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Can you plant watermelon in any area?

Can you plant watermelon in any area? and is it really hard to plant watermelons wherever you are? Because I bought some in walmart haha (they were only like 97 cents) and I decided to try to plant some I just want to know if I even can.

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Rubber plant care

Can you tell me about the off shoots that grow above the stem leaf, three have started to grow. Please advise.
Thank you

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Can any vegetable plants grow during winter?

I wanted to know if there are any vegetable plants which can grow during frigid cold in winter in Maryland area. I was looking to plant something in vegetable garden which would atleast remain green during winter.

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What are some species (animals, plants etc) that males have it harder than females?

For debating at school the moot is 'males have it easier than females' and we're negating, and I'm covering males in other species in other species such as animals and plants etc. So does anyone know any species where males have it harder than females?

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What is this plant growing in my yard?

I have this plant (I thought it was a weed) that kinda looks like a small tree now. Is it a tree or can weeds grow that big... it's almost like 4 foot tall and has like a thick trunk...

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Where would I get a fruit plant?

I just read a fantastic reply about my up coming 4 th wedding ann about getting my husband a friut plant what a great idea but any ideas where I would get 1 from

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is METABOLISM same for plants and man in out space?

just silly question was in my mind,coz every thing floats in out there, so i was wondering that its just like as it,s on earth or little diferent?

18 views · Science

Which trees should I plant in my roof-garden?

I have a plan to make my garden a little special in nature. My garden is on the top of my house. Kindly tell me how can adjust the type of trees on my garden.

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How do I care for a rubber tree plant?

How do I care for a rubber tree plant? We're considering getting one, and I'd love to get a handle on how to take care of one. The thing is, I'm not very good at taking care of plants. Any tips would be great.

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About money plant

My wife brought money plant in home since its growing very fast but things gettings worse. One problem gone another on the way.tell me about how to take care of money plant.

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How do I plant squash seeds?

My son and I are planting all sorts of seeds to see what we can get to grow and are having lots of luck (and fun) . Tonight we are having squash and I want to plant the seeds. Can I just plant the seeds right out of the squash in dirt or do I need to ...

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Can anyone identify this plant?

I've had a couple of these pop up in my garden, and I dont remember planting anything that looks like this... I did plant a few herbs, but I dont remember this particular plant showing up in previous years... Any ideas on what it might be?

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What can be done to get my dog out of the potted plants?

My dog, for some reason, loves to sleep in a pot. The only this is she keeps on digging the dirt out and destroying my dads plant in the process what can be done to keep her out of it? Is there anything I can spray around the pot to keep her away from ...

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Can I do anything to strengthen my rubber tree plant trunk?

my rubber tree plant is growing like a weed all of a sudden but the trunk seems to to be to weak to support it it upright. i have staked and tied it up is there anything else i can do?

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Why are my plant's leaf edges rusting?

I have a broad leafted house plant that is otherwise healthy, except of the very tip and edges of some of the plant's most mature leafs. Could I get some advice on what might be causing this?

Thanks, Byron

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Why is only half of my holly plant is dying?

Holly plant is in a hugh planter on my terrace since last May(2009). It survived all winter and now for the last three months and the side of the plant closest to the brick wall is dying.

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How does toxic chemicals affect plants and the enviroment?

I just need to do my course work and I cant seem to find the info for this...dont seem so complicated but I cant find it! If any of you know ...thanks! :)

40 views · Environmental Issues

What fruits and veggies to plant and when?

I want to grow a farm this year but I dont know when to start planting or what all I can plant. I tried to find a good farming for dummies online but couldnt find one. Any one got any tips on what to plant, how to plant, and when to plant stuff, or kn...

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Watermelon plants

I planted watermelon (from starter plant) in early May. The plant has many blossums and is covering a 3x8 foot area of the garden. I HAVE NO FRUIT. Am I being inpatient or do I need to wait for a while. The plant looks very green and healthy. Wha...

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Sensitive Plant

Has anyone ever heard of a plant that closes its' leaves when you touch it?
I want to get some seeds to grow my own at home. I don't know the real name of the plant. Can anyone help me out ? It's a really neat plant.
Thanks! :)

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