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How long does it take you to get over a guy... even just a kiss?

well back in the summer so yeah like half a year ago I got with a guy.. ok it was like my first time properly making out and he wasnt just any guy he's one of my oldest friends. our families are reallyyy close, like would have been to every birthday pa...

9 views · Love & Relationships

Why do I still like him? Does he still like me?

(One of my famous two-part questions) PART 1: I had the best boyfriend ever,but he dumped me on the last day of my school year for a girl that he was introduced to that day.I was actually in shock for a few seconds.He was one of those people that you w...

43 views · Love & Relationships

How do I endure the next year of my life?

Hello, my name is Dylan and I'm 16 soon to be 17. How do I live with such strict christian parents? I've searched the whole internet and cannot find a single person with parents as strict as mine. To start off with, I seriously wish I even HAD a curfew...

20 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

music survey =)

put your ipod on shuffle.
press forward for each question.
use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING.

how do you feel today ?
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson ft Kayne West &Neyo

whats you...

49 views · Music

What do you think of my 1st full rap song

I was growin up in a small town with nutin to do
Always takin s**t from people, who the f**k are you
We got all these rules see we dont abide by them so whats the point in havin them if we dont stand by them
Start hearin how people dont beleive in ...

35 views · Music

Heartbroiken and confused

I have had a long distance relationship for the past 3 years. He lived in manchester I live in london. I met him on internet dating, he was an asylum seeker and had nothing to his name. I loved him for what he was as a person. I have one daughter who i...

11 views · Love & Relationships

Why do I feel like this!?

Ok this is a little bit of a long story but bear with me.

Two years ago I met a guy at school and we hit it off as friends at
First. He was a senior and I was freshman. We met at the homecoming bon fire
And we found out we had study hall together...

31 views · Love & Relationships

Where can I get counseling

a little while ago I was like really depressed everything was going wrong it just seeemed like nothing would ever get better
especially when I moved from one school to another it seemed like all the teachers hated me and the kids were so mean to me i...

11 views · Parents & Family

How can I stop fantacising about my cousin?

for the apst long while I've non stop faniticed about my cousin and me doing... well you know and im only 13!!! shes 12 but almost 13 were like 7 months apart lol but umm iknow its weird but I dont know what to do I non stop do it I've tried not to the...

74 views · Parents & Family NSFW

which would you rather have/do?

red rose or white?
salt or pepper?
pink or blue?
hamburgers or hot dogs?
music or movies?
comedy or horror?
action or adventure?
summer or winter?
sun or stars?
hott or cute?
walk or run?
funny or romantic?
crunchy or crea...

21 views · General Knowledge

How can I stop suffocating in my family?

I can't take it anymore!! I'm suficating in this family I want to move away or kill them all or something. In this "loving" family I'm a burden, or so everyone says. I'm bad luck, a black sheep, a stick in the mud. I don't belong in this family...

121 views · Parents & Family

Im pregnant and my boyfriend wont work! Help

Well I met my current boyfriend in january and fell in love...of course. he seemed like the perfect man, totally different than my ex-boyfriend who cheated on my with four different girls and got one of them pregnant then ended the relationship by cra...

549 views · Health

Why would my sister in law be so horrible to me?

The most recent thing my sister in law did to me has hurt me beyond repair; she literally went to such extreme efforts to hurt and exclude me that I had no idea how horrible she really is until now and I don't know how to handle it. She has always had...

1678 views · Parents & Family

Why wont he talk to me?

Ok.. I've got a problem. I started dating my boyfriend in 2007. We met through some friends online and its been a long distance (Texas-England) relationship. I broke up with another boyfriend to be with him because I thought we were "meant to be" but n...

40 views · Love & Relationships

Computer virus - it will not be removed, help

I have a virus/trojan/keylogger/whatever on my computer. it is giving me very limited internet access. when I use google, the page takes at least 5 minutes to load (I suspect that the page is being scanned for means to remove the virus by the virus i...

45 views · Computers & Tech

Do I leave him alone and just try to carry on?

Im recently engaged to one of the most amazing men I ever met. But I was in a relationship for 6 years, with my first boyfriend, who broke up with me towards the end for another girl (long situation he was dating both of us at the same time for a few ...

36 views · Love & Relationships

Boss from hell...what can I do..please help

Im in a situation that I dont really know what to do with. I feel like Im stuck in it really because I need the money and the insurance..and the economy sucks right now, so it isn't that easy to just find a new job.
What is basically happening is, I ...

17 views · Jobs & Money

My ex wife is driving me!

I have been divorced for 1 year now. I'm a single father of a two year old boy and my ex-wife has expressed to me on more than one occassion that she would like to get back together. When my ex wife became pregnant, her dad was very unsupportive. We st...

253 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think about my story? (advice please)

Hey what ya think about my story It is placed in ancaine greece. Here it is:)

In the trochen hourse Oddyseus could hear movment from outside. He worrys of being found. I know it is going to take a lot of hardiness to conquer Troy thinks Oddyseus. We...

40 views · Art, Writing & Literature

My LONG survey

What’s your name?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
How are you today?
1. Color?
2. Singer/band?
3. Fruit?
4. Hour in the day?
5. Song?
6. Site?
7. Name?
8. Place in the world?
9. Car?
10. Number
11. Book?
Are yo...

43 views · General Knowledge

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