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Math help?

Ok my math question is: A bag contains 50 pieces of candy and each piece can be one of four colors. There are twice as many green pieces as there are red, and a fourth as many yellow as there are green. The total number of red pieces plus the number of...

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How to make a wood card?

My boyfriends birthday is comming up and I was watching wizards of waverly place and the one kid dean made alex a card telling her how he cared made of wood. He is in construction so I thought that would be cute, but I cant find how to make one or find...

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Fishing pole with beads

I was wondering if anyone knows how to string a fishing pole with beads. A gentlemen at a lake showed me and I didn"t fish for a year & I forgot how to string it. I have checked on different sites on the net & can"t find anything. So if you could help...

59 views · Sports & Activities

How do I make money fast like 100 pound a week or something?

Im 13 and I live in the uK I'v heard about all of this Walk dogs and baby sit or a paper round or something but wont you only make like £10 a time- how do you make 100 pond a week or so when your only 11 please help.

81 views · Jobs & Money

What the best site for buying a used car in the area of new york ?

Im a junior in high school and I dont have my parents support on gettin a car and I need to buy one on my own so whats the best website for used good vehiles in the cortlandt manor / mohegan lake area in new york ?

16 views · Shopping

How to find customers without advertising money?

If you able to provide various kind of service on interior design decoration (construction, carpenter,plumbing, furniture& etc)but don't have enough money to fully promote your services to potential customers, how are you going to do in order to get th...

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How do y'all get ready for summer?

Where do you mostly spend it? I can't prepare for my summer, because i don't know what ill be doing, from the lake to horse-shows you never can tell!! But i went to hard on the tubes and kneeboard Saturday and yeah i feel like a crippled sunburnt person!

11 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Wedding Ring

First things first. My wife's old wedding ring got stolen by the maintenance lady.

I'm in the process of buying her a new one and plan to give it to her once I get back from Iraq

Does anyone know a good store or a sweet way to give it to her?

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Which course should I take in Jr. High?

I am on my way to Jr. high and I've been wondering what course would you suggest I take?
My school has:
Food Studies
Clothing Textiles Fashion
Visual Communication

I was going to go for Drama and stuff but I w...

23 views · Education & School

What's a good song for our home video?

me and my friends are making a home video of crazy things like jumping in the lake and well you get the point but we are going to put a song on it and we have no clue which one maybe somthing from Blink 182 or bowling for soup somthing about being stup...

8 views · Music

Genius ? Nahh

A man is trapped in a room. The room has only two possible exits: two doors. Through the first door there is a room constructed from magnifying glass. The blazing hot sun instantly fries anything or anyone that enters. Through the second door there is ...

32 views · General Knowledge

what are some careers involving animals?

In a small town area, I also don't leave near an ocean, and don't plan on it, only small lakes. I need to start planning my future and I want a career involving animals, or the environment or something to do with policing. Preferably a well paying job,...

22 views · Jobs & Money

Basketball player salary -- are you suprised?

I read something interesting today...

Ross Siler and Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune figured out that the average professional basketball player in the NBA earns $3,487 per minute.

Does this surprise you? Do you think they should earn this am...

68 views · Sports & Activities

18th bday trip ideas for me and my boyfriend?

ok so my 18th bday is comin up on aug. 10. me && my boyfriend of 2 years are going to go somewhere on the weekend of my bday. we have a couple ideas..go campin at this lake, go to gatlinburg, tn. or go 2 destin, fl. we want to go to florida but it migh...

46 views · Travel

Ever read the book "along for the ride" if so please read... :)

Mmkay well this is the book im readinn for a project in honors english [[we got 2 pick are ownn book]] so I need a constructive critisism report onn it, anyone read it? Plss gimmie your critisism onn it very detailled thnxxx

17 views · Education & School

Has death ever stalked you?

Its wierd I don't even believe in any of that sh*t. but I probably should be dead after yesterday. I had an extrememly close call with some powerlines and a construction vehicle. im an awsome driver but I was lucky too. if I would not have passed t...

30 views · General Knowledge

What do you think of this poem?

Please dont be mean LOL. be constructive =]


To a place where
All the things I've longed to forget
Fall off me like raindrops
into puddles of honey,
And in that instant
I become weightless
Lost in a moment
Where time and space..

7 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How can I build a swamp in my backyard?

I have toads and snakes living in my yard, as well as many other fun yard nature type animals.
The problem is, I'm always afraid to cut the lawn because I dont want to run any of them over..
I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a swamp or pond ...

105 views · Home & Garden

Where can a 14-year-old make some money?

I would like to make some money but I dunt know of anything except from newspaper rounds that 14 year olds can do... Please can someone help me!!
I live in the lake district in Maryport. It is a usuall town with all the normal shops. Please help, I nee...

41 views · Jobs & Money

Why doesn't American Airlines admit that it has very old airplanes?

If the seats of the airplanes of american airlines get loose is because the planes are old and they dont give them a good maintenance, why they make a lot of bad excuses, blaming the sodas or who knows what, they are pathetic. What do you think? Tell m...

36 views · Travel

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