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why do my breats so bad this month?

Hello this is my first time here and I was wondering if I could get an answer from anyone of you.
I'm 22 years old and I am TTC, I have a normal 28 day cycle my last period was Mar,27.09 and I since yesterday I have been feeling very bad pain in my br...

23 views · Health

Am I paranoid or should I worry about my girlfriend's behavior?

basically, my girlfriend of 8 months louise, works for my dads company selling sky insurance over the phone, she is the only girl in the office, and 7 or 8 other boys work there, I dont work there I work somewhere else. the thing is, my best friend wor...

50 views · Love & Relationships

Ran away

Well last sunday I ran away from home its a long story but I climbed out a window with all my money but no shoes on and ran to my boyfriends house thinking my mum or dad wouldnt find me but she did. Im not talking to my dad anymore, it started because...

24 views · Parents & Family

Dad got in touch on Sunday dad got in contact with my mum. It took him 12 years. During that time he never contacted me. I got his email address yesterday and wrote him an email asking him why he has never been there for me etc..he wrote a REALLY sad ...

34 views · Parents & Family

How do I find a new job, I feel like I might be unemployable, can

OK, here's the situation:

I have a BA in history, a fascination with the written word and the need for communications. However, I've been stuck in a bartending job for the last three years and I want OUT of it as soon as possible.

The problem ...

10 views · Jobs & Money

What do I do im in love with a guy from ohio, im from canada, help?

Okay, so I have an ipod touch and added the taproom.

But I met this amazinggg guy who's from ohio, the same age as I am [being 16] and really gorgeus and kind.

I sortta figured out it was an actual 16 year old, because he's sent me like 6 picture...

18 views · Love & Relationships

What should I do with my boyfriend

I had a boyfriend for last 4 months,,he and I were net friends then we talked on mobile and then we met, he was very friendly in the beginning but gradually he started ignoring me and he used to say that he is busy thats why he cant contact me.,. I am ...

50 views · Love & Relationships

If this is Postpartum Depression, how can I get help?

I think I might be suffering from post-partum depression. I am depressed all of the time (obviously), have a hard time falling asleep most nights, and just overall am not happy with my life in any way. It's difficult for me to find joy in anything othe...

34 views · Health

MPEG4 distribution question

I recently bought a Sansa View, because I like to be able to carry music and video around with me wherever I go. However, when I started to search for files that my Sansa could play, I found that there are very few sites that offer quality MPEG4s for ...

14 views · Computers & Tech

How Do I Stop Them Copying Me With This Serious Stuff?

I sort of have an eating disorder and im getting help from my guidance teacher at school. I told my friends and one of them has started copying me with it making out she has a problem which she doesnt, well I fell out with her because of it and then we...

59 views · Health

Our Governments help

I have worked on getting a loan from USDA to by a house, found a house, did all the paper work, and they tell me my credit was not good enough. I then went thru HUD , did the same as I did with USDA, and the house is next door to were I live now, and h...

33 views · Home & Garden

How to tell my fiance I want to have a baby?

First of all, my fiance and I have discussed this topic before so I am not just throwing the question at him. We are currently engaged and are a very serious couple and we do not fight very often we get along great. We both have talked about children a...

41 views · Love & Relationships

Can you have a hairline fracture that doesn't show up at first?

I took a fall in soccer, and my foot was caught under me so that my ankle was rolled. Just as I hit the ground, I heard a crack sound in my lower leg, about three inches above the ankle.

The pain was bearable, but the sound really frightened me. My in...

170 views · Health

Who is in the wrong here- me or my parents?

My mom got remarried a few years ago. Now our family consists of my mom, stepfather, stepsister, stepbrother, and me. Basically I have to pay for any of my own 'luxuries', which includes my cell phone, car insurance, clothing, and entertainment.I am a...

17 views · Parents & Family

Has anything happened that was on friday the 13th?

Since this was my thirteenth question. I thought I'd ask if anyone was superstitious? Has anything happened that was on friday the 13th?

I got two border collie pups on friday the 13th, that night iwas at the vet with them because' they had parvo. Vet...

32 views · General Knowledge

What should I give my son for stomach pains/cramping, etc?

I'm a divorced mom and my son has been having pains in his belly for a month now. He had been in the hospital for a week, and appendicitis was ruled out. He also has fevers, vomiting of certain foods, lack of appetite, sometimes constipated, sometime...

87 views · Kids

What type or kind of place do you think this psychic woman meant?

Well I've been getting these emails about me from a psychic and pretty much the stuff she says about me is true. But last Saturday she sent me an email saying this in it: "•You will be meeting the love of your life—VERY SOON. However, this encounter wi...

15 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Can my mom stop me from getting psychiatric help?

But my mom doesnt think so... I have medicade, and they cover 20 visits a year. I have only gone 2 times, tomorrow is my 3rd...

my mom isnt going to let me go... she thinks it is stupid and a waste of time.

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorde...

33 views · Parents & Family

Finding a job

I am going on 17 years old on June 22 and I am trying to find a job. However, my parents: A) arent willing to take me to get applications because they say it cost to much gas or they dont have the time and B) its hard becuase they are making me take of...

17 views · Jobs & Money


My gynecologist recently recommended that I have an ultrasound. I've been having severe abdominal pain and some extreme dysfunctional uterine bleeding. That time of the month sucks for me since I had my son. ANYWAYS- the need for me to have an ultrasou...

15 views · Health

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