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Iceland and Britain

According to thedailymail , the Icelandic people are very angry at the British Government (not the people, rather the people at the top, specifically Gordon Brown.). This is because due to the credit crunch in England, brown as decided to use Terroris...

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Why would anyone feel sorry for someone like this?

OK so I'm flipping though my tv and I stopped on a rerun of the Tyra Banks show. She was doing an episode answering questions about men, being a guy myself I wanted to see what it was about, Anyway sitting next to Tyra was this guy a very good looking,...

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Should I call the police, can I claim insurance?

I worked at a place called zenith,
manager didnt pay me and my friend
me and my friend went down there
I argued with the manager,
and told my other old school friend you dont get paid so dont work here
a lady come out [heavily pregnant] started screwin...

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$700 billion dollar bail out

Ok see if this makes any sence what so ever to you. Just had this thought a few days ago. Wall St. is getting handed $700 billion dollars because the united states citizens were spending money they didn't have which caused the banks to also go into d...

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What's it going to take to put you into a new war today? (read more)

The global media cartel has decided on a hard sell for Syrian intervention. Following the so called Houla massacre... major media outlets have renewed their chorus for Americans to dig themselves deeper into debt, dropping bombs to free the Syrian peop...

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Can a lawyer/executor sell our house?

Hi, and thanks for reading my question. I hope you can answer it.
My grandfather passed away and in his will he had left his 3 granddaughters a house. The lawyer who is also the executor says that it is him that has to list our house, we are not allo...

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What do you think of the two letters

Steve is definitely not a disgruntled employee. He just wants to alert the CEO about Yvette

April 15, 2008

Dear CEO

First I want to say that I am not saying I want any one fired. However, my ex-coworkers asked me to write another letter to y...

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should I get this dog?? HELP

so...ok well I really want this dog. Its a saint bernard (I've wanted one since I started reading those Mudge books when I was like 9)

my friend is giving it to me...which saves me like $1,000 in the future, because pure breds are super expensive


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Do you agree with the way my boss handled this situation?

Well, I have had many problems with my boss in the past, but today was my breaking point. I deposited my paycheck last week like I always do, and everything went through fine, then today, my account was overdrafted -$365.00 and I when I looked at my s...

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Is it wrong of me to get angry with my mom and cousins about giving our boat away (read)?

As a lot of you may know, my father passed away suddenly this april. We have a boat & we used to go out on the lake & fish a lot, just me & him. Those are a lot of my memories with him on that boat. When he passed, my cousin (mind you who is very irres...

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Should I Strip to pay for a 4 year college?

First of all, it's a public college so I assume they couldn't kick me out but... Yeah. My parents laughed when I asked if they would cosign for a bank loan necessary for me to continue my education. I work part-time at my local supermarket, and have fo...

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How can I get my brother thrown out?

I know the question seems harsh, but if you knew my brother: he threatened my with a knife :( . He told me he's going to "Sh*t on a plate" and put it next to my head while I sleep, so I roll in it.

Erm anyways, my brother is 17, soon to be 18, dropp...

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my parents are pissing me off

again my parents are giving me hell :/
so to be blunt no job=no money=no & no license=no car=no freedom/live

I’m a generally good kid I passed im a junior now I get A’s &B’s.Im the only one in a family of 4 who dos all the chores.(cook+clean)I dog/...

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How would we bring truth and justice to the federal reserve?

I'm all for doing it. Trouble is...I don't have any personal connections with the American wife does, with her government, through family. So I've been contenting myself with what little ideas I can contribute, all the while thinking, h...

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Marriage Proposal

I have been with my boyfriend for going on 5 years. At first, he was dead set against us moving in together, he said he needed his space. We have both been divorced and has some pretty bad experiences in our past relationships. He finally decided that ...

33 views · Love & Relationships

Staying single and wanting a child?

Okay... so I've been doing a lot of serious thinking lately...
and Im not sure marriage in general is the right choice for me...
Im just not sure if its something I want to do...
BUT, being a mother someday is the most important thing in the world t...

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How do I deal with my husband lying and hurting me?

Been with husband 18 yr's. 3 yr's ago my hushand went to the strip club and used debt! That's how I found out! he knew how I felt about strip clubs from day one! he promised it would never happen again and that he would make it up to me! less then 2 we...

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What should I do, continue my job or not?

I am little confused that should I continue my job or not?
Actually my husband is vry conservative mind & I have to give my salary to him every month, I dont mind giving him as he has a nature of leaving me & our son on small little arguments & all...

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Why isn't there any humour in the bible?

Well, I was wondering why there isn't any humour in the bible. Does that mean that god doesn't have a sense of humour?

The bible just doesn't seen to have any humour in it, especially the old testament. What about judgements on nations that don’t e...

68 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

My husband can't find work because of a stupid felony

Why stupid, you ask? Because we were stupid. what he did was tragic, but not a crime. Seven years ago when getting home from the graveyard shift he picked up and carried our infant son into the living room for some quality time before going to sleep...

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