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What??? My phone has a virus??

I posted this question before but no one answered (oh no!) and now im having more problems. So I have internet on my phone, and all the sudden it has started shutting off when I use it. Not every time, just randomly. Now I also cant go to a social site...

39 views · Computers & Tech

Should me and my spouse split bills?

Alright so me and my spouse have been together for 4 years. We've always just put all of our money together to pay the bills and have fun. Now im wondering if maybe we should split the bills and keep our own money as i tend to be a bit selfish and spen...

33 views · Jobs & Money

What's all involved with kidney donation?

My cousin has lupus and has just been put on the kidney donation list. I'm closest in age to her, so I've always said I'd do it if the time ever came. Well, after years, the time is getting much closer. I'm wondering what's all involved in this proc...

16 views · Health

Too skinny

So im a female 5'5 15 almost 16 and not even 100 pounds I dont have a eating disorder or anything I eat heatly while enjoying sweets all the time (: but I never gain weight I cant go to the doctor because we dont have medical insurance I know im underw...

30 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Car Wreck.

I got into a car wreck on December 12th. I pulled out and hit a car in the rear corner panel. The guy called the cops but he left before they got there so there was no report filed and I didnt get a ticket or nothing. They guy got my name, address and ...

54 views · Jobs & Money

What do you think about the bill being passed to pretty much end Planned Parenthood?

Of course the bill doesnt flat out say that, but with the cut in funding it will pretty much bankrupt P.P, in my opinion leaving thousands of women without basic healthcare such as breast cancer sreenings. Planned parenthood already doesnt use the gove...

41 views · Politics & Law

Mom won't let her kittens go!

We have three 5 week old kittens with their mother. All are still nursing and a week ago they managed to climb out of their shallow box and wander around a bit in the room they were staying. After two days of being quite mobile, the mother decided to...

97 views · Pets & Animals

Who should bear the burden of the taxes?

Here's some things to consider before answering:
10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.)
Social Insurance taxes ...

48 views · Politics & Law

Should I take my Canon to Sharm El Sheikh with me?

I have the canon 550D, its an expensive camera and i saved up a VERYY long time for it.
I value it very much and i would hate to lose it, its also not insured.
n Monday me and my sister and mum are going to Egypt for a week and its our first holiday ...

17 views · Computers & Tech

How do I talk my parents into letting me get my teeth whitened?

So my teeth are stained badly, I NEED them fixed.(bleached,whitened etc.) People make fun of me a lot for it, and it really hurts my self esteem. You wouldn't even know how sad i get when they do that, and my parents don't understand. im embarrassed to...

45 views · Parents & Family

car trouble WWY (you) D

what would you do if you found yourself monday morning getting ready for work, walking outside to your 95 Honda Accord... then finding that during the night someone took a baseball bat to all your windows... (front driver, back driver, front passenger,...

33 views · Cars & Automotive

Is the American Dream really a fiction to keep the poor in check?

"The Economic Mobility Project's work should be part of the political debate. Every candidate for president should read these studies and then explain why it's acceptable that a poor kid has only a 6 percent chance of reaching the top."

Coming from th...

35 views · Jobs & Money

How do I successfully move to another state?

Well I think i need to move to another state in a few years or sooner because of everything going on with my life. Then I don't know nothing about moving to another place, I lived in this city and state all my life. So i know nothing about how to mo...

102 views · General Knowledge

Opera Mini browser

Ok, I use a Blackberry 8330 Curve to access this website. I downloaded Opera Mini yesterday because my new BB that I just got through insurance was using a new version of the OS for the phone which was WAY different from what I was using before.
The O...

13 views · Computers & Tech

Vaginal bumps

Ok, I have 3 bumps on my vagina, on the outside labias. They kinda hurt when pressed on, like by underwear. They're no scabby, hardly red, they don't seem to be filled with pus, not whiteheads or anything. They're just there. Actually, I tried popping...

60 views · Health

Does a gyroscope need to be free rotating or can it be propelled by a source of some sort?

i am currently on a project that has brought me to the thought of a gyroscope as a source of balance. I am wondering if it matters whether i have the gyroscope free rotating or if I can have a small light weight motor rotate it to insure it will never ...

30 views · Science

Anxiety Problems

I have really bad anxiety and it's not easy to deal with. I sometimes have anxiety attacks and it's scary and my boyfriend gets really worried. I've always been this way and it always seemed kinda normal but I recently moved into my grandmother's house...

43 views · Health

What do I do about my young teen and her boyfriend?

Because my phone was stolen recently, I had to put my replacement sim card into an old mobile. On that phone I discovered text messages between my (then) 13yr old daughter and her boyfriend basically proving that they had been doing many sexual acts. ...

19 views · Sex

The Date Dilema

okay soo... I met a guy on msn 3 months ago and all my bestfriends no him. We talk all the time andc he makes me laugh a lot its like if im havin a bad day I will talk to him and he turns it all around. Hes 1 year older than me but the problem is we h...

34 views · Love & Relationships

dumb q's about robert pattinson

1. Does Robert Pattinson smoke? Does Kirsten Stewart smoke?
2. Who is Robert Pattinson dating right now? Who are Robert Pattinson’s previous girlfriends and who are just his friends?
3. What is Robert Pattinson’s mobile number?
4. Has Robert Pattin...

56 views · Entertainment

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