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Have you been to Honduras?

Have you been to Honduras?

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How long would it take you to travel from New Orleans to Paducah Kentucky by stagecoach in 1865?

I have to do a project and my teacher is making me look at every aspect of the journey and this is one of the things that I have to know.

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Do I need a I.D if im under 18 traveling on a plane

ok im 16 and on tuesday im going on a plane my aunt orderd and printed my ticket and she wont be with me when I go to the airport I dont have an I.D or anything can I can still board my plane

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travel restrictions

is there anywhere in europe that me and like 5 others of my friends can go and stay in the summer holidays or late winter to celebrate finishing school,,were under 18 and we cant find anywhere,what can I do.

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Best place to travel for a party?

me and all my buddys want to go on a winter trip down south..we originally wanted to go to panama but not all of use are in the same price range so panama is out of the question,the price range is about 1000cnd each...any suggestions for the best place...

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Who loves to travel?

I do! I don't get to do it that much, maybe about once every year. It's amazing.
I've been to vegas, the grand canyon, washington DC, New York, Niagra Falls, and Disney World (:

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Do agencies pay for your traveling fee or do you?

If you apply for an agency and they want to have a meeting with you but you need to take a plane or sumthing like they c/o the transportation or not?

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Love Travel

My girlfriend lives 1500 miles away and we want to get married but she does not want to leave her home town. Should I pursue this relationship?

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Traveling Internationally

Wow that sucks. my old question about my site got deleted:( but my question today is I got a letter about traveling enternationaly. Its like what a teacher reccomends. But I want to know if you think its real and if I should do it. And its to go to eur...

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Space Travel

When do you think people will land on Mars? The first Extrasolar planets? The Andromeda Galaxy? The Other Side of the Universe?
-My Guesses
Mars- March 21, 2030
First Extrasolar Planets- 2323
What year do you think that people will land on Mars...

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Riddle Im cheap I've traveled the world

Im cheap
I've traveled the world
I only work on the corner edges
What am I?

We had to solve this in class and I was the only one who got it, lets see if you can get it!!!

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Animals and Travel

I'm a senior in high school and striving to be a veterinarian. I'm looking at colleges and not finding what I need - I want to work with animals but I also want to travel, is there any way I can do both?

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do spider travel in groups

do spider travel in groups bc I just killied a big one in my bedroom and was sso freaked I wont leave my bed well would touch her

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Which website is best for travel tickets?

Which travel site is best for travelling locally or internationally: Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz? I have used Expedia once and Orbitz once but I never really compared the two at the time. I have a vacation coming up from work and I thought I shou...

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Boring travel?

For some reason, every time I go over seas, I don't get as much enjoyment out of it. I get more enjoyment exploring my hometown!!! How weird is that?

Maybe I need to go somewhere wayyy more exotic, like a refuge area..hmm

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LORAC eyeshadow palettes - Which is the best for travel?

<p>LORAC eyeshadow palettes are often considered to be some of the best. They offer highly pigmented shadows that can be used to create versatile looks. Some of the packaging is large. Which is the best LORAC eyeshadow palette for travel?</p>

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What to do when traveling on holiday?

Hi - I have many holidays due and will be required to take some soon. I will have to travel alone and would like some interesting, "different" ideas to do.
Would be interested in working with animals, volunteer work, dangerous - something out of the or...

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Is there any way to deal with wanderlust other than to travel?

I seriously can't take it anymore. Any ideas on how to stop obsessing over the idea of getting away? Or how to stop feeling so suffocated and trapped? I can't travel, but I feel like I can't stay here. I've tried looking up ways to get rid of or contro...

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Do you think it's safe for a woman to travel alone?

I am 32 years old have never traveled before. I want to travel to California and vacation there for a week or 2. I don't know anyone there and would just like others opinions on whether or not you think it's safe for a woman who has never traveled bef...

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