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Lake & pond construction & maintenance

How would you all design your own house, if money and construction were not obstacles?

Use your imagination! I bet we could see some real creative ideas here.

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How did arsenic get into Lake Mono?

Also, how does arsenic affect cellular respriation? if you find it online can you tell me the website you found it on please

14 views · Environmental Issues

Routine Maintenance

Is it true that every morning at exactly 3:00am to 3:25am that FunAdvice goes under routine maintenance,I notice cause that's the only time the site really goes slow.

14 views · FunAdvice Community

When do you think the Al Buj will start construction?

When do you think the Al Buj will start construction?
They were supposed to start in 2007?
They keep degrading their building from 1600 meters to 1200 meters to 1050 meters to 800 meters to 700 meters.
What's up with that?
How about that 1001 meter bui...

21 views · Computers & Tech

Can I swim in a lake after gettin my belly button pierced

I want to get my belly button pierced & I work at a summer camp and I love swimming in the lake ..but I was told I wouldnt be able too because of the this true??

542 views · Health NSFW

Do face washes(face washes particularly of the brands- Everyouth, Pond's, Olay etc.) really keep their promises?

Does using a face wash really give the result written backside of the tube??

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Goldfish disappearing from outdoor pond

Recently, we have had goldfish disappearing from our outdoor pond. we have had the fish for years, and all of the sudden they started disappearing- no remnants of fish bodies or anything! we think something must be eating them! suggestions to keep t...

355 views · Pets & Animals

What is the best bait for trout in ponds?

What is the best bait to fish for trout in a little pond where I have never gotten a nibble ,but I've went there like five times? Does anyone know any other bait or lure that works well?

47 views · Sports & Activities

Should I contact Salt Lake about my patriarchal blessing?

Since I'm LDS, should I contact Salt Lake about my patriarchal blessing?
I had my patriarchal blessing back in may and I haven't received the copy. Does it really take this long?
Anyway, if you're LDS, maybe you could answer this.

11 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Southren lakes anthology for school

In school we have to do somedumb anthology thing and either write a poem, an illistation, short short story, or a cartoon, bout a topic. This years topic is tomorrow so we have to do something bout the future. Any ideas of what I can do???

7 views · Education & School

What does this mean: "Our ticketing system is currently unavailable due to routine maintenance. Please check back at a later time."?

I went to go and see if some tickets were available it took me through the process so I guess tickets are still available but why did it say this?

43 views · Computers & Tech

When did they stop using square nails in home construction?

I also want to know if there is a website where you can find out the history of a certain house? Kind of like "carfax" except for houses lol. Maybe I will ask this in a seperate question.

198 views · Home & Garden

High Maintenance Girls!!

Well as im sure you'll all notice thers lots of girls out there who take lots of pictures of themselves many being nearly identical so I believe pointless. There's many also taking pictures of themselves in bras and knickers... What's your ideas on thi...

41 views · Beauty & Style

Good idea to get a kid sized pool and make a pond?

I seen on animal planet that you can go buy a big kid sized pool and put tons of plants around it to look like a pond.I want to try it with turtles.Think it's a good idea?

10 views · Home & Garden

Finger wave maintenance

I got a finger wave done last Friday and It still looks great but I'd like to know how long it should last (typpically) and what I can do to maintain it for a longer period of time/keep it fresh. (Note: my hair is relaxed and short). ...R

188 views · Beauty & Style

How to construct a series parallel circuit using Visual Basic programming language given the total resistance?

Can somebody please help me with my school project? Our teacher ask us to make a code that will construct a series parallel circuit when the total resistance is already given. Specifically, Visual Basic is chosen but any other programming languages wil...

9 views · Computers & Tech

How do I properly calculate maintenance calories for a day?

Yes I do realize that regardless, it is just a guideline and not 100% accurate. However, I have gone to several sites, and followed calculations and some places I get around 1300, and then other places I get around 1500 per day.

Where can I find a ...

29 views · Nutrition & Fitness

"The Lake House" Movie

So me and my boyfriend watched it together about 3 day's ago, it's a wonderful movie! I really enjoyed it (: I just dont understand how they live 2 year's apart and are writing back in forth thru letters, is the mailbox like a time portle or something!...

8 views · Entertainment

Maintenance job pinellas park fl or close

Any good maintenance jobs that pay $25 or over in pinellas park fl or close. For may dad? Or even a jobs dealing with fords but it has to be 25 dollars an hour or above. Please help because I live in ct and I have lots of friends in fl and I realy wan...

15 views · Jobs & Money

Good low maintenence dog?

I just purchased a home and both my kids (10 and 4 years. old) are desperate for a pet. I love animals but I don't know if I am ready for one. I just put in hardwood floors and I hate to say it but I don't want a dog to scratch them all up as superfici...

41 views · Pets & Animals

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