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Van rental

Sale of Rental Property & Purchase of Primary Residence

As a government employee, my job required me to move to a different area of the country. I elected to convert my primary residence to rental property. I was transfered to different locations several times during my career as a government employee. A...

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What colour Vans should I get? (links)

So i want some summer shoes and sorta like vans.
i really want red vans but all my friends say they look desperate because some sluut in my class has em.. anyways i am not sure wat colour to get i want them to go with different clothes too but dont ...

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How to get my boyfriend to pay me back for our rental deposit?

Hi Everyone,

My ex(now) long term boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. We had to break the lease of the house that we were renting and all it was and still is very hard as i adore him dearly still. You see the thing is it has turned a little ug...

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Who van tell this answer.are you smarter than a 5th grader?

I will ask a series of five questions eveyday.depending on your answer will determine wether or not you are smarter than a 5th grader lmfao ^_^

Now lets play ...are you smarter than a 5th grader!!! do you spell communication in spanish?

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A overhaul

How do I get a overhaul for a 1978 chevy van

19 views · General Knowledge

How do I get horny when I have my period?

I have my period and I whant to masterrbate but I can't how van I get horny when I have my period

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capital gains tax rate

what is the capital gains tax rate on the sale of rental property

46 views · Jobs & Money

Accommodations in Gabrone, Botswana?

What is the average rental of a decent apartment/flat in Gabrone, Botswana?

14 views · Travel

what is TSB in a Honda Minivan?

i have a honda mini van and it says tsb close to the speedometer

16 views · Computers & Tech

Blue Bloods

When is the fourth book in the Blue Bloods series "The Van Allen Legacy" coming out?

12 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What size of TOMS shoes should I get?

im a size 5 in mens vans so.. what size should i get in toms??

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Notice to vacate

How do I write a letter to give my tenant 30 day notice to vacate my rental unit?

30 views · General Knowledge

Any good rock songs from like 80s and 90s?

Any good rock songs from like 80s and 90s. Like journey styx anf van hhalen?

6 views · Music

ok I cant load any photos to this site

help I cant get any of my pic's to upload van someone help..

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What's the Greatest Guitar Solo and Guitarist Ever?

Greatest Guitar Solo is definitely Eruption By Eddie Van Halen

Greatest Guitarist is Slash

What do you say?

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How to delete administrator account

I work for a rental car company. . . The people I work for brought out another rental company. . .the computers also. . . They was giving the computers away. . I ask for one. . . Can't get around the administrator account to load up my linksys wireles...

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Do I have to pay capital gains on triplex homestead/rental property

I lived in a house for the 11 years I owned the property. It was a house with a small duplex attached. I completely remodeled the house and put minor work into the rentals, now I am paying capital gains tax on all when the value of the house is what m...

39 views · Home & Garden

What size of TOMS shoes should I order?

So im a girl but i wear a size 5 in mens vans so what size shoes whould i get in womens TOMS? haha

39 views · Shopping

What do you think of this outfit?

This shirt: with a black beanie, black skinny jeans, black jacket, and converse high tops or vans.

27 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Rent a car under 21 but with parents

I am going to traval in the USA with my parents this summer. We want to rent a car. BUT I am only 20 and they hate driving. Car rental companies do not like drivers under 21. What can happen if they rent a car, but after several kilometres from the ca...

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