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Song in Phone commercial

Whats that songs name in that phone commercial where this guy is sending a girl pictures of him from around the world. and they finally meet up at a lake.

The only parts I know is"I've fallen quite fond over you"

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What to do if you get a snapping turtle bite?

I just got a bite from a snapping turtle me and my cousins found at the lake a few days ago. It was latched on for about 10 seconds and didn't break very much skin. What do I do? Does it shoot some kind of venom?

811 views · Pets & Animals

Is Chinese or Japanese food healthier than other foods?

I like rice and fish so I was wondering if Chinese or Japanese food is healthier than other foods. I am trying to stay trim and I figured that changing my diet might help me keep the weight off without so much maintenance.

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Is this dark?

Every day I lose more and more of my self since you were gone your love is sweet,
But your hatered is so sour, you may call me your hero,
But your hero drowened in a lake of blood,
Every day I morn the lose of are love,
You called me a hero yea...

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How to fix a big scrape on your car?

I was driving last night and going through a construction zone and I accidentally hit an orange cone, I don't want my mom to know about it and I only have like $100 to fix it. What's the best way to fix the paint?

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When do you think humanity's stupidity will go away...if ever?

Throughout all of history humans have been STUPID! I mean since when was it smart to throw a woman into a lake just it see if she is a witch because either way they're going to die. Do you think we will ever stop being that stupid?

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Who thinks this is a good starter to a story?

The first thing I noticed about him were his eyes. I thought it was pretty remarkable that so many different shades of blue were reflected in them.

Good starter or not?
Constructive critism(cant spell) please

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Anyone know any good rock songs with cute lyrics?

any one know any good rock songs with cute lyrics :) I like it to have a good beat, and like at the very beginning of the song Here I Stand by Madina Lake that cool piano sounding effect (doesn't have to be a piano) :D x

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What are cats like as pets, thinking of getting one?

I am thinking about getting a cat soon. I have had dogs all my life and I love them but I want to get a cat because I want to try having a different animal in the house and I hear they are less maintenance. Could you guys with cats tell me what cats ar...

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What is the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction you've ever had?

I remember years back I was at the lake with my friend and her family and we were all at a picnic table and her dad was looking at me in horror, I looked down and saw my boobs were completely out of my swimsuit haha. It was never spoken of again.

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getting a perm with highlighted hair

I have short hair(chin length) that is highlighted. I am considering a curly perm, but am not sure if this will damage my hair too much. I have fine hair. Any advice? I really need a low-maintenance style because I have a tear in my shoulder rotato...

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Ok when did GOD create hell?

In the bible it sez GOD created the heaven and the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th so when exactly did he take time to build hell on his lunch break? so if the battle with lucifer started after the earth was created and god cast lucifer out of he...

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likes a chase

I have an indoor fish pond which contain about 12 gold fish ,this morning most of them were chasin one particular fish ,they have calmed down now but reading some of your answers I thought she might of been carying eggs ,but did not have swollen stomac...

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Finding a reliable web site hosting company.

I am having a hard time finding a reliable web site hosting company. Today I logged on and two of my sites show "under construction." I have had these sites for years now and both have been hosted by the same company for some time. Is it normal for web...

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Good Indie or Rock Songs ?

hey does anyone know any good indie/rock songs to download

heres an example of what I like ;

bloc party
madina lake

any bands like that any good songs I also like the fratellies and the pigeon detectives

thanks xoxox

21 views · Music

Is a condo easier to get a mortgage for?

Home prices in the bay area here are intense so I was wondering if buying a condo instead would ease the process of getting a mortgage? I have been having trouble getting into a mortgage for a home because of all of the little things that a housing co...

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What would you do?

So my chemistry class on the bottom floor of the school.
Next to the maintenance rooms.
When we go to lunch we pass these doors that lead to the faculty parking lot.
Well, today the maintenance guys were sanding in front of those doors.
When I walk...

16 views · Education & School

Are there any webistes showing where a felon can work?

My boyfriend is looking for a job in the MD,D.C,V.A area he has experience in repairing floors.mostly interested in labor jobs such as construction,delivery etc. is their anyone with A websites for the area that one with only a felony charge can go to?

23 views · Jobs & Money

Does a lexus RX 330 need snow chains for traveling to a ski resort?

A friend of mine is traveling to lake tahoe soon, and drives a lexus RX's a four wheel drive vehicle, so I don't think he'll need snow chains, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know if a four wheel drive lexus suv would need snow chains?

198 views · Travel

Possibly moving to texas

So im possibly moving to dallas texas to go to school at the aviation institute of maintenance. I never been to texas, lived in california my whole life. Where is a good place to meet people or have fun in texas? Im going to need to make new friends lol

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