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Where can a 14-year-old make some money?

I would like to make some money but I dunt know of anything except from newspaper rounds that 14 year olds can do... Please can someone help me!!
I live in the lake district in Maryport. It is a usuall town with all the normal shops. Please help, I nee...

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How can I build a swamp in my backyard?

I have toads and snakes living in my yard, as well as many other fun yard nature type animals.
The problem is, I'm always afraid to cut the lawn because I dont want to run any of them over..
I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a swamp or pond ...

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Why are gas prices so high?

Why Are Gas Prices To High?

Here are some prices in cities:

# Salt Lake City, Utah - $2.33

# Charleston, South Carolina - $2.35

# Houston, Texas - $2.39

# Atlanta, Georgia - $2.49

# Boston, Massachusetts - $2.50

# St. Louis, Missouri - $2.55


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Is it wrong of me to get angry with my mom and cousins about giving our boat away (read)?

As a lot of you may know, my father passed away suddenly this april. We have a boat & we used to go out on the lake & fish a lot, just me & him. Those are a lot of my memories with him on that boat. When he passed, my cousin (mind you who is very irres...

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Where were you when Elizabeth Smart was missing remember?

Where were you when Elizabeth Smart was missing remember?
She was the 14 year old girl kidnapped in 2002 from her Salt Lake City home. If you can recall, she had allot of publicity.
She is 20 now and moving on with her life. She is a student at Brigo...

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Women allowed in combat, opinions?

I'm doing a essay for school about how women SHOULD NOT be allowed in combat. Personally I think that a man is more physically fitter than a woman and can preform better in a combat situation than a woman can. Not to be sexist or anything, just the bod...

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The guys I like think im fat!!! is the scoop...I just started high school and I like this kid and he shows feelings as if he likes me but he does not do anything about it!And when I asked him if he did he said no but he also said..."you look nice but yur too chobby...and if...

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Relaxing Evening ??

Okay what are some fun ideas how to spend the evening??

I thought of a few. Maybe go to Lake Hefner (okc) and feed the ducks, bring some kites along for the kids to fly and the bubble machine and have a picnic.

What -R- sum other easy fun ways to rel...

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Best Band

Who's the best??

Green Day vs. All American Rejects
Panic at the Disco vs. Fallout Boy
My Chemical Romance vs. AFI
Rihanna vs. Beyonce
Flyleaf vs. Paramore
Madina Lake vs. Alkaline Trio
Atreyu vs. Avenenge Sevenfold
Danity Kane vs. Pussycat D...

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What are some specific songs by bands like these?

I need some music, SPECIFIC songs please.
I dont know all these bands songs,just a few.
that are similar to:
jeffrey star
madina lake
mayday parade
the cab
Breathe Carolina(LOVE THEM)
Every avenue
cash cash
evan blue
blood on the da...

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Does this have a meaning?

does this dream have any meaning? :/
my friend was telling me about it this morning cus shes a bit scared that it might have something to do with me?
this is what she said:
every one around me was dying and when there was no one left I started to dr...

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Would this preschool lesson plan be considered Science or Language Arts?

The preschoolers will receive white construction paper that's titled “Animals That Can Fly” (with a picture of the sky next to it) on one side, and “Animals That Cannot Fly” (with a picture of the ground) on the other. Then they're going to glue pictur...

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Best friend chose somebody else over me to invite somewhere

My Best friend since 5th grade is going up to her lake house this week and she invited this other girl over me and I dont know why its bothering me. I know I shouldnt let it because its not a big deal, so she invited somebody else, so what? but it just...

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What is a good pair of electronic earmuffs to buy so I can study?

I really need a good pair of electronic headphones so I can study and do my how. My house is so loud, I have 3 sises and there friends are alweays over and music is always blastin, and my dad is now doin construction on the bathroom. Finals and AP test...

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What is appropriate to wear to a wedding?

I have been invited to a wedding which takes place in about 3 weeks. I have never been to a wedding before, so I'm new at this. What should I wear? I know the commonsense things like don't dress slutty, but does anyone have specific suggestions? Do I h...

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sims 2 fishing?

ok I have:

Sims 2 Double Deluxe
Sims 2 Seasons
Sims 2 Apartment Life
Sims 2 Pets

and I made a deep pond in my backyard. I used the boolProp useShaders true cheat so I can see the fish, and now I am fishing, and have been for 20 minutes (real time) an...

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Where can I find a dog containment system that’s easy to install?

I don’t want to construct a dog fence or buy a kennel and I’ve heard that underground fences are a pain to install since you have to do a lot of digging. Are there any products that are really easy to install? So far, I’ve only found Havahart’s radial-...

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Creative necessity and real world experience question (open-minded)

I've been working on a novel off and on for a while now in which the main character has an epiphanpus experience with psilocybin mushrooms. This will be an integral piece of the plot, therefore I want it to be genuine. My question is this: what are y...

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Is evolution an observable fact?

Several years ago, pope John Paul II stated officially that evolution is no longer a mere hypothesis. Was he right?

- Before you answer, note that in contrast with a common 'theory' (a system of ideas intended to explain something), a 'scientific theo...

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I've been out of work for about 3 months. My normal profession is crane operator. I expect to be off for an additional month or so before the company I was working for picks up another job. Any ideas on what I could do in the mean time for a little cas...

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