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Help me please on my french!

I need help on my french how what does this say?

Tu aimes mieux les sports d'equipe ou les sports individuals?

Please help me

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Should I stay or should I go?

My boyfriend cheated on me for retaliation, when he assumed that I cheated on him. He found out I didnt cheat but its too late,she's pregnant. Do you think we should go to counseling or do you think that option is out the window?

12 views · Love & Relationships

Can someone get your personal email?

I recently posted a picture on my site and I started to receive emails from individuals. I dont know if they got it from this site or not, but is it possible??

14 views · Computers & Tech

Who out there has a PsyD?

I would like a doctrine in clinical psychology. I want to do the clinical work and counseling and still have a doctrine which is why I chose PsyD. Is there anyone that has one that can give me any advice.

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Being made fun of because of my punk rock style, what to do?

what do I do if all the people at school think I am emo and gothic and im not. im being made fun of because of my punk rock style. I am an individual and I feel like I have to be like them and dress like them to fit in. what do I do?

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What should I wear for my Gandhi performance?

I am competing in National History Day and I am doing an individual performance, but Im not sure what to wear, since I am competing as Mahatma Gandhi himself. (peace bringer India)

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Who should I tell?

My friend is cutting and I dont know who I should tell.
She is not cutting bad, at all.
But should I have a teacher who she trusts and looks up to talk to her and have her handle it from there? or should I go straight to the guidance counselers?

14 views · Health

Who has heard of U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker and his ruling on Prop 8?

What do you think about the ruling? What exactly does this mean for GLBT individuals?

18 views · Politics & Law

Check all the songs on my itunes

I want to add my itunes songs to my ipod but I dont want to click on them all individually is there a way I can just check them all

it would save a lot of time


47 views · Music

A user appalled at suicide advice

hey, im not being abusive in any way, but I am apalled that you let some individuals give advice to others on how to commit suicide. do you realy think giving ways on how to kill your self is ''fun advice''?

a litle positive sympathy and listening can...

69 views · FunAdvice Community

How many Calories are in these fruits?

How many Calories is in an Apple, orange, and Banana?
Not altogether but individually.
I'd like to only eat a banana for Breakfast...
Salad for Lunch..
And an orange for dinner.

57 views · Nutrition & Fitness


Can an individual in the state of Ohio who has been convicted of a one time felony obtain a licence and work in a funeral home? Serious answers please.

39 views · Jobs & Money

When your doing sex does the guy notice your hymen has broken?

During breaking your virginity doesthe guy notice that your hymen has broken? Notice the blood? Is it a lot of blood? Does the blood stain the sheets if your on a bed? Answer each question individually please!!

285 views · Sex NSFW

What am I suppose to do NOW!

Ok, one of my counselors(college#1) contacted me on the courses that I need, she said if I go to the college she counsels in then she can help get me ready for my courses in Spring, but I wont be able to go for Fall semester there. Though my counselor ...

29 views · Education & School

Applications Sync Question

I have all of the latest software and I have the manuel sync button checked but for some reason I am not allowed to drag the new apps I want to my ipod nor can I sync individual, any ideas what I can do?

10 views · Computers & Tech

How many times a day should you feed a small amount to a small dog?

I have this dog food, that comes in 12 small individual packets. I have been feeding my small dog (under 10lbs.) half a packet in the morning, and half a pack at night. Is that enough?

23 views · Pets & Animals

Health Science related topic?

For a final project in my Health Science class, we are allowed to chose absolutely any topic related to health that interests us, and make a final project out of it however we want. I was wanting to make a video (it is an individual project) but I have...

18 views · Health

whats goin on with Msn ?

i have windows live messenger, and i could always do individual cam to someone and video, now it will only let me do a video call, it there a way i can do it sepreatly again ?!?! HELP ME PLEASE :) x

10 views · Computers & Tech

why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get ove

ok why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get over? I havent cut in 5 months. im addicted but I dont do it so why do people keep telling me I need counseling

22 views · Health

Just depressed

I'm feeling so overwhelemed and depressed right now...I know this isn't a counseling center, but what do you do when you're feeling so low all you want to do is cry?

So much is going wrong in my life now and I feel like screaming...

29 views · Love & Relationships

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