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How do I get her off WoW?

I was close friends with a girl. We both played the same MMO Ragnarok Online, and we were playing that together, on the same private server, until around 2-3 months ago.

Then I started going all lovey-dovey over her, and started making her feel unco...

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Why or why not? Is this an alright poem?

Gypsy Lady

Your fortune- She’ll predict
Wickedness- Her eyes depict
Tarot cards- Spread out in view
What lies ahead- Will be revealed to you

Gaze into the ball of crystal
To you- You future it’ll show
Mind burning hot, like a fired pistol...

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Can Creationists be "real" scientists?

Some evolutionists have stated that those who believe in creation cannot be real scientists. Any use of science to support the biblical view of creation they call “pseudoscience.” But what is the truth?

Are there scientists who believe in creation ...

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What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?

I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to f...

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Hals Garage

Dear Oprah! Watch yr show everday! I LOVE it! My favorites are with Dr. Oz! And, yr just recent show with the most Talented kids! ( Chariss! which I think is AMAZING! ) What she has done for her Mom, etc..! This is my situation.. I have been employed b...

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Is weed worse than alcohol??

Is weed worse than alcohol? Now I havent drank much but when I have there has always been some sort of a physical altercation, but I've been high countless times and not once has there been a fight. Also if you say "oh weed is really addictive!" You c...

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Did the war in Iraq expose EU division?

France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, along with several other European nations, staunchly opposed the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, the Baltic nations, and others supported it. If the European Union's key mem...

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Why Do Christians...

Why do Christians use quotes from the bible to argue a point with a person who is not? They act as if we have no clue about the bible. Why do they threaten us with hell & damnation? We already know about that part & choose not to believe it, people con...

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Figurative language

Is there any figurative language in this poem? If so where and how is it figurative language?

Gary soto - "oranges"

The first time I walked
With a girl, I was twelve,
Cold, and weighted down
With two oranges in my jacket.
December. Frost cracking

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Why hasn't there been another 9/11 attack?

Every time I pick up the paper (yes, I still read things written by moveable, printed type) I read some story about how vulnerable this country is to another terrorist attack. It seems like any terrorist group with some money, expertise, and desire co...

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Should I wait for him to leave her for good?

At my son's baseball tryouts, I met a good friend. He was there with his son. We found that we also worked at the same plant. He was married and we were all friends. October of 2006, he informed me that she had been cheating on him for quite some t...

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Ok to read even if you are not a mom

Mom are you getting something for m.o.m.'s day? well this is something someone sent me I think it's cute, would like to share. (I could've written my own cause I also like to write but this person hit it right on the dot, I would only add "before I wa...

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Looking For Literate people (Part II)

I told someone I would re-post this poem when I was completely done with it, so, here it is. Please do not take my work, it is Copy Write Protected.

Ever sounding chords of green,
Haunting my days,
Plaguing my dreams,
Calls to me like succubay.

21 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Please help me,im seriously damaged

its not a proud thing to do.or say and im not lapping this up or trying to be bigheaded of saying this.but I know you cant help me advise me the correct ways but your thoughts would count.
I went to the doctor a month ago to see if had bipolar [ im onl...

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Controlling future mother in-law

So my fiance's mom is rude. She came to stay for a few days while I was gone and left my fiance a note on the kitchen counter that said," you can't love a girl like that...she will never help you do anything and you know it". She also left me a note on...

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Are my fish going to die??? Please Help!!!

Hello. I just started a fish aquarium hobby and I have had it set up and running about 1 month. In the tank is 4 rasboras, 3 neons, 7 glofish, 1 betta, 2 dwarf gourami, and 2 rosy reds. I have a 46 gallon aquarium. I know next to nothing about keeping ...

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Looking for literate people 1_~(HELP!)

Normally I don't do this.
This is something I've been working on for a few months now, off & on of coarse(I've a few other ones I've been working on). Can't seem to get it the way I want it. It seems like a few things are missing & a few things need t...

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Why is my Betta fish suddenly so different/sick? What can I do?

I'll start from the beginning.
I bought a bluish purple betta fish on monday. He was slightly thin and uncolorful, but so were all the others. I bought one who looked healthy, no scum, good swimming, good scales, etc.
Tuesday, he just looked better a...

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What can I do about my in laws...They are ruining my marriage?

My mother in law calls at the buttcrack of dawn, just so I wake up, because I am up till 2 am. Have been for 45 years. It's not changing now. She says bad things about me to my husband, who she's constantly calling over to "fix things" around the ho...

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What should I do about my brother's constant mental abuse?

Recently I asked a question about my brother's unemployed situation. For those who did not read it I will sum it up, My mom left me and my brother about a month ago or so, he and I did not have a job but I found one in retail i am (18) btw and I paid f...

23 views · Parents & Family

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