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Cars problem

A client of me bought a cars using my credit and after we deliver the cars to mexico he stop the payments in hide the cars, now the bank is suit me ...!

I do not what to do, the guy change his address phone # and my family is very scare that I can g...

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budgeting.....where to start after the xmas spending?

I have spent a lot of money this xmas, more than I usually would, on myself and on other people. and I like being able to spend money and not really think about it, I say to myself I will put the money back in the bank after xmas, but I am scared I won...

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Where does the global economy go from here?

So the Dow, over 900 points gained. European markets were also up today.

Since this jump was far higher than most people anticipated, it makes me wonder what happens next. Markets will be up and down over the next few weeks and months, since the...

14 views · Politics & Law

what to do with forign money?

I have gone through alll my money in my piggy bank (yes all my change and I have $99.73) but I have a lot of money form forign countries. I have some canadian pennies and a canadian 2 dollar coins and canadian dimes and some that have letters on it tha...

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Where do we stand now ?

I believe we should return to the basic tenets of capitalism - If businesses can't make a go of it, they should fail and the stockholders should be wiped out, Period - Are institutions like Bank of America and Citibank private or are they public? Are ...

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Credit Crunch In Spain

Why the hell are us home owners being punished
by banks that all lent us money when they were ridding high..

And now, they wont give customers mortgages to buy our homes...

It is really effecting a lot!!!

11 views · Home & Garden

Psychic Twins- do you believe them

do you believe Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison ? they appeared on tyra banks show and they PRETEND to know things that had happend and also what is gonna happen honestly I think it is bullsh*T and would never believe that

72 views · Entertainment

Does give good advice on mortgages?

I also wanted to know if "" is a good place to find mortgages or get advice on where the best place to a mortgage is. Do they work directly with banks? How are their rate quotes if they do compared to the other companies like lending tree?

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How does someone become a mystery shopper?

I have a bank conviction and can't find a job I have 20 years of experience in insurance, real estate and all fincance and forex but can't find that job and I was reading about the mystry shoper job my question is how to go about it?
Thank you

55 views · Jobs & Money

Gift for my boyfriend

I want to get my boyfriend a gift, we've been together for 2 months
he already got me a silver necklace and a gorgeous bracelet
he likes creativity... any suggestions?
ooh and btw, I dont own a bank :P

48 views · Shopping NSFW

Why do people make fun of those with big foreheads?

It is really staggering why people make fun of others for having a big forehead. Tyra Banks and Rihanna both have big foreheads and even me! And for one I think it's really stupid. Not only that but flaws as a whole. Why do others make fun of those bec...

997 views · General Knowledge

Lesbian but want kids

I am having a problem. I am a lesbian but I always wanted a daughter of my own. Should I marry a man , so that I can have kids or not? I am really confused. I just want to have a daughter and I know I could go to a sperm bank but is it okay for my ...

134 views · Parents & Family

No control over my money

My mom wont let me have control over my money in the bank...

I wanted to get something, but she said no, I told her that I would pay for it and everything! She said I cant even touch the money I've earned.

This makes me sooo sooo madd!!
I don't ...

50 views · Jobs & Money NSFW

why wont my gift card work online?

I wanted to buy something online but I dont have a bank account or credit card so I bought a visa gift card. I was told I could use it to shop online as long as I registered the card so I did and when I try to use it I get declined

117 views · Shopping

how to move to america how much money to become a american citerzan

how much money would I need to legally emergrate to calafornia like if I had $500,000 in my bank so I could support my self would america let me live there and become a american citerzan im english

17 views · Jobs & Money

About ceo and steve and work

Steve wrote this letter and mailed it today to the ceo‘s home: I think it was a good idea what do you think

Dear ceo: I am writing this letter with a little trepidation. In spite of my apprehension to send you another letter, I am very impressed wit...

33 views · Jobs & Money

Im worried

My dad pasted away before iwas born and he left me a cd in da bank that wasnt allowed to be touched by me or mom till I turned 18but she got her hands on it and spend it behind my back what should I do

9 views · Parents & Family

Step up 2 remix

on step up 2 there is a song that they dance to during the streets and I heard it on the radio but I dont want the radio version I want the step up 2 remix does anybody know the name of this song the lyrics are (8) she ain't got no money in the bank (8...

52 views · Music

Are loans getting dangerous?

Now days every bank provides loan facility so that they can earn a huge interest from customers. These loans spoils the habits of public.People can't even think to control their expenditures they easily go for loans. I need few tips for controlling our...

36 views · Jobs & Money

How to send money to someone online?

How do You send money to someone Online??
I borred somthing of My mates to test it out..
to see if I'd buy it of him..
and now I want it and I live to faraway to give him cash,
How do I send money online via bank card credit card what ever you wana cal...

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