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Does this mean i'm traumatized?

My parents always argue... to the point that cops have to be involve.. it's happened now twice and for the last 2 months I have a child services social worker to check up on me... ever since the 2nd incident that my dad has been arrested i've been stay...

21 views · Health

Is he just being friendly?

Ok...I will try to make this short...bear with me. This guy has been a regular customer at my work and I do like the attention I am receiving so I mgiht be reading more than I should into this. The first time he actually talked with me he asked me wh...

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this is a bit long but please hep me !!!so like I 've liked this guy and I don't know if he likes me or not but he does look or stare or glance at me a lot, he always tries to get my attention and he seems often to be around the places that I m at. eve...

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Why does my boyfriend's mother hate me? it is. My boyfriend's mother hates me! She is the most obnoxious cry baby of a mother you will ever meet! I have tried so hard to get her to like me. I have now just given up.

Here's the story...
My boyfriend and I have been dating for abo...

125 views · Parents & Family

How to persuade my dad?

Well... you see I have a three year old, male bunny rabbit at the moment, he is healthy, I am very responsible, I clean him out, play with him, always make sure he is cared for, and he is happy... BUT... I really feel like he is missing out...]


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Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes
by Fotie Photenhauer

Read Reviews Share This Report this item Preview This Book View Back Cover Copyright: © 2008 Standa...

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How can I get a truck-driving job with a felony?

I suffered a nervous breakdown and didn't get it documented in time for court. I got probation, community service and a felony larceny. I am going to try to go back and appeal. The other parties involved had trumped up charges that weren't true to hurt...

357 views · Jobs & Money


Hi. While most wouldn't consider my situation abusive, I feel abused. My husband squanders our money & spends it on God-knows-what while I need doctor's appointments, prescriptions, & co-pays for treatment of anxiety & depression. He was awarded a $...

10 views · Love & Relationships

Does this boy like me

I only ever see him at my local starbucks

Also he seems quite a confident guy around his other workmates/friends that come in. But sometimes seems a bit shy/different when i'm around.

He does stare quite a lot for about 40secs at a time, should...

23 views · Love & Relationships

How do I become more motivated?

I know this is long, but please read. I need help. Ive always been the stupid one in my family. The only two years I've made good grades were when I left private school and went to public school for my 7th and 8th grade years. And still, my parents wer...

39 views · Education & School

Should I tell my over religious parents that I'm Wiccan?

Okay this is dumb I know..well not really but anyways.

My parents have sent me to church since I was 2 and I was always such a good little choir girl until about 13.

I discovered wicca and I decided to make it my religion of choice.being of an ir...

44 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Lost in Incorporation

Hi. I am opening a small business (service). I heard that incorporating as type S corporation is the best tax move. I went to Legalzoom, got horrified by final prices ($800!). Then went to cheaper sites, still too expensive. Got slammed by telemarketin...

16 views · Jobs & Money

Why is the "Sitemap" of Funadvice unlike ANY other Sitemap I've ever seen? How can they submit it to Google as .xml?

Just curious. I have a didactic way of learning, which means I teach myself almost everything I can. (Even if I stay up 3 or 4 nights straight learning a topic; for example last week I was up for 72 hours and taught myself Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)...

22 views · Sex

What's going on here?

A and B have known each other for a long time (5-10 years). Person A has never really changed...always had the same personality, etc. A's always seemed to view Person B as the same person too. Person A is a free thinker who hasn't cared what others hav...

14 views · Love & Relationships

How do you feel about this poem?

It's called "Why A Scientist Makes a Better Lover Than A Poet."

Don't go at my love willy-nilly
That isn't the way
Have a plan
To breach the beaches of my orgasm
There must be a full on attack
Technology more advanced than a pen is required


29 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Who knows how to catch a ghost?

Well,lately I have been seeing ghosts.I was going for a walk the other day in the dark(I love the dark)and me and my friend were gonna meet at the end of the street.when I got to the end of the street,I saw a person like figure that looked like

104 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How do I deal with my pathetic attempt of a mother?

So I am 15, turning 16 in 2 months, and I don't know what to do about my pathetic attempt of a mother. Ever since her and my dad got divorced when I was 5, my life has been a living hell. She has had to worst boyfriends, all who have hit her by the way...

94 views · Parents & Family

What if my partner thinks they make enough effort but dont?

Hi people. Basicly my girlfriend feels that she makes effort for me, but I dont feel she does. I no people should not compare, but when I compare what I do for her in comparison for what she does for me, its 95% effort from me. I dont mind making more ...

50 views · Love & Relationships

Government fraud/or just plain waste!

I am a convicted felon! That said let me paint a picture for you. I had a job a short time back working for a company that sub-contracted their services to the railroad and I was required to submit to a background check, supossedly to allow me to wor...

20 views · Politics & Law

Not so happy with my married life

I am 29 and my husband is 30. We have been married for 4 years but things changed recently. I used to be an out going person and love to be sorrounded with friends and family but my husband is the complete opposite of me and in fact he has gotten worst...

32 views · Sex

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