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What did you last cry over?: I honestly don't remember.
What's the last mistake you made?: Uhh, in art class I painted something the wrong color.
Who was the last person you said I love you to?: Sandi(my mom) because I don't want her to be mad at me ...

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Should I fight for him?


Ok there has been this guy I have had my eye on for awhile. His name is Terry. He is one of my friends and past few months we constantly are flirting about the littlest things. You know what any friends do.
Well I attended a baby shower for a fr...

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How do I deal with this guy?

so hes been my classmate for 4 years but never got close to him as he was like my "ideal" guy, which is too scary on my part if you know what I mean. When im around him, I just get so tense so I stay away from him to avoid looking like idiot but deep i...

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What can we do to save this relationship?

I apologize for this long message, but I am looking for some insight and would appreciate your help.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. We lived in he same city for 5 months and then I had to move away for school. We are ...

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How do I get out of this destructive situation?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now. Back in December up to March we almost had a baby (yes, almost /:). And then just currently I was caught with her camera, it had pictures of both me and her on it. As I understand these are...

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What is wrong with me- am I actually a paedophile?

This is a really serious issue to me and I've been utterly torn up about it. Of the ones who know, my friends, my family, even my school counsellor (I’m 16) refuse to accept that I have an actual issue because they know me and only see the best. Please...

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Finding out who you are

Alright.. I don't think this is in the right category, but I don't know what else it would go under. This is going to be rather lengthy I think, juuust a warning... but if you really want to help give me some peace of mind PLEASE read it.

I know I'm y...

32 views · General Knowledge

I wish I could turn back time.. PLZ I :'( WHILE I Rememed THIS. I RLY Need help!

I had a fight with my best friend/cousin last time she visited from another state. We haven't talked since, which was six months ago. We used to talk every day on the phone and since then we haven't spoken a word or even attempted to get a hold of each...

28 views · Love & Relationships

Will this ever be right?

If I don't get this off my chest I will never be able to sleep again. Though, I don't even know where to begin. I would just call my best friend but I bother her far too much with my troubles as it is. I also made her swear to never say anything negati...

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Is It Best That I Just Give Up the Chase and Just Go Solo?

I've been asking for help from quite a few people for the last few days. I posted this question not too long ago, asking why people thought I was scared and if what I was doing was wrong:

"I'm 22 years old, in college and my relatives have been aski...

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What's wrong with me- am I becoming a paedophile? Please, please help me, I'm so scared.

This is a really serious issue to me and I've been utterly torn up about it. Of the ones who know, my friends, my family, even my school counsellor (I’m 16) refuse to accept that I have an actual issue because they know me and only see the best. Please...

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Rating (1-10) on the beginning of my story?


"Are we there yet?" I know I'm a little old to ask stupid questions, but I feel as if it's my duty. My name's Lizzie Joanson and today I'm moving to a new house. I'm sandwiched in the back seat of the car ...

22 views · Art, Writing & Literature

So was I really molested?

a couple of years.I didn't really have a sexually active mind at nine and ten but when eleven hit!Wow!I started thinking about any kind of sex and by the time of twelve,it got a lot worse.I think the first time I had watched porn was when I was probabl...

75 views · Sex NSFW

Why am I always curious what my boyfriend is doing?please help??!?

Im 14 , and my boyfriend is 19. I know it is a big age difference cause im very young and it is illegal but please do not judge me or make harsh comments. So, I met my boyfriend at a highschool football game. By the way, im in 8th grade, and he is a fr...

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Why doesn't anyone care?

I'm getting pretty fed up with this country and all. I don't like how it's working. I just hate being able to voice my opinion and have it not get listened to. I hate knowing that everyone has the same opinion about how this entire country is messed...

110 views · Politics & Law

Should I quit my study? Kinda long...

Ok so I am studying automotive engineering, just a pretrade course.
It is a very fast intense course, that goes for a year. My goal is to become a motorcycle mechanic, and I NEED the pretrade for it.

There is a problem. Well more than one. The first i...

50 views · Education & School

I just need someone to listen and some advice

first I'm going to say this is long and if you want to help me read it all.
and sorry for the spelling/grammer

First I’m(Braden) 15 about to be 16. In the past 3 ½ months my life has went from great happy go lucky to crap. First I found out my dad...

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May have finally found "the one" but I'm already in a relationship

I have been in a nine year relationship with a man. We are not married, nor do we have children together. I have a 12 year old from a previous relationship. we live together, but thats where the "relationship" ends. there is no romantic love, maybe ...

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How do I approach my mom about this?

I am 16 years birthday is 3/26/93. I am dating a guy who just turned 21 yesterday, on 2/16 (born in 1989). His name is Brian. We have been together for 10 months about (with no official date)...and we have been sexually active for almost as l...

121 views · Sex

A third partner?

My husband and I are both bi and we like the idea of a third partner. We used to flirt with the idea of having another person in the relationship but both of us decided that it's just too risky to actually carry out. What if something happens? Are they...

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