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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Why won't he ask me out!!!?

Okay. This guy I've liked since last year is one of my friends. not really my CLOSE friends, but we can always rely on eachother kind of friend. there isn't very many sweet, patient, honest and caring guys at my school, and he marks the spot! So at the...

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Rabbits experts, possibly pregnant rabbit is hiding

Hi all,

I was given a couple Netherland Dwarfs & when they brought them to us they ere in transport box for over 2 hours, then we had them in the same hutch of the night untill we got the 2nd hutch then next day,

anyway that was around 5 weeks ago, ...

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how can I keep a member of my family healthy(read and answer) :] ?

Okay so I have lived with my grandmother since I was born. She barley turned 71 she has diabetes for about 10 years now and she claims she always has pain around her hips and kidney areas. she had a lab done and doctors say shes fine. shes about 5' 2 a...

27 views · Parents & Family

Could you give me some feedback on a poem i wrote ?

' Suicide Saviour'

Him in mind, my feet on the edge,jumping into my one good friend,the ocean the one thing that never ends.
My heart stopping,no good thoughts, the end is closer than we thought.
I try to reason with my made up mind, it wins ever...

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What made you believe on God ?

What made you to Believe on God/Jesus)?
For me was the story of my birth:
My Mother at Her 24 years old was in a car with the family, & my Grandfather was driving, a boy on a motorcycle didn't stoped at his red ligh (it was green for my Grandfather),...

37 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Should I play wrestle with my son?

Hi i’m a mother of one and 33.

I’m in a really difficult situation which started a couple of days ago. It arose after play wrestling with my 10 year old son, who’s a big wrestling fan. Having recently moved house and school he spends much of his free ...

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How different people have sex,

How they have sex, think of more? Post it:)

Accountants are good with figures.

Actors do it on cue.

Advertisers use the "new, improved" method.

Ambulance drivers come quicker.

Ansi does it in the standard way

Archeologists like it old...

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How to forget my boyfriend's suicide attempt?

My boyfriend is on a Anti-Depresent Pill. He hasnt been on it but maybe going
on 2 weeks now. Well when he first started it he was with me at my house.
He was getting really mad. & I had promised him I will always take care of him.
he was breathing ...

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Legal advice needed!!!

Okay so I went to the store one night to get stuff to make dinner my mom was on her way home from work at the time and I was trying to do something nice for my mom now this is where my story starts I come home and walk in the kitchen set everything dow...

30 views · Politics & Law

Long distance. And he's flirting.

Well, actually, I've been talking w my friends and big sissy abt this matter. They all told me to just dump the guy, but iono why my heart feels so heavy to let him go.

The story was,
Me and him (let's call him q) go way back. Ever since we were li...

28 views · Love & Relationships

Does he still love me ?

Well I've been in love with my ex for a year. We mett online from a close friend of mine. However I have never seen him in person we sorda had an online relationship and thats one of the reasons why we were on and off. After we broke up we were benefic...

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Should I let him know how I feel about him?

Ok so I liked this boy since last year and I don't know if its a good idea to let him know how I feel about him.when I first saw him I thought he was really cute. He's so nice and sweet, he makes me laugh but this was last year & when we were with all ...

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How can you be sure that there are no mistakes in the Bible?

I love this thread! My sister is a Mormon, and I am an Agnostic (that's greek for Fool, I believe) and I never understood religious belief. One of the reasons is because I don't understand the origin of the scriptures. Everyone is using the scriptur...

122 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Medicare, medicaid, volunteering, not for profit

I've been thinking about this a lot and the more I see people struggle and other people take advantage, the more it makes me angry...perhaps I'm blowing this put of porportion but I really dont think I am , so I welcome feedback.
I used to do this vol...

7 views · Jobs & Money

Is my dog pregnant?

Hello, I need an asnwer if its possible, if someone can tell me if my dog may be pregnant. We just moved to this new town, and my dog is attatched to one of those doggy pully's im not quiet sure what they are called, but its a line that goes from one s...

192 views · Pets & Animals

What should I do,crush'n like crazy!!can you help?

Hey, how is everyone??so,as you guyz can see I have a somewhat long crush story I wanna share with you and hopefully I can get some feedback as in what to do.
[I will be uploading a pic so you all can get a feel for me..whatever that means right?lol] ...

11 views · Love & Relationships

For all who have or want an eating disorder

this isnt a question. this is some advice to all of the young people out there constantly asking advice for learning to develop an eating disorder. why on earth would you want to do that to yourself? I can understand pain. I can understand hurt I can u...

32 views · Sex

Why does he still need to contact his exes?

I think it started 3 years ago with X... I can't say we had a good start, it was messy and confusing. As much as I wanted to commit, the only answer I got from him was that he COULDN'T on his part because he was still unable to get over his ex girlfrie...

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Eyelid Issue with Stye

Hey there,
About three days ago, I woke up to the corner of my eyelid, hurting every time I blinked. When, I finally got out of bed to check, I saw in the mirror that the corner part of my eyelid had become swollen pretty large and wa...

68 views · Health

When is a good time to ditch a friend?

Ok, I am 19 years old. I've had this friend.. Shes a yr older than me. We met in Choir. We had to be partners so we hit it off immidiately. I was a Junior @ the tyme, && she was a Senior. Were both graduated now. But weve been thru a lot together. But ...

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