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How to make a wood card?

My boyfriends birthday is comming up and I was watching wizards of waverly place and the one kid dean made alex a card telling her how he cared made of wood. He is in construction so I thought that would be cute, but I cant find how to make one or find...

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Fishing pole with beads

I was wondering if anyone knows how to string a fishing pole with beads. A gentlemen at a lake showed me and I didn"t fish for a year & I forgot how to string it. I have checked on different sites on the net & can"t find anything. So if you could help...

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How do y'all get ready for summer?

Where do you mostly spend it? I can't prepare for my summer, because i don't know what ill be doing, from the lake to horse-shows you never can tell!! But i went to hard on the tubes and kneeboard Saturday and yeah i feel like a crippled sunburnt person!

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How to find customers without advertising money?

If you able to provide various kind of service on interior design decoration (construction, carpenter,plumbing, furniture& etc)but don't have enough money to fully promote your services to potential customers, how are you going to do in order to get th...

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How do I make money fast like 100 pound a week or something?

Im 13 and I live in the uK I'v heard about all of this Walk dogs and baby sit or a paper round or something but wont you only make like £10 a time- how do you make 100 pond a week or so when your only 11 please help.

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Math help?

Ok my math question is: A bag contains 50 pieces of candy and each piece can be one of four colors. There are twice as many green pieces as there are red, and a fourth as many yellow as there are green. The total number of red pieces plus the number of...

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What the best site for buying a used car in the area of new york ?

Im a junior in high school and I dont have my parents support on gettin a car and I need to buy one on my own so whats the best website for used good vehiles in the cortlandt manor / mohegan lake area in new york ?

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Wedding Ring

First things first. My wife's old wedding ring got stolen by the maintenance lady.

I'm in the process of buying her a new one and plan to give it to her once I get back from Iraq

Does anyone know a good store or a sweet way to give it to her?

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Genius ? Nahh

A man is trapped in a room. The room has only two possible exits: two doors. Through the first door there is a room constructed from magnifying glass. The blazing hot sun instantly fries anything or anyone that enters. Through the second door there is ...

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What's a good song for our home video?

me and my friends are making a home video of crazy things like jumping in the lake and well you get the point but we are going to put a song on it and we have no clue which one maybe somthing from Blink 182 or bowling for soup somthing about being stup...

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what are some careers involving animals?

In a small town area, I also don't leave near an ocean, and don't plan on it, only small lakes. I need to start planning my future and I want a career involving animals, or the environment or something to do with policing. Preferably a well paying job,...

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Ever read the book "along for the ride" if so please read... :)

Mmkay well this is the book im readinn for a project in honors english [[we got 2 pick are ownn book]] so I need a constructive critisism report onn it, anyone read it? Plss gimmie your critisism onn it very detailled thnxxx

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Basketball player salary -- are you suprised?

I read something interesting today...

Ross Siler and Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune figured out that the average professional basketball player in the NBA earns $3,487 per minute.

Does this surprise you? Do you think they should earn this am...

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18th bday trip ideas for me and my boyfriend?

ok so my 18th bday is comin up on aug. 10. me && my boyfriend of 2 years are going to go somewhere on the weekend of my bday. we have a couple ideas..go campin at this lake, go to gatlinburg, tn. or go 2 destin, fl. we want to go to florida but it migh...

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Which course should I take in Jr. High?

I am on my way to Jr. high and I've been wondering what course would you suggest I take?
My school has:
Food Studies
Clothing Textiles Fashion
Visual Communication

I was going to go for Drama and stuff but I w...

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Has death ever stalked you?

Its wierd I don't even believe in any of that sh*t. but I probably should be dead after yesterday. I had an extrememly close call with some powerlines and a construction vehicle. im an awsome driver but I was lucky too. if I would not have passed t...

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What do you think of this poem?

Please dont be mean LOL. be constructive =]


To a place where
All the things I've longed to forget
Fall off me like raindrops
into puddles of honey,
And in that instant
I become weightless
Lost in a moment
Where time and space..

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Why are gas prices so high?

Why Are Gas Prices To High?

Here are some prices in cities:

# Salt Lake City, Utah - $2.33

# Charleston, South Carolina - $2.35

# Houston, Texas - $2.39

# Atlanta, Georgia - $2.49

# Boston, Massachusetts - $2.50

# St. Louis, Missouri - $2.55


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I'm really afraid of aquariums.

+ sea animals/fish.

I can't even swim in a lake because I hate fish so much or eat sea food.
They're discusting and fcuking creepy. /:

I've tried over-coming my fears by going to aquariums, but it doesn't help.
Anyone have any advice for me? : )

16 views · General Knowledge

How can I build a swamp in my backyard?

I have toads and snakes living in my yard, as well as many other fun yard nature type animals.
The problem is, I'm always afraid to cut the lawn because I dont want to run any of them over..
I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a swamp or pond ...

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