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How can I get my parents to let me dye my hair?

I've asked and asked I just wanted to do like a blood redish color? is that to harsh? I need a way to convince them? they wont agree with any thing I've said so far. Any advice I really need some help on this. My hair is apparently really pretty but I ...

16 views · Beauty & Style

Why is he so angry?

Maybe if I knew why my dad and brother get so angry I could try and fic it!!! My mom wants them to go to counselling, but their not going to like that! How can they calm their anger of the littlest things??? My grampa passed it down to my dad and my da...

42 views · Parents & Family

So when do we get sound?

Any ideas as to how and when we can upload sound/music to our profiles? It would be so fly and unique to each individual. Think of the fun visiting one another would be.
It's already a gas, but greeting your friends with a blast from the past or an or...

43 views · FunAdvice Community

Would it be better to promote a company with your personal name, or the company brand name?

For a new company in any case - or an established one...we've done both, and I think there are situations where it's more important to promote the name of the people in the company and less important to promote the company name. Likewise, for FunAdvice...

59 views · Jobs & Money

Would I be able to see the school counselor without my parents knowing?

Im going through a bit of a 'rough patch'. My parents think ive recovered from my previous issues and have stopped me from seeing a normal counsellor. I really want to talk to my school counsellor, but i dont want my parents to know im visiting her, no...

39 views · Parents & Family

How do you feel about the comeback of boy-bands?

Would you like to see more girl groups? I like one boy band/groups of today, and that's One Direction. I LOVE Backstreet Boys, Boyz To Men, and others. I like that groups are starting to make a comeback period, just because sooo many people are trying...

40 views · Music

Dreaming of my Dad Dying

When I was five my mom died and my half-sister and I both had to go to counseling. In counseling we both admitted that we had had a dream that our mother was burning in a car. There was a tree in both of our dreams and an electric fence. We had not ...

63 views · Parents & Family

I think full lips are ugly?

asians always see thin lips are pretty.
but westerns see full lips are pretty.
& of course, it depends on individual.
& evryone can pretty by its own lip
I got a friend, who desperate for full lip..
& I always wondering y..
I asked her & I got answer l...

156 views · Sex

Why isn't freedom "free"?

I see all these bumper stickers saying freedom isn't free. I think that's ridiculous! If we would unite as a global mind and throw down our manipulators and oppressors, joining together in global harmony, freedom would have no price, it would be life. ...

24 views · Politics & Law

What to be when I grow up

I have no idea what to be when I grow up. Im a straight a student, so I figure I should use my gifted mind to do something. I was thinking doctor, but then you have those crazy hours, plus if you make a mistake, someone could die. I couldnt sleep at n...

16 views · Education & School

When a female is described as a "hamster", what is meant?

I know that is was meant as a derogatory term, and have seen it is many books, the latest being an old school novel "Ordinary People". It was used to describe a small, in no way fat, talkative and fast moving individual. Has anyone out there heard thi...

52 views · General Knowledge

What should I get my friends who is turning 13?

She is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to buy for! she is not like any of my other friends.. she is totally individual (in a good way) and she doesn't like things like purses, make-up, books or posters... nothing.. she also doesn't like it when people buy her clothe...

88 views · Shopping

Which class is affected the most ?

During the campaign and even as president, Obama has promised not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000 - The tobacco tax increase went into effect yesterday, raising the tobacco tax nearly 62 cents...

21 views · Politics & Law

How do I hide cuts when I am being checked

I'm 13 years old and on 6 medications for mood disorders depression anxiety and insomnia im now being checked for self harm if I don't cut I am going to fuking die of sadness so there's that and im in counseling but it doesn't help my parents are alway...

16 views · Health

How can I stop my friend self-harming?

I don't know this person very well, but he told me he's self harming, and the reason why he's self harming because of just stupid stuff people have said to him that's really mean and that he's not what everybody thinks he is and he hates putting an act...

14 views · Health


ok im i4 & I weigh like 90 pounds. all my friends & fam say im 2 thin but I still feel fat. im afraid 2 gain weight even though deep down I no I need 2. all my friends say ima die if I keep not eatin. im in counseling & evrything but it dont help. wha...

48 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How is it morally or ethically right to pay for any form of edu?

Do you believe that it can be morally and/or ethically right to charge individuals to learn any form of information? I feel in many ways that modern societies charge excessive amounts of money to earn a degree and not have a guaranteed job. this also a...

14 views · Sex

Where can I get therapy/counseling?

hi. soo. me and a friend want to go to like a counseler or therapy thingy. I want to go because I have some relle big problems that I relle do need help in(even tho im very stubborn and relle I can handle it on my own even tho I cant) we want to at lea...

28 views · Health

What type of counselor is this?

Hi, I am Richard and am 33 years old.I want to be a swicth careers and become a counselor. I want to be a counselor but I've found out there are so many different types. I want to counsel and you know motivate and talk indivually with someone helping t...

26 views · Jobs & Money

Could it actually be the real deal?

I like to think of myself as a sensible person, you know turning away e-mails for supposed heiresses. But one of my faveoute bands on myspace (has a fairly small following compared to most bands) has put there number up on there page, obviously not in...

10 views · General Knowledge

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