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She had sex in my brohteras bed!

So I have been off and on friends with this girl for about 11 years. She comsiders me one of her best friends and at points I do her. I went away this weekend and she was looking after my dogs. While I was gone she met up with the guy ( we will call hi...

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How to persuade parents to let me fly to see my boyfriend?He moved away a few years ago, and my parents didn't really ever get to meet him.

We really want to see eachother again. He tried a while ago, but his parents wouldn't let him..I would like to fly to where he lives with my mom, and stay for a few days. I found a good deal on orbitz for $711.00 for the tickets,hotel for while we're t...

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Wierd dream

Last night in a dream I was well in the dream I said it was a renforcement camp but they only sent you there if your parents want you there and you have to sign the paper so its self optional.or because you hade a bad past or you did somthing realy bad...

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I want to get a job that will pay a good

Okaii so I want to get a job that will pay a good amount but I'm not sure what I should do as I'm only 15 and I'm trying to get enough money for a flat either next year or year after... so I will be busy doing easy jobs like dog walking etc. and a few ...

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What was it in this commercial?

In a commercial you may have seen, who talked about how "anything can happen" in her daily life, and then used a credit card to deal with unexpected issues that arose, including a rental car that didn't meet her needs?
Was it
High school soccer coac...

32 views · Entertainment

How do you apply for a loan if you have no credit?

My husband I have are both stuck in a situation where we have never built up credit. No credit cards, no loans, etc. Both of us come from low income families. I now work from home, filling those 1099 forms. (Very recently started). Anything we own, we ...

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Guess where we've been! Or still are!

Portugal with my boyfriend. Its all country in the area we are staying.So that mmeans plenty of farm animals, and ducks, and that makes a happy Janice. It is near impossible to find WiFi here.

I really could see myself living in a place like this h...

13 views · Love & Relationships

I know what im planning but anymore ideas?

okay,so like I said,ill be turning 16,on november 18,2008.but im having my celebration on that friday(21st)due to school...well me and my parents have decided on what we think we want to do...which pick up SOME of my friends,in our 7passenger v...

26 views · Entertainment

How can I liven up my style?

Hey guys, I'm stuck in a bit of a style rut. I feel like I'm wearing the same old boring clothes with the same hairstyle and same makeup every day. I don't feel pretty :( I'm sort of into trendy looks but I don't want to look like a 'clone' of anyone. ...

39 views · Beauty & Style

Is it wrong to want to be a professional musician when I'm older?

The only thing I really want to do for the rest of my life is be in a crappy underground band with some friends and earn enough money to survive. Do I have no chance of achieving this since I want it? So many "rockstars" out there say that they never e...

16 views · Music

Cat Fleas

I have a rental property, the previous tenants had cats, kept the litter box in the unfinished basement, however the cats had the run of the house. The house was vacated 4-5 weeks ago to include cats. We cleaned house top to bottom to include basemen...

23 views · Pets & Animals

Quiz for everyone #2

Are you:boy or girl?
Mug or cup?
Bully's or us marines (LOL)?
drowning or burning?
speakers or earphones?
Cafeteria or subway?
nerds or sweet tarts?
fish or lizard?
motorcycle or car?
$1.50 gas or $8.00 gas?
rich or middle class (which would you rather...

46 views · General Knowledge

Heavy metal

Which band do you like more?
Iron maiden
Jeff beck
Alice cooper
Black sabbath
Black widow
Blue cheer
Blue Öyster cult
Deep purple
Flower travellin' band

19 views · Music

What are good paintball tips?

ok im gunna go to camp this week(sunday) and im a major fanatic of paintball and at this camp they do a lot of paintball,im also very good at it I also know the whole course there by heart(before I leave the subject of how good I am I've taken out whol...

31 views · General Knowledge

Haunted house

Ok, for the past few months I thought my house was haunted. Ok so ill tell you whats going on, and you tell me if you think it is. Well, first of all I've lived in this house for 6 years, and we moved in right when it was done being built. So, in last ...

40 views · Home & Garden

dont know why

its weird how this girl had me runnin around you know tellin erbody she this she that and how cool she is and we were posed to get back togeter but the age thing kinda messed it up and now I found out she over but if I call her right now she's all like...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Vicious killing?

Virginia Keppler, Beeld, South-Africa

Pretoria - A Grade 11 pupil died on her way to Garsfontein High School in Pretoria on Monday morning after a taxi first incessantly hooted at her before hitting her scooter from behind and driving over her...

41 views · General Knowledge

Randomest surveyy ever xD

Funnn xD

1. If you could share an icecream with ANYONE in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

2. Would you cut your pinky of for one million dollars?

3. Would you makeout with Kevin Jonas?

4. When is the last time you shaved?

5. If Paris H...

60 views · General Knowledge

Have I failed as a parent

I am so disappointed and ashamed of my 15 year old daughter...I feel I have a right to be disappointed, but not ashamed.Well last weekend she had her boyfriend over for husband took him home.she went along...they had sex in the back of the ...

68 views · Sex NSFW

Should my dog be put to sleep?

I'm going through a really hard thing today we may need to put my doggie dozer to sleep I'm crying so much today all day it hurts sooo bad, he is 25 pounds & he got hit by a van a few days ago. They did a $1000.00 surgery but now his skin is falling o...

65 views · Pets & Animals

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