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Job interview questions help

Please help me answer these qquestions. I'm going to an interview for persoanl banker and need a little help.
1- why did you apply with our company? or what drawn you to our comapny?

why do you want to be a personal banker?

why should we hire you?


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What do you think of Saudi Arabia's oppression of Women?

Lily lives in Saudi Arabia and we have been talking about life in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia women are segregated from males. Women have to use different entrances to restaurants. Also women must always have a male guardian that will decide what is ...

36 views · Politics & Law

Computers are greek to me-HELP!!!

I have a Dell with windows XP Pro service pack three,Pentium 4cpu,1.70GHz
1.69 GHz 256 MGB Ram and a little window keeps coming up that says
I'm low on virtual memory-What is it and how do I get rid of it it is a pain in the butt,
The computer runs slo...

44 views · Computers & Tech

I was banned from hot topic!

I was in my local hot topic store today with my friends shiloh, michelle, and brendon. We had been in and out of there a few times and brendon went in by himself and they said "we have the right to deny service to select members of the community and if...

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ATT cell phone problems

I have Cingular/ATT and I have a Nokia 6555b phone
I have a couple problems
1) it will turn off randomly and then take forever to bring my storage memory up
and 2) it wont send a message over one page it says "Sending Failed" but short messages sen...

40 views · Computers & Tech

What is your favorite place to eat buffet?

Do you have a favorite buffet restaurant? My boyfriend loves, not so much. The reason? I had gastric bypass on March 31, 2009. Right now, I can eat about 4 to 6 ounces of food at a time (a little more than the palm of my hand). So, buffets ar...

48 views · Food & Dining

How can I get over my fear of thunder and lightning?

I need some advice...I don't know if it's just me...but I am terrified of lightning and whole body just becomes paralyze and I keep closing my eyes and covering my ears.If for some reason I don't I twitch so bad you'd think I had a nervous...

71 views · General Knowledge

Why can't I install Linux on my PowerBook G4 Onyx 550?

Basically, I have tried every type of installation for ubuntu, and it hasn't worked! either I burn a disc, and it wont boot; or I use the gui live installer and that doesn't work either :( All i get is a black screen boot! I've even tried slackintosh.

26 views · Computers & Tech

Can you figure this out?

Solve this Mystery:

You go out on a date with a guy that you met through some friends at a bonfire a couple weeks back. He takes you out to a restaurant that you're both familiar with and both really enjoy.

Afterward you both decide that you're n...

8 views · Love & Relationships

whats going on with this job interview and bosses?

Kaay, so i applied for a Customer Service Job at Pizza Nova, the first time i dropped off my resume, me and the manager there sat down and talked about when i can work, and from what times etc .. and he looked over my resume right at the moment .. then...

25 views · Jobs & Money

How much can I get for this bike?

I have a 1991 dyna guile sturgis. I have replaced almost everything on the bike the only oridginal equip. Is frame ,trans,triple clamps,,rims. Every thing else has been upgrades ex. Performance machine brakes, works performance shocks, hydro. Clutch I...

11 views · General Knowledge

It's hard to find a friend in college

Ever since I have started college I have been alone most of the times, whether it is walking to classes or eating alone. People here(in Virginia) are somewhat like clones because they all dress the same in their ambercrombie, coach, aeropostale clothin...

52 views · Education & School

Do you think the friend was lying?

Marie (who is skinny) works in a customer service capacity. Yvette (a customer) was sitting on a chair and Marie went over to see what Yvette needed. Yvette was sitting and Marie was standing. Yvette was wearing glasses.

Yvette: “Marie did you gai...

29 views · General Knowledge

Is it wierd to be sixteen and still getting an allowance, rather than just getting a job?

i had jobs at 1 point but they were all really gross, and i moved alot and my mom doesnt like me doing those jobs because they are gross. so i was gonna wait till im 18 so i can get a better job instead of fast food restaurants and i want to be a pierc...

30 views · Jobs & Money

my parent are getting a divorce.

my parents got in a fight over nothing. my mom is like "why are we even married" shes just being a b1tch and over reacting. my mom left for the day. she didnt have her cell so I didnt know where she was. I made reservations for my fav restaurant for my...

34 views · Parents & Family

How can I meet people in real life?

I'm an adult who has a very difficult time meeting people in "real life," not because of shyness per se but it's just where I show more of who I truly am in addition to the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere and I spend my non working hours onli...

32 views · Love & Relationships

New at 7-11, sign that says that credit card fraud is a felony?

The local 7-11 near my house now has a sign printed in black & white that reads, "credit card fraud is a felony"...let me get this straight: the politicians of our country decided that if somebody commits a crime that hurts *nobody* they should be impr...

81 views · Politics & Law

How do I locate my adopted brother?

well, my mom had a son when she was young and gave him up for adoption. and then she had me a year later and kept me. I've wanted to meet him or @ least talk to him over email for a long time but I don't know how to get a hold of him.
my mom and his ad...

43 views · Parents & Family


ok so 2 years ago I meet this guy...we were friends nothing more...and I only talked to him when he came in the restaurant that I worked at and I would always wait on him..anyway..I was with my sons father and he had a girl...he moved away never saw hi...

35 views · Love & Relationships

Webcam Won't Install?

The other day I bought the Gigaware Webcam w/ Mic (model 25-157) from RadioShack.
I put in the driver CD to see if it would load, and followed the instructions for Windows Vista. I couldn't get anything started, but then I could get the installation sc...

84 views · Computers & Tech

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