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what. does the United States need?

I'm an American and I'm aware of much anti-Americanism in the world. I also realize there are intelligent people outside of the US who know that not all Americans are fat, stupid and ignorant war mongers. but my question is pretty broad. what does the ...

40 views · Politics & Law

Will the dollar be replaced?

Several countries, like China, are worried about the massive and growing size of the US debt. There are calls to move away from the dollar as the international reserve currency (some already have) and go to some form of a global currency regulated by ...

36 views · Politics & Law

Can you Prove God?

Without using any sacred scriptures can you prove there is a God? Is it possible? Can a person prove to mee that there is a God without depending on the scriptures?I have asked many people this question and I am still at a loss for an answer as noone h...

119 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Is my vagina odour normal?

I take a shower EVERY SINGLE NIGHT sometimes I shave sometimes I dont depends on how im feeling but no matter what I do or how I wash my vagina smells not too long after my shower. its not fishy or anything...its allmost like B.O. but not strong but I ...

293 views · Sex

What is your favorite microbrew?

I live in Germany, and I'm originally from Germany, so a lot of Americans ask me how I can stand to drink American beer after drinking the brews that come from my ancestral homeland.

I always find this funny, because many Europeans have very high ...

11 views · Food & Dining

Can I get into Boston University?

I have a 3.77 GPA. got a 27 on my ACT.

i have a really good work experience worked every summer at factories as an intern/experience.

international food club 3 years (3 year vice prez), soccer 2 years (varsity sophomore year), band 1 year (solo...

59 views · Education & School

Can You Express Your Faith In Your OWN Words?

Can you express your faith, WITHOUT religious or scientific texts, references, quotes, et cetera?

I want YOU to think about it, I want YOU to post what makes sense IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Be it an emotional bond with some mystical spiritual energy, your ...

77 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

black discharge

I'm a 29 yr unmarried girl. I'm having blackish discharge for the past 5 days. My period is cyclic and i had my last period on
12.06.06. I consulted a gyn today and she gave me oinment called "Candid" and asked me to do a scan if it doesn't stops ...

160 views · Sex

How to speed my boyfriend up about marriage?

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 1/2 years. I'm in law school, he is in med school 2 hours away. We have an amazing relationship even with our busy lives - we see each other almost every single weekend and are very much in love.

However, I ...

34 views · Love & Relationships

What's a free billing software for commercial use?

There is a requirement of free billing software for commercial use. After the satisfaction i.e ater the trial version expired I am ready to purchase it. My minimum requrement is like this list below:

Password protection for company files!
Unlimited c...

11 views · Computers & Tech

How should I distract myself?

My dream is to be a singer, and it's something I want more than anything. I'm talking like international success, which is why, since I live in the Philippines at the moment, I have to wait til I go to Australia before pursuing it (because I don't want...

50 views · Music

Please help me, I really have to have these done

1. What role did the expanding middle class play in art? how did their role in art compare to the role of the modern middle class in art?

2. How did a greater emphasis on the physical world change art in this period? how might it be regarded as co...

28 views · Education & School

What do you think of partyboy corey?

This question is 4 all pplz all ova the world since this guy went worldwide...
Ok if you have lost memory of corey or actually dont know who he is well he was that melbo 16 yr old guy that held that party @ his house and it gt advertised on the net an...

36 views · Love & Relationships

what are the athletic effects on your body of being on the pill?

hi there! here is my situation: I want to go on the pill, BUT I am a pretty involved athlete in taekwondo, and compete nationally at the moment, and internationally (hopefully) next year. taekwondo is a weight orientated sport (mostly) and every little...

34 views · Health

Song that describes Anne Frank?

if youve ever read anne frank this will be easier... wats a song that describes the book? if you havent read it... shes a girl who is a jew and is in hiding in an attic from the nazis in constant fear of being discovered. she lives in the "secret anne...

871 views · Music

How do I handle the fact I had a miscarriage?

hello..I just recently started dating this guy..he's a great guy. He's always been there for me whenever I need him. He's a really busy guy he works and goes to school and has a kid but he still finds time to talk to me..well recently I just found out ...

8 views · Health

What's it going to take to put you into a new war today? (read more)

The global media cartel has decided on a hard sell for Syrian intervention. Following the so called Houla massacre... major media outlets have renewed their chorus for Americans to dig themselves deeper into debt, dropping bombs to free the Syrian peop...

48 views · Politics & Law

My period is starting to really get me down

I started my period hen I was 12 im now 19, I've had bad periods since, I've bled for 6 weeks straight, im now anemic because of it, I've been the hospital and the docors, I've had internal and external scans, the doc has changed my pil 5 times! I've t...

60 views · Health

why the heck is the customer representative suspicious?

so my friend called the international airport to check the status update and wasnt sure about the spelling cause her daughters last name was huge and they were giving her a hard time considering her husband is overseas and she speaks little English th...

12 views · Travel

Why america and europe are so racist

Why america and europe are so racist that they prevent farouk honey from winning I unesco elections inspite he was the best one and it was a conspiracy from europe and america and the prove is the austrian candidate withdrawd from the election to make...

51 views · Politics & Law

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