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Job for felon in minneapolis

Hey y'all. I know this kind of questions has been asked million times,and I have been looking each of the advice here but still nothing help us.oh well.let me tell you,my boyfriend is a felon with 4 times dwi in minnesota,still on probation for another...

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Is my relationship falling apart?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 5 months now. He is 17 and I am 16 and we have had some rough times but lately its different. He used to say corny sweet things to me, and throw his arms around me to give me hugs all the time but lately he s...

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Have to lose like at least 20-30 pounds by may

I need help..
I need have to lose like at least 20-30 pounds by may 23
Or august 14th I need guide and I looked everywhere, I dont know how to
Diet, im ot really bad overweight I just need to lose 30-40 ponds to be good..

Im like 5'5 at 160 lbs...


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Can I get some feedback about this bullshit? leak .

I've had this lil bitch car for about 5 months now and have proceeded to make these kind of maintenance decisions, Please Continue Reading ,
-Replaced the air, fuel, & oil filter, threw some fuel injector in there.. popped the engine clear of crud, fi...

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Why isn't there any humour in the bible?

Well, I was wondering why there isn't any humour in the bible. Does that mean that god doesn't have a sense of humour?

The bible just doesn't seen to have any humour in it, especially the old testament. What about judgements on nations that don’t e...

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Math help?

woo math help!!
I dont need answers, I just need a formula or a way to do the work, ill do the work I only need the guidance lol thanks!!

1.To fill a 50- liter barrel, wine and water are mixed in the ratio of 5:3 by volume. Ho much wine was used to f...

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How can I charm a girl I first met online?

I'm 17 years old and I live in Australia. I met this really cool girl through a game on the net like a month ago now. Her name is Kelly and she's 15 almost 16. And we're really into each other and we both know what each other looks and sounds like. And...

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Was I wrong to stand up for myself?

I'm being trained on a new job. Yesterday was my 3rd day of training. My trainer kept repeatedly telling me to "Pick up the pace" and was clapping her hands together in the middle of the hallway. She was not being quiet. And said it twice in front of p...

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Rude Trainer?

I'm being trained on a new job. Yesterday was my 3rd day of training. My trainer kept repeatedly telling me to "Pick up the pace" and was clapping her hands together in the middle of the hallway. She was not being quiet. And said it twice in front of p...

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Betrayer or friend?

Last year me and my sister finally had a really good friend. She was really nice and so pretty she had like a million bfs and her family had a good amount of money...we had a band with her and her sister, we got pretty succesful until she told us that ...

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How to deal with being torn between two men?

well here is my situation I have been married for almost 5 years to a decent man. I love him but I'm not in love with him. We got married bacause I was pregnant and 2 months later I lost the baby. I now have 2 children 1 from a previous relationshi...

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Is this a good time to start a family?

I am a 29 yr old psychology student and my boyfriend is a 31 yr old law student. We don't have lots of money, actually we live off of student loans. We rent our home and pay all the normal bills. We have known each other for 15 years and have bee datin...

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How do you interpret this?

I have written some poems before and so far, this is my most favorite. I dont know why. I especially like the last 4 lines. What do you think this poem means? I seem to write poems of similar topic. this is kinda like the one I posted here before.


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need help to save my dads 1982 Rolis Royce

My father died on his birthday Dec. 20 2006 and left me his 1982 Silver cloud convertible Rolis Royce. We had it stored in one of my dads buildings and it was stolen. Living in Texas I thought it had probably been taken to mexico because nothing ever s...

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Is my story any good?

Is this story any good? I haven't finished it yet, but it's got to be handed in as part of my coursework on Monday and I want a good grade.

Operation Pied Piper

Felix was starting to think he spent too much time in the tin can he and his brother had...

63 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Can someone give me tips on this song?

can someone give me tips about how to make this song sound anymore odd and irrelevent to anything please? I'm trying to make this song sound as odd and weird as possible. I haven't named it yet so an odd name would be nice too please!

Here I am

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How to keep a Blue Stripe Garter snake comfortable?

I was wondering if it is okay to use Timothy Hay as bedding (substrate) for my Garter Snake. She was wild caught by a friend of mine, and he kept her for years, but he passed away and I am taking care of her now. He was using paper towels but I didn't ...

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62,000 mile high space elevator operational by 2018?

Federal Triangle
By FCW Staff
Published on February 8, 2004

The LiftPort Group, in Bremerton, Wash., says that a 62,000-mile commercial space elevator could be operational by 2018.

LiftPort officials propose that a space elevator, constructed from a...

55 views · Science

how to stop hating myself and live at least a normal life? I need help.

Let me just get one thing clear. I am not normal, I am a total weirdo and if you're just gonna hate and not give me constructive advice, then don't answer.

I'm 13, I have only 'close' friend who I kind of strongly dislike too often for my liking but...

12 views · Parents & Family

Poem any good? Needs a title!

Ok I wrote a poem and I wanna know if its any good? It also needs a title... Well suggestions will be kindly aprecciated and constructive critisism would be accepted... Thanks

Put a gun against my head,
Pull the trigger with all your might,

56 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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