside me.
You w...

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How do I convice my sister that I did not steal from her graduation money?

Okay. So I have a slightly checkered past. By this I mean I have been guilty of taking money from my brother before. But. Before you go and tell me that it is wrong and how could you do such a thing, I know this. I know that it is not right and it is n...

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How do I paint walls to resemble an 8-Bit video game?

I'm a college student with my own place, but my mother lives nearby, so I spend weekends at her house (because my apartment is cramped and she just moved, so she needs help for the next year or so as she settles in and redoes the house to her liking). ...

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What do you think (Yes I'm Stacy but I dont want to rewrite it)

MY question: What do you make of what Stacy’s mom said yesterday about the 99 cent store and today and give details?

FIRST PART (WHICH HAPPENED APRIL 30, 2008): Stacy and her mom went to Kohl’s Department store. Stacy had two pairs of pants in her ...

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What should I do?

So im having really big problems at home. My mum had a kindney transplant and before that I use to clean and cook, babysit my nephew and still went to school. Since she had the transplant all we have done is fought, about 5 months ago I left home a...

14 views · Parents & Family

Some advice, please?

I don't really know how to explain to my mum that I'm sad. Whenever I try to she just says to wait through it and I'll get over it. I often feel so sad that I just don't feel like doing anything, and when I do, my mum thinks that I can't be bothered en...

16 views · Health

Do you think boss is on warning

Steve asked if I could email you a copy of the letter he wrote to the ceo back in december 2007. Only for the letter he is sending you he omitted the names of the people involved and the companies names. He replaced them with new company, old company a...

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Should I stay in this unequal marriage?

I have been married now for 26 years. We both always worked and different shifts. In the beginning I did not mind. I had friends and family to keep busy with. Then a few years later the kids came. When the kids came nothing changed. He never help...

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Lost in Incorporation

Hi. I am opening a small business (service). I heard that incorporating as type S corporation is the best tax move. I went to Legalzoom, got horrified by final prices ($800!). Then went to cheaper sites, still too expensive. Got slammed by telemarketin...

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How to get Indepedence?

Most people are happy looking towards their 21rst birthday, but I'm not.

I still live at home, yes and I know don't take everything free for grant it, so let's just skip that crap okay?

Problem is I have no financial freedom, or normal freedom fr...

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Read this and tell me if its okay as an article

When our world produces enough food to feed everyone, how can it be possible that every five seconds a child dies from hunger? “Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply,” states Food First, the Institute for Food and Development ...

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How can I discuss plans to move out with my parents?

I am 24 years old, just finished school a few weeks ago from a good state univeristy, and finished with 2 Master's degrees (Master's in Engineering and an MBA in 6 years with a year of working experience to boot). I have over $15,000 in the bank becau...

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Is obama nuts?

I try to keep up to date with the current events.. I feel obama is driving us to our next depression! The last thing america needs is a bigger government! Obama's stimmulous plan will cost 850 billion?! where is he getting the money? .. I know most com...

85 views · Politics & Law

To break up or not to break up?

I'm so confused, I just don't know what to do. This is going to be quite long.

I'm 21, and I've been with my boyfriend now for nearly 2 years... And things were absolutely great. I believed I was actually in love with him and I felt so special.


24 views · Love & Relationships

How do I get my parents to lighten up and let me live?

I'm 20 years old with a great job and two years left of college. My parents are strict Indian parents and forbid me to do many things. I was not allowed to dorm in college (they claimed it was for financial/cultural reasons) so now I commute every day ...

213 views · Parents & Family

Survery are you a loser average spoiled or snob

Mark what you have and then at the bottom check to see what you are ;d

What do you have:
[] mother
[] father
[] step-father
[ ] step-mother
[] step sister
[ ] step brother
[] brother
[ ] brother in law
[ ] sister
[ ] sister in law
[ ] hal...

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Being forced into Accounting. I hate it.

So my parents are absolutely forcing me to go into accounting. My brother is a Chartered Accountant making over $100 000 a year and my sister is well on her way as well. The problem is, that my brother and sister both aren't exactly my role models. My ...

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Questions you just can't answer

Questions you just can't answer
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are flat?

Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough?

Why do Kam...

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Isn't this a good Poem ?


Beware my friend ;my name is cocaine. coke for short.
I enterd this country without a passport.
Ever since then I've been hunted & sought;
By Junkies and Pushers and plain clothes d*cks.
Mostly users who need a quick fix.

Im more ...

156 views · Art, Writing & Literature

im 14 and really want a baby

hi there my name is katie and im 14 years of age. I know that the user name says mum2be but I am on a friends account thats all. Anyway, for years I have been wanting to have a baby and I know it sounds crazy but I have everything worked out. This migh...

63 views · Parents & Family

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