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What can't I Be with My boyfriend.

Elaborated Other Question ;

Keith isn't abusive, he Just has trust issues.
So I don't go out, or leave the house, only to school and work.
But I'm sixteen, I shouldnt be going out and partying anyway !
- though, I'm allowed.

Keith is really s...

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How can I get over him when I still love him?

I've been going 0ut wit this guy f0r 8 m0nths he broke up with me on monday. when ihe asked me out it was the happiest day of my life I never felt this way bef0re I was so happy and I will never f0rget that day he asked meh 0ut in out f0od prep class w...

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My so called real dad and his family

Right now I feel mad and disappointed. My mom called my grandparents on my dad's side on May 15 to see if my dad was out of jail. By the way they never call themselves it's always my mom doing the calling and she talks to my "grandma" and ask stuff abo...

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Why does this other man confuse me so much?

im married mother of 4 ,ive never ever took an interest nor looked at another man in 19 years that ive nown and been with my spouse but something happen this summer i developed feelings 4 another man nothing has happened just on and off talking flirtin...

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Should I stop talking to both of them?

okay this is a long story ill try to make it s short as possible..
okay so like this guy named jose in 10th grade i liked alot but im in 8th grade me and him wouldtalk alot on and offf like we would talkk for like 2 wekk straight then stop for about a ...

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how do I reason with smothering parents?

hey everyone..I am 17 years old and I have been dealing with a huge problem since I entered the tough world of puberty! I unfortunately have parents that I can not communicate with because of their lack of understanding people that are still young.. I ...

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Help With My Current Parent Situation!!!

I need some advice with my current parent situation. I am 15, turning 16 this june. my mom was married first to my real father, then they dicorced. well, then she got the bright idea to marry the man I hate.(yes,HATE) he is always mean to me. and he is...

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How can my dad dare try and be a father figure to me?

Since I was born, I never saw my dad without a drink in his hand, I don't even remember him ever sober and this is pure honesty. He's an embarrassment, I've never hated someone it's not right to live with regret. Either way just after my 14th birthday ...

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I hate my Stepdad, What now?

Hope the length of this won't scare any potential commentators away. lol.
I'll try to keep it to a reasonable length]

I've had my stepdad since I was 8.
I was basically taken away by my dad and that left me scarred and after meeting my Caucasian stepf...

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Open Surgical Liver Biopsy!

This is long, but if you have the time and you can help, Please Read and Answer! Does anyone here, have any experience with or know anything about, "OPEN SURGICAL LIVER BIOPSIES"? I have 2 Chihuahuas who have Liver Disease. They are 1 1/2 years old. Th...

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What is on your bed right now? Blankets

When was the last time you threw up? Uhh.. Month ago I don't know I 4got

What's your favorite word or phrase? " f*** off " haha

Name 3 people who made you smile today? Anthony mariah and sylecia

What were you...

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what do you think of these poems?

I see no reason why you fear me,
to hurt you would destroy me.
I see not why you avoid me,
for only when your with me do we ever see your smile.
its as though you understand me
but also seems confused by me.
your beauty is entrancing, like a rose among...

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he took my virginity and broke my heart..

I've been with this guy adrian for a few months. when we first started going out, , we were inseperable, we were always so happy and flirting with eachother, people would say how cute of a couple we aree. I really liked him. to starrt off, I never let ...

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Horrible Stepmum

right now im just feeling really down.
everythings a mess and I can't imagine things getting much better anytime soon.
my family is just so messed up.
I have a horrible horrible step mum. I just ignore her. I am not allowed to make eye contact with ...

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Seperated from husband, in love with another. Completely confused.

I am not sure where to start, and I will try and spare lengthy rambles.

I recently in December officially separated from my husband. I separated from him because he works a crazy shift...7 days in a row rotating from 1rst to 2nd then 3rd and so on....

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How can they be so cruel?

My old puppy "Macy" (my name is Chelsea) got sick from the disease Parvovirus. Some of you may know of it some may not. But anyways, she was about 8 weeks when we go her. She got sick toward the end of July, with bloody diarhea and she was puking. (Abo...

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child abuse! help me

I've had enough of all this crap. so I just found out my girlfriend who was sent to live with their aunt and uncle is being abused. they say im bad and I some freak. they judge me by my looks and call me a drop out drug dealer cause my hair and I dont ...

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What do you think about my version of a classic fairytale?

ok, firstly, an explanation. I was told to re-write a famous morality tale, a fairy tale with moral. I chose "the boy who cried wolf". so here it is:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Once upon a time, in the days of yore, a small child laid, his mind, at ...

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What to do with a liar?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years. In the beggining I found out he was cheating with another girl for 3 months straight while seeing me at the same time, basically leading a double life. I broke it off, until about two weeks later he...

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How can my dead best friend contact me?

About two months ago my best friend brad committed suiside. He was only 14 I knew him for 7 years, half his life. We were real close. More then most people knew. Im 16 and he was always like my little brother. We did everything together. He told me eve...

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