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What are you doing tommorrow...

Well here in texas tmrw will be sat..and I have to get up early to go to the bank cash some checks go get my nails dun go get my eyebrowz dun and my son a hair cut all before it gets late so that me and my fiance and son can all go do

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Why can't I add the MoneyWise Master Card to my PayPal?

This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card. thats what...

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What Change?

So basically obama's whole campaign revolved around the promise of change in america. which is probably why he won I mean its exactly what america needs, but was it just a lie? when does he plan on changing america for real? all he has done is bail out...

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How do I treat fluid in my dogs ear?

I can hear the fluid when I rub his ear vigorously. He will then always shake his head. he shakes his head often. I've cleaned the ear and there was little wax and dirt. what is the fluid and should it be left alone as a natural condition or do I ha...

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my cheque

I'm 16 and still in full time education (A-levels) and I work about 25 hours a week. my cheque from work has bounced a few times over the last few months, it is a fairly new problem. What laws are there regarding cheques bouncing? because the bank has ...

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Why is paypal so slow?

Eh..I sold something on ebay and the person paid by paypal, and yeh now im transfering the money into my bank account..why does it take so long! Its really annoying..they say paypal is the safest way but why can't they make it faster..grr! Lol.

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What site will allow me to order things online if I'm not 18-years-old?

I don't get it... I have a bank account...UNDER MY NAME.!
its my money I'm allowed to use it whenever & I want to be a movie on Ebay but they wont
accept me because I'm 17 -___- what the heck.!?!?

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Money and a few other things (long)

Here is my situation. Approx 6 months ago I lost my drivers license. This made me lose my job. So no license no job. Also I live out in the country. I get it back on the 13th this month. I am in debt because of the loss of job. $700 something. I put a ...

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Gta san andreas mission from wu zi mu

How you de de mission on de cassino .. You must braek de bank of caclius cassino you onder staand and please help me ai from holland ai kant spreek dont spreek not ferry well englis

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Is it the bush administration to blame for whats going

Do you think is the bush administrations and the republicans fault for whats going on in America like the war in Iraq,gas prices, higher taxes, and recentley the bankrupt of one of Americas greatest bank the Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. ?

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Can I Become...?

can I become a comedian at 14 1/2? my friends think im very funny and I posted some vidz on youtube. so I was wondering if I could become a young comedian or sumthin because I c peoples having their 15 mins of fame or sumthin like that and I c peoples ...

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How do I know if I have an addiction to spending money?

I shop, to fill a void. I know I do that. The same way people comfort-eat, I comfort shop. If I comfort ate- I would probably be bed ridden I would be so overweight. I'm not breaking the bank, but I do spend too much money. I'd like to know how I can t...

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How can I get pregnant quickley?

I am 23 years old and have been trying to concieve for two years.
We have sex frequently and we cannot afford to go to the doctor about this. Insurance does not cover it.
We have tried ovulation kits and calculators online.
We are not sure what els...

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My mother took all the money out of my account, can I get it back?

I am now 18 and moved out paying my own bills etc. I had not had time to get a new account yet and my mother was still cosigned on the account. I went to buy gas and the card was declined. I called the bank and was notified of what happened. My mother ...

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Do you keep your money in a debit/checking account or do you keep cash on you, which do you prefer?

I am horrible with debit cards and always manage to go over and spend too much so weve always just kept cash. However since our home was broken into its not exactly safe to have cash laying around in our home so im having to use our bank now.

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A good place to keep money?

I want to buy some proper art materials, since I want to go into the illustration/ design career in the future. I don't know exactly what I will buy, as I need to do a very thorough check on everything that I might choose. I know that I should start sa...

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How do I get my dogs to stop eating EVERYTHING?

They've already eaten two purses, four pairs of shoes, two pairs of glasses, my aunts bank card, the glass pieces from my..vase.. they broke, a carton of cigarettes and don't even get me started on the kleenex O.O

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Who believes that swipeauction is a scam?

My dad apparently got scammed from swipeauction yesterday and is very upset. He is supposedly getting a refund for all of the money taken out of my moms bank account. (every penny that was in there) I don't know if he'll actually get it back, I'm hopin...

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How do you give someone your credit card num. so thy can transfer $?

just got a new credit card and my friend wants to transfer money onto my card, is it okay if I give them the number thats in the front or can they take my money out that way? also if they do it on a saturday will it not transfer onto my card until a bu...

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What did immigrants do during the California Gold Rush?

I know they mined and all, but what did they do besides that? Like, what race started what? What did the chinese do and what did the mexicans do? Like, did they start their own businesses or movie theaters or something? Did they start their own banks? ...

37 views · Politics & Law

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