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Funny, apparently my former employer is deleting references to us

For those who didn't know, I was a faithful Yahoo employee for almost two years, and a contractor after that for a year. I count many (now former) Yahoo employees as friends, several of which I've continued to work with since leaving.

Out of curiousit...

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So much for homeland security...What do you think?

I know this isn't about international terrorists, yet it does effect the security of our nation as a whole.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Lawmakers from California to Kentucky are trying to save money with a drastic and potentially dangerous budget-cutting p...

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What are my chances? Is it Worth it?

What are my chances? im only 14 and I want to model, mostly when I get older internationally, but thats a slim chance. hhmm lets see in the past 2 weeks I've lost 5 pounds, so im like 110. is it worth most of the troubles? I know im young, so 5'6" is s...

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Fearful agnostic with religious pressure...?

I'm in a bit of a position. My family and society are uber-religious- and it's not like they're Christians, whose members at least live in (generally) normal society. No, my family are such that they live in like a 'bubble' of orthodox life. Consequent...

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Is there anything besides Heaven & Hell?

This question is for all those of you who continually blast Christianity, for the teachings that one goes to Hell, if they are not saved.

It does seem to me, that there should be another category... Oblivion.

However, Gods word is the dividing ...

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Read this and tell me if its okay as an article

When our world produces enough food to feed everyone, how can it be possible that every five seconds a child dies from hunger? “Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply,” states Food First, the Institute for Food and Development ...

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Do I give up the trip of a lifetime to please my father?

I've known my ex-boyfriend for 10 years. I often think he may be the one. He lives abroad, in the same country (let's say Poland) that my father is from. Recently my ex (for the 3rd or 4th time) offered to pay for me to come visit him.I just needed to ...

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What do you think of this mini story?

Yesterday I was really bored so I decided to make up a mini story or whatever you wanna call it, so tell me what you think of this

As the the anestesia wears off the victim the victim slowly regains consciousness and looks down and shocked to see that...

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What do you Think about the Latest Admission by Bush

One year ago...
"This Government does not torture people. We stick to US law and our international obligations," Mr Bush said as he defended his war on terror launched after the September 11 attacks of 2001.
Mr Bush said that "when we find somebody ...

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For soccer playersss. (:

- Ali.

- Sixteeen. (:

How old were you when you started playing?
- I started when I was young and quit for a while until like freshman or sophmore year.

How many seasons have you played?
- I don't know.

Is soccer your fav...

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Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?

From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...

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Anorexia - Is this dangerous?

There are many questions asked on this site about anorexia. Hopefully, the following advice will answers some of those questions:

Dangers of Anorexia

Reprinted from Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide to Recovery
By Lindsey Hall & Monika Ostroff

Anorexia he...

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For all who have or want an eating disorder

this isnt a question. this is some advice to all of the young people out there constantly asking advice for learning to develop an eating disorder. why on earth would you want to do that to yourself? I can understand pain. I can understand hurt I can u...

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To clear up errors with atheists

Hey, I am trey, I have no problems with atheist, I just want to clear things with them ( this is optional)

I made a list of proof that god exist
1. "god" means "creator of the physical universe."
2. Time passes, from the past, into the p...

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