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GVW of 1989 Fleetwood Prowler Travel Trailer

We are interested in buying a 1989 Fleetwood Prowler Travel Trailer for my handicapped Dad. We need to fiqure out the weight of the Trailer. He has a 2002 Ford Windstar and is looking at putting in a towing package. He thinks it will be fine, but we...

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Traveling to Nepal, is it not a good idea?

I heard that Nepal has been in the middle of a cival war for a while now, ever since the previous king & most of the royal family was slain amid suspicious circumstances (the only surviving royal was at the dinner where it happened, but never accused)....

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Why would flying be the safe'st way to travel?

Why would flying be the safe'st way to travel becoz theirs nothing to get in its road, I cant get to grips why its the safest way to travil they're are so high of the ground its unbelivible an if somethin happens when your up there your a gonner, at le...

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Time your dreams lol...

Has anybody had a dream of thereself going back in time and talking and stuff with yourself lol basesicly im sayin have you evr had a dream that involved time travelvisiting yourself in the past???

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When you walk into a clinic for a first-time consultation, what do you need to bring with you?

Sometimes i see girls with a green card other with a white one, do you get my question.

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Is travel by trailer a trashy or posh thing to do?

I saw this show trying to sell me the idea of travel by trailer, saying that rich people are buying RV's now, and some of them looked really nice...but, isn't "trailer trash" a commonly used expression? If it is, wouldn't travel by trailer be a lower c...

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travel during pregnancy

can i travel when iam 4 weeks pregnant for the first time? i dont feel any other signs of pregnancy except for my missed periods and frequent urination. my husband likes to travel and we were planning to travel this summer.

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Does a lexus RX 330 need snow chains for traveling to a ski resort?

A friend of mine is traveling to lake tahoe soon, and drives a lexus RX's a four wheel drive vehicle, so I don't think he'll need snow chains, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know if a four wheel drive lexus suv would need snow chains?

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Young traveller

I'm 16 and really want to leave Wellington. I don't yet want to leave New Zealand but I want to go around my country and see everything. I can't deal with being stuck where I am right now. Any tips on how I can earn the money and get ready to l eave??

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Do I need a passport to travel from the U.S. to Puerto Rico?

I'm going to Puerto Rico next year by plane and I don't know if I need a passport or not. Some people say you do and others say you just need a drivers license and birth certificate. A lot of people say that they only needed their drivers license, but ...

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Immigration from europe to the us, how would they travel?

I'm doing a history report on a fictional immigrant that immigrated from europe to the u.s., can anyone tell me exactly how they traveled to the u.s., I know it was boat but did they have to pay?, did they have someone pay there way and work for that p...

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Is New York a good place to travel for vacation?

Is New York a good place to travel or tour with a family of 4 with a sibling thats 8 years old? And what places in New York would you recommend? I heard from some one before its not a very good place to go to. Very bad harsh community, subways are horr...

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What are good activies that allow you to travel?

I want to compete in activities that give me the opportunity to travel. After school I'm bored as hell and I want to do something. My sister has ballet but I just sit at home. What are some good activities that will let me have fun and also travel? Esp...

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What if you could travel back in time?

What if a time machine was invented,what time in history would you travel back to?just think history classes would be much more fun if you witness history events unfold firsthand and you would get top grades in your history subjects lol

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Gifted Athletics - Is the Phil Heath Gifted Athletics 3 Meal Isobag a good travel bag?

<p>Phil Heath is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and the current Mr. Olympia. Phil Heath, Gifted Athletics, and Isolator Fitness has partnered up to create the Gifted Athletics 3 Meal Isobag. Is this bag good for travel?</p>

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what is your travelling song?

Well I don't know bout anyone else but I have songs which I love when im travelling. Just asking because I might find a new one :) or millions.

Mine is On a Good Day by OceanLab. Amazing stuff.

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overdraft fees by booking a ticket from a travel agent

how do I deal with me, being charged by somebody of over $100+ for an overdraft fee by booking a ticket online? I hate it! do I call chase or do I have the travel agent deal with this? (I tried calling both, but either of the two doesnt know how it can...

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How much money (estimate) would it cost to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and some city in Greece?

If I wanted to go to all these places, shop, (of course) eat, and stay a 5 star hotel how much money should I save? I know since the economy is so bad it might take a while to save up the money.

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Best countries for a young female traveler?

I am nineteen and have a huge passion for travel. I went to New Zealand for about three months last year and felt like it was the perfect place for a young female traveling alone. I want to travel to more places without having to feel threatened.

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Can Ginnie Pigs travel

We are moving to Oklahoma City, OK from Saint Louis, MO its about 10 hours in driving. Is it safe for the Ginnie Pig to travel or not we have had her for about 8 months now My daughter got her after her birds had passed away after 10 years. And I cant...

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