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Hair dye from black to blonde?

I just died my hair black I used to have it light ash blonde but it was turning brassy after every hair color so I went black my natural hair color. I want my hair healthy enough to dye it blonde and so it can have less damage, and so it could grow I a...

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Is it bad for your credit score to only keep money in your checkings account?

One of my friends never puts money into his savings account. Rather, he allows the bank to move money every month, forcibly. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. In any case, I just want to know if it'll hurt him in anyway since he plans to move out so...

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How can I recover my ATM pin?

So I've had this debit card for awhile but I haven't used it and they said I could activate it by checking my balance at an atm machine. I got the card two months ago(I usually carry cash so I haven't needed it), anyway I don't remember what I made it....

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What should I Do???

Next year I am susposed to get a job. I want to play basketball in high school 2. the practices usually ends from 4:30 -7 on some days. I want to get a job but I don't know how I can get a job when I have such flexible hours in the gym. I want to work ...

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What are my standings for Emory University?

My grades: SAT 1-Verbal-690,Maths-780,Writ-600
GPA-3.64, TOEFL-107
SAT 2-Maths-800,Physics-630(I know its bad)
Extracurriculars-active.many school levels.national 1 or 2.Athletics district level.
I am an international student.Sponsored under the Ce...

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Can I be an author when I'm older?

I want to be an author but i don't know where to start. I have written a couple of books and yer here is one.

Ralph’s Adventure
The other side

By Millie Hale

“The day has come” thought Ralph.
Ralph was a little spider monkey that loved to explore a...

31 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Sex 2day before period, pregnant?

I slept with my boyfriend 2 days before I was due on and the condom split.
Because of it being easter sunday and then bank holiday monday I couldn't get anywhere to get a morning after pill until it was too late.
My period never came and is now 3 d...

71 views · Sex

The Venus Project?

In my view United states is corrupt!!!
anyone else feel this way?
There is a video called Zeitgeist Addendum stating the facts on the U.S please watch and let me know what you think. talks about fraud banks & money corupt of goverment monopoly interp...

13 views · Politics & Law

Where do I go to if I need to talk to eBay about a delivery?

Help .. So I ordered a makeup kit from eBay and payed it, and iknow this because the $ was taken our of my bank account from eBay so that meant I paid it and all but I checked my messages in eBay and they said my delivery was cancelled because I didn't...

14 views · Computers & Tech

Felony job search

I have been convicted of a class 4 felony deceptive practice in 1992, I wrote some bad checks on a closed bank account. What kind of jobs can I get? I am having trouble finding steady work after all these years. Even warehouse jobs wont hire me. I have...

51 views · Jobs & Money

what. help my friends mum has stolen money from her?

my friends dad left in his will £21,000 towards her college and her mum took her bank card and has used almost all of the money, there is only £4 left, and her mums boyfriend has punched her before aswell and shes had enough of her mum. she needs a pla...

16 views · Parents & Family

my 17 year old brotherinlaw needs help

My 17 year old brother in law who is about to turn 18 in a few months has asked to move in with me and my husband. The problem is his mother and step father collect a check from where his biological father passed away and do not want to lose that money...

22 views · Parents & Family

Saying thank you...

Sometimes I forget to say thank you. We all do it, so don't say that you don't.

Recently, I got my license. I said that I was going to pay for it. Next day, I still hadn't gotten to the bank yet, and my mom said that her and dad would pay for it (she...

12 views · General Knowledge

Recession Beater!!

Hey so the world is in a recession right now and it's all to do with money but what I can't understand is why can't they just print more money?!

My brother says that if they did that that someone will get greedy but I dunno I think that that might ...

17 views · Jobs & Money

I honestly can't get over how much of a loner I am.

I don't have any friends, only my boyfriend but he is farming all weekend. I live in such a small town there is nothing to do. We have a bar/hotel, bank, post office, library, hall, and a small garage/ café. Nobody in this town is my age or near my age...

14 views · General Knowledge

Parents too overprotective

I am 18 years old but still in high school. My parents dont let me do anything at all. I work until 6 pm and sometimes dont get home till 6:30. But once in a while I will stop by the bank to deposit my check so I will run a little late. So basically th...

46 views · Parents & Family

How do I get out of this dinner invite?

Hey guys. I have been invited to go out for dinner by a friend for her 21st birthday. It's at a really fancy restaurant. And by fancy I mean EXPENSIVE. I'm currently unemployed and literally have $3 in my bank account til next week when I get unemploym...

16 views · Love & Relationships

what is the best way to make money when your 17?

I wanna know some good ways to get lots of cash. I dont care if its legal or legal. dont say anything like robbing a bank. im talkin bout business. if you tell me selling this or that, give some tips. I don't wanna skip lunch everyday so I can save onl...

19 views · Jobs & Money

How can I split up my dad and his new girlfriend?

I know this sounds really selfish. My dad left us for a 25 year old slapper. She has been going through our village breaking up relationships - as soon as she found out how much money they had, she would leave with it, leave them because there was bare...

83 views · Parents & Family NSFW

What do you think of this weird situation?

One day a roomate knocked my door and asked me for a favor and i told him yes, what is it and then he gave me his debit card to go to the bank, take money and buy him beer, and i told him why dont you do it yourself, and he toldme he was tired he didnt...

28 views · General Knowledge

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