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Falling cannis plant

My cannis plants are reaching 8' high but the stalks keep falling over... Any ideas why?

75 views · Home & Garden

Rubber tree plant

My rubber tree plant is growin upward and out..but not there any way I can make it fuller?

85 views · Home & Garden

Why is Plants vs Zombies such an addicting game?

im playing it right know and im so addicted to it i wanna know why is it so addicted??

9 views · Gaming & Games

Ants on my tomato plants

I have tomatoes plants and want to get rid of the ants with homemade stuff what can I do without harming my plant?

55 views · Home & Garden

Friends plant has a red dot on the stalk?

for the growers (wink wink) out there my friend has a plant and its got a lil red dot on the stalk what is it and what does it mean?

31 views · Home & Garden

Who knows what happened to all the plants when God flooded the earth?

I am curious, exactly how did all the species of plants survive when the earth flooded?

37 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Plant chewing yorkie

How do I keep my 11 week old puppy from chewing on my house plants safley

38 views · Pets & Animals

Care of rubber tree plant

How do I care for a rubber tree plant? It is dropping leaves and the roots are showing on top of the soil.

66 views · Home & Garden

transplanting and prunning plants

curious of prunning a rubber plant for bulky growth instead of vertical height

26 views · Home & Garden

My money tree plant looks weak.

I have a money tree plant that looks tall and not very leafy. How do I take better care of it?

165 views · Home & Garden

Plants vs Zombie

where can I easily download the PLants Vs Zombie (PC) in full version without paying???

44 views · Gaming & Games

What plants can I get for an area with little sun?

I have a few houseplants that are dying for the lack of sun. I want to get plants that can survive an area with little sun. What plant should I buy?

47 views · Home & Garden

How to take care of a watermelon plant?

I have a small water melon plant in my has just 4 or 5 I have to take care of the plant?

201 views · Home & Garden NSFW

What are the directions for making a hybrid plant?

i really want tomake a hybrid between a marigold and something else.

21 views · Home & Garden

Shining the leaves of a rubber tree plant

I have heard that you can use either milk or mayonnaise to shine the leaves of your rubber tree plant. Is this ok?

306 views · Home & Garden

How does a sea sponge differ from a plant?

How does a sea sponge differ from a plant? I read a vegetarian book and it said that they're animals, but I can't see how.

37 views · General Knowledge

Retail theft under $20.00 24 years ago.

Is retail theft considered a felony? And will it show on my record if checked?

37 views · Jobs & Money

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