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which school of thought is appropriate and why


Microsoft is an American multinational software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. All over the world the companies and individuals use wide variety of it...

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Can I get unemployment benefits if I got laid off after a month?

In August, I got a job at BK only to get laid off shortly after.

I got this job from BK through an employment agency and BK told the employment agency that they were laying off workers bc they're suffering financially. BK also said that I'm one of ...

72 views · Jobs & Money

Will Joe the Plumber get more dollars or votes?

Since Joe the Plumber is the central theme of all TV news programs today, where do you think things will go from here for him?

A) Joe will receive enough write-in votes to be elected President of the US. America's plumbers' unions rejoice at havi...

41 views · Politics & Law

My 3 year old pitbull just bit my new puppy

I have a pitbull male jaden which is now 3 years old. I have had him since birth. He is completely spoiled and has always been a perfect dog. I just recently adopted a beagle mix male puppy from the animal services. I have had him for 6 days and eveyth...

187 views · Pets & Animals

How can I become satisfied with my married life?

I started dating my husband in highschool and we've been married for 10 yrs. I never had a boyfriend before him, and I was his first. We have young children.

He is a good husband. He takes care of me and the kids. He is a really hands on dad and spen...

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Should I quit my job at McDonalds?

I have been working at McDonalds for 5 months now, and I am facing the difficult decision as to whether or not I should quit.
There are numerous reasons for and against. One is that a number of my managers constantly speak negatively to my coworker...

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17 with one supporting parent moving out in Cali?

Would you move out?

I am 17 and graduating this year. Both my parents have been physically and mentally abusive to me & lil bro and CPS (child protective services) had to get involved. I have a huge health issue and hopefully by fall when I start scho...

5 views · Parents & Family

How does this personification sounds?

Please be honest if I need to make corrections.

Memories of a Cell Phone

I’m never alone but I also don’t have a home,
Everybody owns me, many says I’m extremely attractive,
I come in all different shapes and colors;
Being on magazines and televis...

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FIDO Blackberry Pearl 8100

Hello, I have been using my really crappy Motorola RAZR V3 for the past year - 2 years! I have like less than a year left on my contract with Fido and I just read that Fido just came out with the BB Pearl 8100.

I know the 8100 is an older model, but...

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Is President Bush NOT interested in reducing need for abortion?

If President Bush were truly interested in protecting women's health and reducing the need for abortion, he would work to prevent unintended pregnancy. But his policies do exactly the opposite. The following list provides some of the ways President Bus...

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Are cellphones ruining society?

You know things are going down hill when not only advertising agencies think the following commercials will help sell cell phones, but also when we, as the target, soak it up without a second thought:

Example 1) Alltel commercials:
These should j...

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My survey, 30 random Q.s


2.)Fav ice cream flavor?

3.)Do you have a nickname?


5.) Fav Dairy product?

6.)Fav Season?

7.)Ever have a high texting bill?

8.)Fav soda?

9.) How old where you when you had your first kiss?


52 views · General Knowledge

What are the laws for moving out 4 months before graduation?

I live in pennsylvania, and my boyfriend (christopher) has gone to cys (children and youth services) and the police about his parents abuse. His dad has hit him and has admited to the police and cys that he has hit chris. They sent chris to live with h...

29 views · Parents & Family

Which one would you read?

Hello. I am current working on seven stories and I need your help to decide which one I should finish first. These are their brief outlines.

Tattoo- Daughter of tattoo artists, Georgia Bideng thought her life was great. However, others don’t think s...

26 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Does this mean i'm traumatized?

My parents always argue... to the point that cops have to be involve.. it's happened now twice and for the last 2 months I have a child services social worker to check up on me... ever since the 2nd incident that my dad has been arrested i've been stay...

21 views · Health


this is a bit long but please hep me !!!so like I 've liked this guy and I don't know if he likes me or not but he does look or stare or glance at me a lot, he always tries to get my attention and he seems often to be around the places that I m at. eve...

62 views · Love & Relationships

How can I get a truck-driving job with a felony?

I suffered a nervous breakdown and didn't get it documented in time for court. I got probation, community service and a felony larceny. I am going to try to go back and appeal. The other parties involved had trumped up charges that weren't true to hurt...

357 views · Jobs & Money

Does this boy like me

I only ever see him at my local starbucks

Also he seems quite a confident guy around his other workmates/friends that come in. But sometimes seems a bit shy/different when i'm around.

He does stare quite a lot for about 40secs at a time, should...

23 views · Love & Relationships

Should I tell my over religious parents that I'm Wiccan?

Okay this is dumb I know..well not really but anyways.

My parents have sent me to church since I was 2 and I was always such a good little choir girl until about 13.

I discovered wicca and I decided to make it my religion of choice.being of an ir...

44 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How do I become more motivated?

I know this is long, but please read. I need help. Ive always been the stupid one in my family. The only two years I've made good grades were when I left private school and went to public school for my 7th and 8th grade years. And still, my parents wer...

39 views · Education & School

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