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Ever travel to Sabah??? Tell Me.(non-asian only-dont misunderstand)

Some of you ever travel to Malaysia?? Importantly Sabah???
Tell me your story...experience...hows the people here...culture...wonders of borneo...nature...everything in your journey of Sabah...I just want to know your experience here...andif you want ...

17 views · Travel

How do I become a traveling writer?

Where do I start? What kind of school should I go to? I also would write about the people in the different regions I would be visiting.. Stuff about the enviorment, the people, the way they live.. stuff like that..

10 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What are similar movies like the Time Traveler's Wife?

Okay well my boyfriend's coming home in about 3 hours and we watched the Time Traveler's Wife movie about a week ago and we both enjoyed it!

Are there any movies kinda similar to it?
like adventures? If not, do you know any funny movies?


51 views · Entertainment

How old do you be to have to travel on your own?

I have a friend that lives further down the country than me, and I really want to meet him one day, cause hes great (d/w, I'm certain hes no perv or whatever, I know one of his ex's hahaa)

I'm 15 & from the uk, and want to know old youve got to be t...

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Traveling round the world!!

Can anyone sugest any good destinations 2 go traveling around the world, because next year I realy wanna travel and would like to know of sme great places 2 go?

I have already some in mind, but always like to here of other places that I may not...

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Travelling experiences

I went on holiday recently to Rhodes, in Greece. We were told that we couldnt throw any form of toilet paper down the loo, I think this is trampy for sayin its quite a developed country. Just wondered if anyone has ever travelled somewhere, and was pre...

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Traveling without parents

Do they sell plane tickets to people under the age of 18? If they do do you have to have your paretns permission or their id with u? And wud I need an id to buy the ticket?
And can you buy the plane ticket at the airport, the day your plane leaves? O...

49 views · Travel

Newborn traveling on a plan at two or three months old, is that sa

Hi, I'm from Colombia and I am going to have a baby girl early in August. As my parents can't come to see her, I want to visit them as soon as possible. If the baby travel with only 2 or 3 months will be dangerous for her health?

55 views · Kids

Astral traveling

I've been trying to astral project for some time now but it hasn't really been working. I have a book on it but none of the methods really seem to help. I think that the problem in that I dont get into a deep enough meditated state. :/ does anyone hav...

36 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Travelling to Auschwitz

I am a photography student travelling to Poland in March next year, I am visiting the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, I have read all the information about photography but still feel sick at the idea of taking photos there, the photos I would tak...

19 views · Travel

How can I physically create or travel to another world,or realm?

HI, I really really really need to go to a specific world (there are people who are important to me waiting for me there) and I need to get there soon. Note: I'm talking magically and metaphysically here, so don't give me any science junk OK?

56 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Help with travel plans to boston

I have never been to boston ma. I need some advice to plan a trip to go see the playoff game this weekend on sunday. I need to know which airport to land? A hotel near the boston garden. I want to flyout on sat the 7th and return the 9th. Im also buyin...

33 views · Travel

How would I be able to get paid to travel?

What job would I have to take to be able to travel around the world to different countries, cites, continents? I don't want a business job where I just travel to do paper work with different people in tall giant boring buildings. I mean jobs that allow...

39 views · Jobs & Money

What was your worst travel experience ever?

My partner and I are in Switzerland for the holidays- on a long train ride yesterday, my partner's bag was swiped by someone getting of the train. The bag contained his new Macbook pro, a rather expensive new watch, but most importantly his passport an...

65 views · Travel

How do I keep hair frizz to a minimum when traveling to extra humid places?

I live in Hawaii and my hair is always nice and soft, easy to brush and handle, and my products work well with it. But when I travel to Tahiti to visit family, the weather is so humid that my hair frizzes up and feels rougher and is so hard to detangle...

13 views · Beauty & Style

The sisterhood of the traveling pants

Okay so I have to read a book before in enter school so im entering school really soon...but I just dont want to read the book. Well the book is the sister hood of the traveling pants. I was just going to watch the movie but im not sure if its going to...

13 views · Entertainment

travel tips?

I'm brand-new here, but... here goes:

I've turned 40, my husband has left and I'm living up in the Scottish Highlands, without much money., But I've alwayds loved travelling and thought that now is the chance!

I especially like hiking in the mou...

17 views · Travel

What is a good place to travel for a romantic vacation?

Hi guys, my question is where can me and my boyfriend go on vacation together to have a romantic time together and make it an unforgetable night and day!!! we are willing to spend about $800 bucks with gas, hotel, and food put together. oh and plus wha...

33 views · Love & Relationships

Should I attend an event that my former crush (who's married now) is a part of, that requires me to travel to another city faraway?

She might feel as if I'm stalking her, in case she notices me. Also, she may or not acknowledge my presence. But, this is a rare opportunity to see her at least. Would it be worth the time and effort?

21 views · Love & Relationships

Terrified to travel

Yeah ok, so im a little crazy. I've never been anywhere outside my country when I was old enough to remember it, and im taking my first flight on my own. Its this huge complicated thing, I have to take a few diff flights to get to my destination and sw...

18 views · Travel

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