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Is it legal for my mother-in law to sell my husbands truck?

my husband and i have had alot of problems with his mother.. she is crazy! when i first met the women she was poor and lived in a dump.. she is a drug addict and an alcoholic, not to mention all the prescription drugs she is on. Anyhow about a year af...

10 views · Jobs & Money

Should I stay in this relationship or do something about it?

I got involved in a long distance relationship & really loved this guy because he seemed very genuine, sweet & loyal. Our relationship went on for about 8 months tho it was very hard for me & I had second thoughts about leaving him because I couldn't h...

37 views · Sex

Nikki Catsouras

Have any of y"all heard the tragic story of Nikki Catsouras?
I can not believe what type of person would EVER post those tragic photos
on the internet, THEN have the nerve to SEND them to her family as a joke!
Have these people gone insane?They had to ...

158 views · General Knowledge

Why do men look down on women as beneath them?

I hate how women are advertised as frail flowers. It was if women are born to be weak. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I know that you’re thinking I’m overreacting or just freaking out & all men aren’t like that. Well may be not all men are like that ...

261 views · Sex

What do you think about this?

Pop some popcorn and put on your jammies, because this is going to be long.

Ok, so here I am, 17 years old, and I don't really understand what's going on. You tell me if I am a jerk, or if I am depressed, (or anything that might pop into your head) a...

17 views · General Knowledge

I need helpe with a trial for my class.

ok so this is the script im using, I need someone to help me get 10 questions out of this that the prosecutors will ask.

I am a kentucky farmer who had previously worked for jhon bacon and knew the escaped slave john. I have also worked as a constab...

34 views · Education & School

I would like to hear comments on something I am doing

Recently I got a message from a guy who was offering money for pictures. He was mostly looking for locals he is learning photography and loves to photograph women...a regual guy thing LOL. Ok so anway What caught my eye is 1. His email was not rude or ...

32 views · Sex

Is my boyfriend cheating

Its a long story but I hope everything comes out. So I recently met the man of my dreams, I mean he really means the world to me. We've only been together for 8months but those 8months seem like a lifetime but anyway, we both work for the government so...

24 views · Love & Relationships

Lost and confused.

I really suck at this...but the story goes like this. I like this girl who is 2 years older then me (actually 1 and a half) for around 2 years. Skipping to the point where she becomes a senior and I become a junior. We hardly get to see each other exce...

15 views · Love & Relationships

Why doesn't anyone care?

I'm getting pretty fed up with this country and all. I don't like how it's working. I just hate being able to voice my opinion and have it not get listened to. I hate knowing that everyone has the same opinion about how this entire country is messed...

109 views · Politics & Law

How can I clear out my entire criminal background with money???

I am so tired of being looked at negatively because of my past. I was an emt, and used to save the lives of kids that overdosed, and I had a big attitude, with my "patch" and "siren" and ambulance, I thought I was all that. Then I got hooked on drugs, ...

61 views · Sex

The ex

My boyfriend and I dated for a lil over month. We had been friends for a while before then so we were pretty close and comfortable with each other. I'd sleep over at his place and he'd hold me all night, we'd make out but that was as far as it went. H...

25 views · Love & Relationships

Is it okay to cry years after a pet has died?

Some info: I've always loved animals, a lot, I find it easier to connect with animals than it is with people, as animals are pure, sweet and innocent, they don't judge and are always great companions. I can spend hours alone with my cats or dog just pe...

48 views · Pets & Animals

What if I have no hope after a year of marriage?

ive been married to my husband for just over a year now. prior to that we dated for about 3+ years. i thought i knew at least a little bit about who he is, now im wondering if i know him at all. when i met him he was on dissability due to a back injur...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Please help, It's a Twilight Question...

Ok, so I had the MOST amazing dream ever last night and I just can't get it out of my head. I just had to write it down, so I did and decided it would make an amazing book. The bad thing is, is that it is totally based off of the Twilight series. It is...

35 views · Art, Writing & Literature

i dedicate this song to u:ately I've been hard to reach, I've been too long on my own

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone
Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching out for you?

I'm just so fuckin' depressed, I just can seem to get out this slump
If I could ju...

52 views · Education & School

WHAT rating would you give the beginning of my story (1-10)

Lizzie Joanson opened her eyes and saw sunlight streaming in through the slightly parted curtains. She couldn't bring herself to look at the clock. She knew that an hour later she'd be sitting in an overheated classroom trying to do something right.

15 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Could I work in research psychology with a felony?

I am returning to school after a long break in between and must change paths after 3 years headed down another one. I had been an early childhood education major. At this point, I realize it will take me another 2 years minimum to complete my undergrad...

146 views · Jobs & Money

why does NJ DYFS not protect kids?

other is abusing children and letting her boyfriend abuse them as well.Kids told me I am the 4yr old paternal grandmother,the 7yr old has a different dad but I am a grandmother to her as well.they also told his daddy and my daughter.I reported it to NJ...

73 views · Sex

Story I wrote for my boyfriend's birthday

Hello :) My name is Rachelle im 16 years old, just some background information=]
anywho heres my question my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months and we are definitely in love with one another! His birthday is next months and after lots of i...

72 views · Sex

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