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What is your opinion on time travel?

Do you think its possible? Do you think its impossible? What do you think time really is? I know its kinda a strange question but I would really like to know what you think.

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Time travel

If you could would you go back in time to meet the rest of your family that you never met like family from all over the world!!!

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What- Is it better to save, then travel, or take out a loan then travel and pay it back?

I'm going to India one day in the near future, but was wondering if it would be better (smarter..?) to save money for 5 or 6 years, then go (I will be 22 or 23). Or to go next year and pay for it by taking out loan. I will work while I am over there, ...

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Jobs that have to do with traveling?

any kind of job, just not a flight attendant. Something where you record what goes on in the world or just see the world, but you can stay for a long time in that place and visit rain forests,deserts, etc'

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Air travel policies?

How old do you have to be to go on a plane by yourself?
Does it vary from state to state?
If so,from the arrival or descent?

Sorry lol I cant word...stuff today

Btw I live in massachusetts

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Is it safe to travel in a car with a cat a few days after spay?

We have unexpectedly been forced to move from SC to WI and just days before our move our cat is scheduled to be spayed. Is this going to present a problem for the cat? She is five months old. Thanks.

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Where should we travel in the summer?

Me (17) and my cousin (19) want to go somewhere together for 2-3 weeks in the summer, preferably July, but we're stumped on places to go.
preferably somewhere warm!!
any ideas?!!

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What is the name that people check when you travel by plane or by sea in the passport?

For example: If my passport said my name my middle name and my last name, but i just signed my passport with my name and my last name. What is the name that people check, because if in my ticket is only my name and my last name and i sign the boarding ...

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Traveling tampons

i heard that if you sleep with a tampon in it can travel up through you, but i also heard that it wouldnt beacuase your cervix is in the way, if i sleep with tampon in or wear one during the day can it travel up through me? also are the rayon or cotton...

51 views · Health

What's it like traveling on a plane?

What's it like traveling on a plane?
I am terrified of heights,
just thinking about being so high in the air scares me!
Is it really that scary when you are on a plane?
Do your ears pop when it takes off and when it lands?
Basically, what is the whole ...

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How much French would I need to know in order to travel there?

I may be going to France this summer, & I was wondering, how much French would I need to know to travel there for about a week? I know pretty much all the colors and lots of kinds of food, but that's pretty much all. What else do I need to know? Thanks

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What's your favorite travel destination?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Personally, I would go to New York City because I just love the big city and I'm tired of living in the middle of nowhere, lol.

45 views · Travel

Where is Toronto?

22 views · Travel

Where is Siberia?

15 views · Travel

Who has been to Scotland?

8 views · Travel

Where is Melbourne?

Where is Melbourne?

4 views · Travel

Where's Tobago?

37 views · Travel

where is malaysia?

where is malaysia??

11 views · Travel

Where is Cameroon


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