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Presbyterian churches

Why is my Mom forcing me to go to church camp?

ok, my mom and I well...get along really good...
but lately my older brother and her have been arguing... I thk dats how you spell it...n-e wayz
my mom found out that the church is sending teenagers on dis camping camp...ewww!
she paid f...

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How can I go to the Church when my pastor treats me this way?

I'm mad at my pastor and her best friend. They are both 42 years old. Her best friend, who is also a minister in the church and I are supposed to be prayer partners. She became my friend, so I thought, but recently I found out that she has been goi...

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What should I do about racism in church?

Well it's only a problem I've dealth with in Indonesia not anywhere else...

I sit down at church and once in a while the pastor will make a joke about black people...

He'd make america as an example that black people can't be anything in life...I...

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Things I bet you've never heard in church


10. Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew.

9. I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over time.

8. Personally I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf.

7. I've decided ...

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Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from Church?

Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from church?
I can tell you, I do! I love my church leader for he's kind, caring, and is concerned for everyone's spiritual well-being including mine. He won't judge or anything. If you have someth...

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Do you think I've been to a Satanic Church?

Okay...When I was about father took me and my cousin on his business trip to Kenya...I remeber it wasn't in Nairobi it was out of town...

One day when the sun was almost down..Me and my cousin were playing football...sorry soccer...she kicked i...

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Leaving the mormon church

I have thought for so long that the LDS church the Mormons were a true church, I believed it with every fiber of my being, The day I figured out it was a fraud my life seemed to end. The church and the truth of it was so driven into me that on this day...

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What do I do about piercings and church?

Okai. So im LDS aka Mormon. Please don't make fun of it,and no mormons don't have more then one wife and we don't do pilgamy! Anyway,so I have been a member my whole life. In the religion,we are told,if you desire to have a piercing to only have one mo...

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I hate my family and church for befriending my bullies and enemies?

I remember when I went to a new High School to continue my education. I was very excited and I was ready to learn. Not knowing an entire school was going to threaten and pick fights with me. Everyday when I entered the school gymnasium some Ghanaian, A...

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Can I be a Christian and still participate in my culture? christianity but im still confused...

im native at times I will participate with the 7 drum religion...I doubt anyone on here knows what this is...or even knows about the dreamer

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Protestant or Catholic?

Would you be Protestant or Catholic Roman? and with you answer explain why.

For me I am Protestant (Orthodox Presbyterian) cause when I learned bout the things the Catholic Church did & the things it created that aren't in theBible...well that's why.

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what's the word when you are::

Banned from religion or your church?!

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How to convince a teenager

How to convince a teenager to go to church?
What can I do?

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are there any wicca churches?
or is it just a religion you do in your own time?
thanks :)

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Do you all pay tithing?

Do you all pay tithing?
If so, how does it work in your churches?

43 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Mormon beliefs?

what are some major beliefs of the mormon church?

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Favorite hymns?

What hymns does the Cathlic Church sing?
If your Cathlic and, your church sing hymns that might sound good, what's your favorite?

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torn apart

Which church should I go to? I am a Christian.

24 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Why do people book concerts?

i know that some people book concerts at venues to bring in the crowds but what about churches. if it would be in a church, is fundraising a factor?

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I belong to a baptist church. been saved and baptised in a baptist church. any body out there of baptist faith. sorry for the word baptist so much lol

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