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What brand of fabric glue is best?

Im making my on costume for halloween because i cant find one that i want. I'm making a poison ivy costume (from the comic book) with a skin colored leotard and fake plant leaves. But should i use fabric glue? im afraid if i glue them on then put on th...

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80 foot pine tees roots

I have 11 80 foot tall pine trees and the roots are out of control. They are all over this yard making it impossible to cut grass. Can I fill in the yard with 12" topsoil and re plant grass? Some roots are 4-5" in diamiter and completely on top of the ...

54 views · Home & Garden

I am ready to kill this cat

I have a blue russian cat that is about 13 months old. my question is how to stop this cat from chewing up my bedding, destroying anything that belongs to me. he digs in my plants and throws the dirt out on the floor, he dumps his water bowl and food...

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Does Canada need to be more proactive in dealing with the Giant Hogweed infestation?

Giant Hogweed is a plant native to Central Asia and can grow to be 5 meters in height. Coming into contact with the sap can cause blistering and blindness. Now the fast-spreading weed has somehow managed to make it's way onto Canadian soil, and the gov...

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New song!

This one is about rabbits. I made it myself. Not as good as the pony song, but pretty cool

Rabbits rabbits rabbits
Rabbits rabbits rabbits
Rabbits in the garden,
Stealing all the plants
Rabbits in the cellar,
Talking to the ants

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Is this lawsuit justified ?

In the news today: "If you're on a construction site, and there is a large steel I-beam heading for your head, you'd probably want your co-workers to warn you about English! But yet again, this type of policy is causing an uproar, this time in...

21 views · Politics & Law

How to fix the fact that I lied about my age?

Okay so, I'm 16 years old..I have friends from all age groups..Some are 15, some 15, 17, 18, until 24..My bestfriend is 20 years old..I kinda lied about my age and said I was 17..First time I did it I did for something that had to do with school, and t...

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Hammer of the Gods

Here's an excerpt from a book called: Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga:::

When Robert Plant awoke from his afternoon nap in Detroit, he stank so badly he was dispatched to buy some shampoo and deodorant for himself. As he stepped out of the...

61 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What type of organizations can benefit from CRM?

The attraction of people towards CRM software is increasing day by day. With the availability of right Customer Relationship Management software, numerous organisations are getting the benefits offered by it. It includes little and medium-sized organiz...

52 views · Jobs & Money

Mexican pachira Fortune Tree - Dead or Alive?

I have a Fortune tree which was doing fabulously until I went away for a month. The plant was kept inside with minimal heating and temperatures below freezing on some days. When I got back all the leaves on top had died but there were new, green leaves...

79 views · Home & Garden

what are you guys doing on this holiday?

Incase you don't know(any bible thumpers who wondered on to this question) Samhain is the original name for Halloween, not All Hallows Eve & Not All saints Day.
In ancient times(& still carried over till today in some cases) the barriers between t...

22 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How do I get contacts overseas to make something for me?

I need to gain contacts overseas to have some candy confections made for me. I am thinking on selling "Sweet Jesus" candy (a gummy Jesus on a small gummy cross). It would be mostly a t-shirt sales retail online site with a limited amount of candy mad...

18 views · Jobs & Money

want to moveto canada dont get the skilled workers

Okay.. So Sometime in My Life.. Maybe when im about 23, I want to move to canada.. I've Decided im 16 now, and im going to Study, Retaill Assient manager - because its what I want I want to do that for 2 YEARS> but I also want to move to canada when im...

30 views · Travel

Does anyone have any good recipes to prepare artichokes?

This needs to be easy and no funny ingredients please. I had my first artichoke tonight and we already have the plant at my boyfriends house, so hopefully we'll be eating one or two again and I enjoyed it, but we were wondering if we could find some co...

27 views · Food & Dining

Does anyone recognice this flower/bush/tree/shrub?

The sample in the enclosed photo was taken from a large spreading bush/shrub approx 20 foot high and about 12 foot across.

It was recently covered with masses of small white flowers that have a mildly honey-sweet sort of perfume which are very attra...

50 views · Home & Garden

AP Biology Summer work

For my ap bio class I need to read one of the following books and do summaries on the chapters:
Genome: The Autobiography of a Species by Matt Ridley
Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty by Nancy Ectoff
The Botany of Desire: A Plant's- e...

35 views · Education & School

Why does my kitty keep throwing up?

My cat wont stop throwing up im not sure whats going on but I live in a vevy small town o theres no vet, so I was hoping someone could help me with my ideas of why she might be. and by the way the puke is liquid and light brown.

1.she ate a good ammou...

44 views · Pets & Animals

Why do we pay for food?

I know this question might sound a little silly, but when I thought about it food happened to be the most abundant thing on earth, fishes, trees, plants, they all give off food for us to eat so why is it that we put a price on it? Mother Nature surely ...

141 views · Food & Dining

Can you help me come up with ideas for a first grade nature club?

I help teach Nature Club at an elementary school every week. It's coming up on my turn again, and I'm looking for a 30-45 lesson plan on anything related to nature. We have taught anything from plant anatomy to composting to pumpkin life cycles to worm...

14 views · Education & School

need some fish help

I know betas are fighting fish; I only have one by himself in it's own tank, nothing else but marbles and a water plant. - but I came home and his tail is gone and it looks red and bloody. there isn't any blood in the water though and his tail isn't fl...

21 views · Pets & Animals

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